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Live Coverage US Elections

7 comments on “Live Coverage US Elections

  1. rose says:

    Hey Martin, thanks for the link, I was looking for one because I couldn’t stand the thought of watching the American sElections on TV. I watched about 60 seconds of that before I realised it was MSMs NBC.
    US should be ashamed of itself.

  2. Martin Harris says:

    Yw Rose, thought a live link might be handy, and good God, President Trump? Honestly didn’t think it would happen, but there ya go.

  3. Rick says:

    HI Martin,
    Great news in my view and I am very happy the War Queen is not in power.
    You guys at uncensored should also pat your selves on the back as the publication over the years has been a great solid supply of the truth and what is going on worldwide, printing information the controlled media will not. lets all hope it is a new era only time will tell.

  4. rose says:

    Like it matters Martin

    • Martin Harris says:

      Well, Rose, time will tell I guess. You pretty much know my personal views on this and who really runs the puppet show. Most Americans have voted against Hillary, some specifically for Trump and some simply because they see him as the only option.
      Again, I’m going to express a personal opinion that regardless of what Trump would like to do, regardless of his intentions, he may find that he has to stick within the parameters of “the script” or face consequences. I’d say the days of gunmen on grassy knolls are over, these days the heart attack seems to be the signature method.
      I might be wrong, but we’ll see soon enough!

  5. Martin Harris says:

    Hi Rick, see my comments to Rose, and yes, I’m surprised and pleased that Hillary is not holding the reigns, and as to whether it ultimately makes a difference, time will tell.

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