Propaganda is a viral documentary film that blurs the line between reality, fiction and persuasion. Suggesting what might be a fictionalized premise that the film was presented to a translator from possible defectors from North Korea, the film is apparently a work of propaganda aimed against western society and culture as a means of bolstering the strength of the DPRK. In truth, the supposed framing of the film as the work of North Korean propagandist is likely untrue, and only part of a larger attempt to satirize and deconstruct the propaganda models working within Western society.

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Australian TV Dares To Show The Real Israeli Occupation

Wed Mar 26 , 2014
The 45-minute investigative film, “Stone Cold Justice”, concerns the Israeli army’s mistreatment of Palestinian children. Along the way, it provides absolutely devastating evidence that the children’s abuse is not some unfortunate byproduct of the occupation but the cornerstone of Israel’s system of control and its related need to destroy the […]

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