6 thoughts on “RISE UP OR DIE

  1. More on TPPA – Tran Pacific Partnership Agreement –

    A suggestion to consider for Admin. ? – why not start a new thread ? entitled :

    “TPPA” – Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement – WHO ? WHAT ? WHEN ?

    I think it is pretty timely and important to focus, even more attention on this bit of ugliness
    that may impact us heavily in the future if we do not speak out and act out against it.

  2. Hi there Blake.
    Thanks for the link. Much was lost in the last hack, and I’m sure Admin will get RT on the list again in due course, right Admin?
    Let’s hope we can get things back on course with as little “in-fighting” as possible. I’ll be back with some good links on the latest Chch developments tonight.

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