MOH Fluoride Video – Deleted Comments Exposed


Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 12.13.57 AMFluoride free Auckland: Action
July 14 – The Ministry of Health (NZ) released a fluoride propaganda video:

July 22 – The video receives wave after wave of comments labelling this video as “Slick Shameless Propaganda” and “Lies”

July 23 – The Ministry of Health deletes all comments on the video.

Today – We provide you with all the comments that were deleted!

Click below to view the full 20 pages of comments that YOU wrote and that the Ministry of Health DON’T want YOU to see.!AMNSHD5Z!JXB-_nFdp-rejSsGjPhN8ST9jjYvvrjOlfelwYRBq0s


2 thoughts on “MOH Fluoride Video – Deleted Comments Exposed

  1. I agree, they want you to believe lies but not question what they say or comment, very interesting

  2. Good work. I just looked up the vid on youtube and they’ve disabled all comments! What a bunch of cowards.

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