TPPA* Threatens NZ Sovereignty: Act Now

6 enough of the secrecy of the TPPA (“Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement”) negotiations?

So have a number of prominent Kiwi actors, musicians and commentators.

They have made a video that airs on TVNZ Breakfast and TV3 Firstline on Tuesday 1 October

calling for the government to release the TPPA text –

and urging you to sign the petition to the PM now.

View the video and sign the petition on

Let’s make it snowball.

Text, tweet, email, facebook to at least five of your friends

and get them to pass it on …

Together we can force the TPPA out into the daylight.

*NB:  You can read an introduction to the TPPA and how it could affect New Zealand at this link:


6 thoughts on “TPPA* Threatens NZ Sovereignty: Act Now

  1. https://www.exposethetpp
    The following are notes taken from an interview 2 days ago with Lori Wallach (Public Citizen) on the “Breaking the Set ” Show on
    TPPA is mostly NOT about trade ! ! It has 29 chapters and only 5 chapters deal with trade. SOPA , which was voted out in the US , will come back partially through TPPA. Every country signing this
    heartbreaking and infuriating agreement would be required to change their laws to meet the TPPA rules.
    Anything that undermines the investors/corporations expected future profits will be grounds for suing – and where ??? , not in the courts, but in the TPP Tribunals where the corporate TPP judges and TPP lawyers rule the day and the tribunals will force countries to pay and they will have no protection.
    The non-trade TPP chapters deal with hand-cuffing domestic governments around limiting food safety;
    environment standards; financial regulations and energy and climate policy etc. They will also establish new powers for corporations like using the same investor privileges to promote job off shoring to lower wage countries. They will promote a ban on bi-local procurement that corporations have the right to take our tax dollars and rather than invest in our local economies, they can send them offshore. These non-trade chapters will also give new freedoms to corporations etc. to enter countries and take natural resources – mining oil/gas WITHOUT APPROVAL ! !
    TPPA will undermine the quality of peoples lives and take away countries rights. It will protect
    corporations and give them legal powers to sue and then those countries will be sent to rigged and biased Corporate Legal Tribunals where no justice will occur except in the best interests of the corporations. Unsafe food, health and safety issues; raping the environment; offshore jobs; loss of internet freedom; mining where ever they want; loss of countries sovereignty ITS ALL BAD NEWS AND WE NEED TO SPEAK OUT AND SIGN PETITIONS AND FORWARD MUCH TO OUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY TO GET THE WORD OUT. ITS NOT TOO LATE. Labour / Greens – grow a pair ! ! National was a train wreck long ago and we had better wake up and get them out. STOP THE TPPA.

  2. way too late as the rothschilds , have already adopted the nz constitution because the queen subsided 2years ago

  3. Join the dots on our PM’s career and you may find that he doesn’t care about the secrecy and what signing the TPPA will do to NZ. It will do the same to the USA too! but they are prepared for it. That is why Congress is playing its financial games at the moment.
    Either was the PM will win. He has always had a monomania about money and his pursuit of it has taken him to the heart of global financial operations – Wall Street and the Federal Reserve. That is where his mates are, not here in NZ. The corporations are his friends too. He shares their interest in making profits above all else.
    If banks and these corporations comprise a threat to NZ’s sovereignty then he is siding with them. He is also a threat and needs to be called to account – if he is a New Zealand citizen still.
    Why are the opposition parties not picking this matter up and using it to drive him out of the Beehive?

    1. “Why are the opposition parties not picking this matter up and using it to drive him out of the Beehive?”

      Good question.

      Joining the dots on his career – would make a very interesting internet documentary

      (because TVNZ or Creative New Zealand would never fund nor screen such a thing).

      I’m amazed that more kiwis can’t see through him – but for some time now, our commercially focused tabloid media has been dumbing our populace down to the meaningless one-liner platitudes that we live with today.

      The idea that people think that having a banker for a PM is somehow ‘good for the economy’ – is just incredible.

      People who elect their PM on the basis of ‘his personality’ – probably aren’t looking very deeply at what is going on around them in their lives.

      A few years back – I met a nice lady who quit the beehive in disgust some two decades ago.

      She told me that it was explained to her that people could only retain their positions there by collectively adopting a level of insincerity

      that she wasn’t personally willing to descend to.

      Perhaps Labour has more in common with National – than they do with the wider population?

  4. These multi-national corporations want the rights to sue anyone who challenges them in any way that will hurt their profits. They want to dictate to our NZ government and other countries and set the game plan to suit their needs and their profits. Shame on their obvious greed and the stupidity of some of our politicians for not seeing through this. Obviously they have already been bought and are likely receiving secret checks already. SECRET CHECKS, SECRET MEETINGS. Our PM is a corporation in disguise of a man. Economy economy, money money at the expense of the people’s sovereignty and well being and the environments health and protection.

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