US Set to Launch ‘Iraq, The Sequel’, in Syria


Soldiers-loyal-to-Syrias-President-Bashar-al-Assad-carry-a-wounded-soldier-at-the-front-line-2218185August 26, 2013 “Information Clearing House –  If you liked the run up to the US attack on Iraq, with the lurid fictional tales of mobile chemical weapons labs and Saddam’s nukes, you will love “Iraq, The Sequel”, currently unfolding in Syria. It is everything the interventionists have been hoping for: a heady brew of Kosovo, Iraq, and Libya all rolled into one. The possibility for an infinitely more toxic conflagration is exponentially higher, to boot, adding for the interventionists much excitement to the mix.



2 thoughts on “US Set to Launch ‘Iraq, The Sequel’, in Syria

  1. Explosions Rip Syrian Capital of Damascus

    At least 50 people have been killed

    in two strong explosions that ripped through the Syrian capital, Damascus,

    in the deadliest attack on the capital since the country’s uprising began 14 months ago.

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  2. Hi.

    If you could just pull your head out of your own mortgage / kids for a second

    and consider this ?

    Even if we are to believe the West’s claim

    that Bashar al-Assad’s government is behind the chemical weapons attack,

    there can be no denying that the insurgent al-Qaeda “rebel” forces

    that started a campaign of destabilization of Syria

    are backed by the United States, Saudi Arabia and other Western powers.

    Most Americans are completely oblivious to this fact.

    [ yeah -thanks- FOX news ]

    In order to sift through the fog of war,

    it’s important to consider multiple perspectives.

    [ and if you don’t ? … well, then, you’re just a big, stupid, part of the problem, arent you. ]

    Read the rest here

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