Stop The TPP & The TTIP ~ Fighting For People Over Profits


Another TPP petition for you all to sign … please do.

If you want NZ to remain GE free and Nuclear free you’ll be signing this one.

These treaties have almost nothing to do with ‘free trade’, quite the opposite.
“What makes the TPP unique is not simply the fact that it may be the largest “free trade agreement” ever negotiated, nor even the fact that only two of its roughly 26 articles actually deal with “trade,” but that it is also the most secretive trade negotiations in history, with no public oversight, input, or consultations.”
Petition here

One thought on “Stop The TPP & The TTIP ~ Fighting For People Over Profits

  1. There is no sane and healthy reason why such a Trade Agreement had to be with such secrecy. The fact that it has NOT been made openly, with adequate public oversight, input and consultation makes the motives for those wanting the secrecy extremely suspect and impossible to support.
    It is also doomed to fail because these corporate psychopaths will eventually be disillusioned and defeated by the very planet they seek to dominate. They are just stupid enough to go too far with their plans.

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