Confessions Of An Economic Hitman


A confessional by a former global banker, John Perkins, on the use of usury to enslave independent nations by the IMF, World Bank and other agencies. As part of their plan, the bankers use assassination, slander, and coups to maintain their positions of power and to prevent the truth about their corruption from reaching the public.  Most of the imperialism of the 20th and 21st century by “Western” countries is really the result of globalist bankers’ “aid” to third world countries – money that the bankers then force to be spent on “development” projects led by multinational corporations.


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  1. The ” MAX KEISER ” show on RT.COM (and Sky TV Channel 92) ==>> Three times a week he has a 1/2 hr. show that exposes the crooks in banking/world economy and the whys and hows of the R E A L ! ! truth behind world economics. Each show has a guest who is light years ahead of most in this field. Well worth checking out and humorous at times as well. Max is one of a kind and scares the beegeebees out of the crooks on Wall St. and the banksters and all others he exposes and he rips them apart.

  2. “wealth transfer…extraction”. Couldn’t have put it better myself Scott.
    And a good portion of that extracted wealth sits rotting in the Caymans while large portions of the world population live in poverty.
    Ah, but Agenda 21 will fix everything (sarcasm).

  3. Yep.

    I think the same is true of the word : ‘Recession’

    I think ‘Wealth Transfer’

    is a more fully accurate way to describe the process that’s underway.

  4. It is interesting that most people believe they know what Globalistion is but actually have no idea.

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