The Crisis In Ukraine


As Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland made clear in her speech last December

and in the leaked recording of her telephone conversation with the US ambassador in Kiev,

Washington spent $5 billion of US taxpayer dollars engineering a coup in Ukraine

that overthrew the elected democratic government.


That it was a coup is also underlined by the obvious public lies that Obama has told about the situation,

blaming, of course, the overthrown government,

and by the total misrepresentation of Ukrainian developments by the US and European presstitute media.

The only reason to misrepresent the events is to support the coup and to cover up Washington’s hand.

There is no doubt whatsoever that the coup is a strategic move by Washington to weaken Russia.

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2 thoughts on “The Crisis In Ukraine

  1. After three visits to Ukraine in five weeks, Victoria Nuland explains that in the past two decades, the United States has spent five Billion dollars ($5,000,000,000) to subvert Ukraine, and assures her listeners that there are prominent businessmen and government officials who support the US project to tear Ukraine away from its historic relationship with Russia and into the US sphere of interest (via “Europe”).

    Victoria Nuland is the wife of Robert Kagan, leader of the younger generation of “neo-cons”. After serving as Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson, she is now undersecretary of state for Europe and Eurasia.” Diana Johnstone

    Hear Victoria Nuland’s very concise, almost victorious speech:

  2. Now that Ukraine has fallen in a coup designed by the United States and European Union using unwitting protestors and right-wing usurpers, the US and EU are threatening Russia not to interfere with western plans for aping control of its neighbor.


    In the face of US demands and threats against Russian military intervention in Ukraine, President Putin has chosen his time to nip the Ukrainian destabilization plan in the bud by readying some 150,000 additional troops that will soon be sent to Ukraine.


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