3 thoughts on “Sean Stone Debunks Myths On Iran, Islam & US Empire

  1. URGENT – MUST SEE ! !

    Click on E22 (Edition # 22 and the most current show)

    15 minutes V E R Y well spent and then if you are interested, I recommend
    seeing all of these shows – ” THE TRUTHSEEKER ” a very short show that only
    comes on twice a month on RT.COM.

  2. found this tv program a couple of months ago, highly recommened, although lately have been reruns

  3. Abby Martin on her show “Breaking the Set” interviews Sean Stone in this above video. I welcome
    any open minded thinking person to regularly watch Abby Martin as she debunks the disgusting journalism and mind controlling madness in our media and elsewhere now. I invite you, Ken, and others to check her out on RT.COM (Sky TV Channel 92) three times a week for a half our show and well worth seeking out and listening to. That is if you are open minded and not a sheeple led to pasture by the corporate media. She will set straight the misconceptions about the term “Conspiracy Theorists ! ”
    Abby is one of the most powerful journalists of our time, miles above and ahead of most.

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