Ed Snowden’s magic thumb drive and other NSA fantasies


Well, they’ve solved the riddle. Ed Snowden was able to steal thousands of highly protected NSA documents because…he had a thumb drive.

This is the weapon that breached the inner sanctum of the most sophisticated information agency in the world.

This is the weapon to which the NSA, with all its resources, remains utterly vulnerable. Can’t defeat it.

NSA bans thumb drives, but certain special employees are allowed to use them.

Would Snowden have been in that elite circle? He was an outside contractor who’d been assigned to the NSA, and he was only there for four weeks, on his latest tour, when he did the infamous deed and then departed, never to return.

ed-snowdenNot only did Snowden stroll into NSA with a thumb drive, he knew how to navigate all the security layers put in place to stop people from stealing classified documents.



4 thoughts on “Ed Snowden’s magic thumb drive and other NSA fantasies

  1. Just finished reading the whole article, I like the sarcastic tone of the blog. NSA spying on China, what a shocker.

  2. “Certain special employees”..yeah, he was special alright. The NSA must feel like a right bunch of wallies.

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