MH370: CIA, Obama Involved, Official Admits


The CIA and President Barack Obama are covering up what really happened to missing flight MH370, a top former official said Monday, as families suffered even more after told the plane had been shot down by the United States-led military training exercise participants in the area.

“The CIA knows something,” former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, 88, accused on Monday.

Malaysia Opposition Setting Record Straight

The Obama administration is covering up what really happened to flight MH370, according to Malaysia’s influential former prime minister Dr. Mahathir, concurring with Deborah Dupré’s March Before It’s News report, MH370: US Knows Exactly Where It Is, How It Got There (Video).

The Pentagon’s military search and rescue training operations at the time MH370 went missing and refusing to provide information are what another official asserted is “unforgivable,” as is the fact that another Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 has been shown to have been used in a highly suspicious way, at the same time, and covered up.



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  1. Airlines flight MH370 – USA at their dirty tricks again

    It doesn’t reach main media headlines……but this makes sense:-

    “After weeks of speculation and mystery, and false alarms, the picture of what really happened to Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 is emerging. While the incriminating facts of espionage and spy-ware technology are still closely guarded under clouds of secrecy, the detective work of hundreds of private individuals has begun to yield results. By following the money trail and joining the dots, a general outline of what really happened to flight MH370 and the motivation for this is emerging…….The use of open military force by the US (the only real threat they can muster against China and Russia today) would have been condemned by the international community, so a veiled attack (the hijacking) was the only available option. What better way of showing China and Russia who controls the underworld of global espionage and political manipulation?……At the highest levels of strategic planning the Russians and Chinese now understand what kind of game the Americans are playing at, and so they have had to go back to the drawing board for another think tank.”

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