Murray Horton Speaking Tour ~ March-May “Who’s Running The Show? & In Whose Interests?”


We want an independent Aotearoa, based on policies of economic, military and political self-reliance,

using Aotearoa’s resources for the benefit of the people of Aotearoa.

This country needs people power to let the world know that Aotearoa is not for sale.

Murray Horton spokesperson for the Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa (CAFCA)

and the Anti-Bases Campaign (ABC), will speak on:

People’s Rights Before Corporate Profit

Public Service Not Private Profit

An Independent Foreign Policy

No Unjust Secret Treaties

See below for the national itinerary (as of January 2014).

Full details will be publicised when all the details have been finalised.

You can check out details of this speaking tour (such as venues, speaking times and local contact people) at


Monday March 31 – Dunedin

Tuesday April 1 – Timaru

Wednesday April 2 – Ashburton

Monday April 14 – Takaka

Tuesday April 15 – Nelson (2013 Roger Award event)

Wednesday April 16 – Blenheim

Monday May 5 – Auckland

Tuesday May 6 – Whangarei

Wednesday May 7 – Kaitaia

Monday May 12 – Hamilton

Tuesday May 13 – Te Awamutu

Wednesday May 14 – Thames

Thursday May 15 – Waihi

Monday May 19 – Ohope & Opotiki

Tuesday May 20 – Gisborne

Wednesday May 21 – Clive

Thursday May 22- Palmerston North

Monday May 26 – Whanganui

Tuesday May 27 – Paekakariki

Wednesday May 28 – Wellington


Campaign Against Foreign Control of Aotearoa
Foreign Control Watchdog

Anti-Bases Campaign

Box 2258, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand <> <> <> <> <>

Facebook (CAFCA) <>

Watchblog: <>


Facebook (ABC)<>


2 thoughts on “Murray Horton Speaking Tour ~ March-May “Who’s Running The Show? & In Whose Interests?”

  1. Hi, dreamers,
    never ask for a referendum in New-Zealand ! the electoral law for voting in general elections, voted in by the by the parliament in 1990, is a total fraud and a crimeagainst Democracy: Results can be manipulated…and they are. Please, put your nose into it !! In 2005, the Labour Party has been reelected in order to give the National Party time to get rid off Don Brash and bring, in 2008, the US parachuted, undisputed, John Key jump on the podium ! Et voilà !!!! WE GOT HIM. Happy??
    Helen accepted to play this “game”, with the promise to have a VERY GOOD JOB at the UN.
    To obtain the total (controlled) victory,in 2008, without any substential opposition, it has been necessary to give the best Politician in NZ, at the time, Rod Donald, a “Special Treat”, some sort of lolly…..just after the elections… 2005 !! And, you remember, It has been very very successful So, since that time, the rise of the “parachuted” did not fade and the destruction of our beautiful New-Zealand is well on its way, under the SHAARP watchover of the US Drones and big Bubbles.
    About the “natural” Earthquake of Christchurch,…….really, do you swallow that ?? and in Wellington, the Beehive already “cracked”, naturally of course, do you swallow that too ???
    Critical Mind is not the main feature of New-Zealand Culture,….. I think.

  2. No Prime Minister ,living or dead has the authority to sign such a deal as the leaked drafts suggest the TPP(A) is !
    Is there any private citizen action that can be taken against John Key for his abuse of our democratic principles ?
    Can we get a referendum going on TPP(A) ?
    Can we let it be known that New Zealand will not honour this “Agreement” until all citizens have had a chance to read the full final document ?

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