Polish study: No historical benefit in vaccines

Sad-Little-Girl-by-Espen-Faugstad-negative-and-grayscaleThe evidence continues to mount. That vaccines are doing a great deal of harm is well beyond denying. Worse, though, the evidence that vaccines have had little or no effect on infectious diseases is clear, as documented in new graphs. The precautionary principle, which is enshrined in a UN directive, should have been implemented before vaccines were ever routinely injected.



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Why Obama Will Survive the Equivalent of Five “Watergate Scandals”

Mon May 27 , 2013
A brilliant, yet sobering analysis of the historical crossroads we’re on now.  – Ed. Mark Twain once talked about history not necessarily repeating, but he noted that history sure does rhyme. Richard Nixon was unable to survive one direct hit upon his administration, namely, the Watergate scandal. Conversely, Obama is […]

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