No One Will Hold Henry Kissinger Accountable

The skullduggery of Henry Kissinger is well known,

but little has been done about it.


As the unofficial envoy of the Rockefeller Empire

and a member of the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations,

Aspen Institute, Bohemian Grove, Trilateral Commission, etc.,

Kissinger is at the heart of the power structure and closely tied to many underhanded deeds

as well as big plays for global power.

As National Security Advisor under presidents Nixon and Ford,

and for a time also concurrently Secretary of State under the same presidents,

Kissinger wielded enormous power and effectively operated on behalf of the shadow government agenda

– often over the president’s head.


he has continued shaping policy as a top advisor to numerous high-level figures,

including presidents and cabinet members, since his official time in office during the 1970s.

The case for war crimes and crimes against humanity outlined by Christopher Hitchens

(including killing as many as half a million civilians

in the secret bombings of Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam War),

as well as his participation in various assassinations, coups and destabilization efforts

throughout the world

contrast sharply

with his status as a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize,

ostensibly for negotiating the withdrawal of American forces in Vietnam

(as dubious and hypocritical as the prize has proven to be).

Moreover, via National Security Study Memorandum NSSM 200, Henry Kissinger

made it official U.S. foreign policy

to underwrite forcible depopulation and outright genocide in the developing world,

including recommendations to use “food as a weapon”

(including withholding food aid to induce compliance with global population targets).

The implications of this ongoing policy are both staggering and far-reaching.

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