New U.N. Chemical Weapons Report On Syria Blames Assad


After having some time to regroup, Western-backed propaganda against the Assad government of Syria regarding the alleged (and erroneous) claims of the use of chemical weapons against rebels death squads and civilians has apparently resumed.

As Reuters reports, “United Nations human rights investigators said on Tuesday they had “reasonable grounds” to believe that limited amounts of chemical weapons had been used by government forces in Syria.”

The UN Commission of Inquiry largely contradicts earlier reports by its own UN investigators into the nature of chemical weapons’ use in Syria.

For instance, UN investigator Carla del Ponte stated to Western media outlets as far back as March that chemicals weapons were used, not by the Syrian government, but the Syrian death squads that the Western media so desperately attempts to promote as freedom fighters and peaceful protesters.

Interestingly enough, while media outlets and Western governments cling to whatever brief positive public relations stories surrounding the “rebels” that may exist, those opportunities are few and far between.

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