Budget Impetigo Blues.

May 17, 2013


Images of malnourished children on Campbell Live .. the memories flooded back of malnourished British children in wartime Britain .. in those days such afflictions were painted in Gentain Blue so that one was shunned by classmates and kept at a distance (usually a canes length) by teaching staff who were aware that it signalled impetigo.

The shock of seeing it once again in the second decade of the new millenium in New Zealand filled me with a mixture of anger and sorrow .. the anger was at the gutless greed and lies sliding like stinking watery shit from Bill English,s smirking mouth.

Why do the working poor always have to be more moral and more upright than such right wing something for nothing wastrels ?

These people are totally lacking in any kind of imagination .. the response of that sad excuse for a Government Minister was that the Govts position was that it was the families responsibility to feed their children .. quite so Bill what a keen penetrating intellect you have .. minimum wage you silly Billy .. not forgetting all those younger people who now have to work for less than the minimum wage .. New Zealands minimum wage would not adequately feed a dog let alone a family.

The despair that sets in .. brings with it depression, anger and criminality yet these people are expected to be more moral and more upright and more squeaky clean than the parasites that live off the flesh of the backs of the poor.

Not everyone is University material .. not everyone is a manager or CEO .. whilst many are destined to do forever the humble jobs for society and for the reward they get shit upon and insulted for the pittance that those that pay the minimum wage dole out with a flourish.

Away with the State housing .. get those bludgers living under the bridges .. quick smart .. privatize the Prisons .. ensure that we have soaring electricity and fuel costs to match the minimum wage whilst the prime Minister of New Zealand draws a salary in excess of the President of the USA .. increase the Police force .. increase their wages .. increase their already substantial armaments .. and if anyone protests crack a few skulls .. and if a few more die fleeing the police then so much the better ..

Make a mockery of those good people who have raised their voices in protest and donated from their own hard pressed budgets in a vain attempt to keep decency and caring on the public radar ..

At one fell swoop undo many years of hard fought battles to bring about a modicum of justice to our affairs .. one thing is for sure .. there is a heavy price to be paid for what these right wingers have set in train.



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