20 thoughts on “TTPA: “There Is No National Security Purpose In Keeping This Text Secret”

  1. Thanks for the pointers Blake. Names and a coupla links is plenty to get me going. More on this subject as I get ‘digging’. Cheers.

    1. From my experience, most, not all but most, of what I have learned about Tavistock has been from listening to Alan Watts online radio show (Cutting through the Matrix) and taking notes for many years. Unfortunately you can not type in Tavistock on his website and be taken to any info. Under each of his radio shows, after his poem, is a list of content for that specific radio show. I have been introduced to some great links through Alan. If you have the time and can take notes, he is worth the listen, in my opinion. He focuses on the crooks in politics and banking and TPPA and many other topics as well from a perspective that is trustworthy. He has nothing to sell and worth anyones ability to contribute towards keeping him on air. A BIG THANKS !!! TO UNCENSORED FOR GIVING US THE PLATFORM TO LEARN AND SHARE and making a big difference. GREAT JOB !!! We will be supporters for life, for sure and will continue to share our hardcopy with many.

  2. Martin, Tavistock Institute is not just another organization, it is the mothership, the birthing place of mind control and trickster of our collective unconscious. Tavistock embodies the shadow of the shadow government. “The world is Tavistocks puppet.” Alan Watt. It is very hard to get info on them as it is all kept very secret. Alan Watt is a good start as he is in the know about Tavistock where most are not. You will be shocked the more you learn about them. According to Watt and others, Tavistocks formula for pathology is deception; brainwashing; conditioning; negative injunctions and dissociation. Many nazis were connected long ago. Freud, Margaret Meade and many others came out of Tavistock and you would be surprised to know all the words in our vocabulary that were coined and originated out of Tavistock (mostly dealing with brainwashing and control/manipulation.) According to Watt, Tavistock is a multi billion dollar network of Foundations; 10 institutions; 400 subsidiaries; 3000 study groups and tons of think tanks. You will find very little truth about Tavistock and its hidden agendas on their website as they want to portray only the best image. They are extremely secretive. Keep up the work on learning more about them as you will not regret it. Allan Watt “Cutting Through the Matrix” and and can get you started.

  3. Blake, I started looking into the Tavistock Institute, and it’s proven very tough to get any good info. Their own website is a masterpiece of gobbledegook -speak, leaving you none the wiser.
    A couple of other sinister, related organisations are the Fabians and Common Purpose. I’m sure any reader of Icke is familiar with these names. Any pointers to some good solid info on Tavistock would be much appreciated.

  4. The New World Order is progressing as it was planned a very very long time ago by puppet masters and all the corporations and institutions mostly birthed out of The Tavistock Institute. The CFR – Council of Foreign Relations picks the prime ministers and most world leaders. All parliaments and most governments and the UN are dictated to by the CFR as well as the IMF (International Monetary Fund) . Most of them are Psychopaths sabotaging and controlling and manipulating. THE CFR SET UP THE UN ! ! The CFR is a worldwide private club of mostly top British politicians and the most powerful corporate leaders and bankers. They plan wars and set hidden agendas with mind control and deception and much more. They are the psychopathic elite after as much money and world resources as they can get. The CFR wants to control the world what goes into our minds and our cultures and they are pushing towards total Globalism. Some of these idiots are being exposed and being forced to step down. TPPA and Nafta are just two of many of their tools that have not served the world but made it much worse off. Some of the above notes have been taken from my many years of research and learning from Alan Watt – “Cutting Through the Matrix.” He has nothing to sell but the truth. If you are interested in what is behind and helped birth most of the current madness, start checking out the Tavistock Institute.

  5. Yes Kevin, the words of that article echo things I have heard and read an awful lot lately. I think more and more people are waking up to the debt-based money system that is the foundation of the NWO agenda.
    Sooner or later the whole system must surely collapse? I suspect that the Banksters must surely know this and it’s all part of the ‘grand scheme’.
    Ever read “Babylon’s Banksters” written by a called Farrel I think?

  6. Oh, yes, the TPPA we are all too familiar with through the Pacific Partnership Forums. And of course the 2011 meeting interrupted by the ‘quake. And regardless of whether that quake was natural or man-made, the corporate interests were not slow to take advantage.

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