PIKE RIVER: The Greatest Disgrace

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Solid Energy to seal Pike River Mine by February – YouTube

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According to Dr Jacob Cohen’s mind-blowing book Murder at Pike River Mine (on the Internet, (the NZ intelligence agencies have been trying to censor censoring it) or it is available through Mr Lawrie Drew at Greymouth (a father of one of the victims):


  1. The 29 miners at Pike River Mine explosion in 2010 were all deliberately murdered, to facilitate Pike River Coal Ltd to collect a $100 million insurance pay-out, turn the public’s attitude away from underground coal mining and reduce opposition to open-cut mining, and allow BATHURST RESOURCES LIMITED (at the time registered on the Australian Stock Exchange but now dually listed) which foreign bankers also secretly control with Pike River Coal, to overtly come into New Zealand and buy up all of the country’s coal resources and then open cut mine it – which has by now almost been fully completed
  2. Interestingly, Dr Cohen mentions in great detail with references from Bathurst’s own website, that just before the explosion in the mine, BANK OF AMERICA was aggressively buying up shares in Bathurst Resources Limited. Guess who was working for Bank of America before he became NZ Prime Minister.
  4. And just to make sure the mine victims’ families, or the general public can’t ever know the full truth about the crime, or even get into the mine to inspect the crime scene, and can’t sue the Government, the companies or Pike’s criminal directors, the spurious rat and High Court Judge heading the corrupt, Royal Commission of Inquiry – according to Lawrie Drew, HAS EMBARGOED ALL THE CRITICAL EVIDENCE FOR 75 YEARS! And yes, this has all been totally censored by the incredibly vile, corrupt mainstream media! 
  5. This means, in simple man’s terms, that the corrupt lawyers and judiciary involved all now know, that when for example the Government Department supposedly that wanted  to bring CEO of Pike River Coal Peter Whittall to trial under Health and Safety laws (actually it was just a pretence because they all knew that it would fail) all that Peter Whittall’s legal counsel had to say to the judge in the pre-trial hearing was: “Your Honour, as all the critical evidence has been been embargoed by the Royal Commission for 75 years, we cannot get disclosure and my client cannot defend himself against the allegations  because all the evidence is being kept secret and cannot be accessed.” Judge: “Case dismissed.”
  6. This therefore means that the NZ Government, police, the judiciary etc. at least at the top – ALL KNOW they are a pack of lying criminals, including the drafters of this latest “Open Letter FROM THE DIRECTORS OF SOLID ENERGY.”
  7. All I can say is, because of the widespread indifference of the the general public in putting up with this outrageous evil, we all deserve the judgment coming on us all. Because inevitably it will come. If they will get away with this, what will be next?
  8. Apparently, PM John Key was personally given a copy of Dr Jacob Cohen’s mind-blowing book so he can’t say he was not informed. Isn’t it rather strange to see he is abruptly resigning around the same time they want to seal up the mine.
  9. Finally these devils want to seal up the entrance to the mine with a 30 metre thick  plug of concrete. 30 metres! Can you believe it? They sure do want to make sure nobody ever investigates the crime scene don’t they?

In the United States of America a similar coal mine explosion occurred at the Upper Big Branch Mine not long before Pike River explosion when exactly 29 miners were also killed. Since then, the miners’ families have received millions of dollars in pay-outs and the CEO of the company concerned  Don Blankenchip is now in jail. Yet here in New Zealand, not even one director has even been charged or brought to trial. We hear about the criminal activities of government agencies in the United States being bad, but our government and corporate criminal cabal is a hundred times worse! 29 miners cruelly killed, and yet nobody has even received a slap on the hand. What an utter disgrace.


Frankly, if we just sit back and put if with this rot and say nothing about the blatant lies being perpetuated by the mainstream corporate media propaganda goons, nearly five million of us, seriously, I fear for the freedoms and liberties of every single person in this country.

Isn’t it about time things changed dramatically? Truly.







Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

12 thoughts on “PIKE RIVER: The Greatest Disgrace

  1. Email received from Anna Osborne (Pike River Widow)
    Dear Martin,
    We’ve done it! Thanks to you and everyone who has supported us we will now be getting into the Pike River drift to recover evidence and our loved ones remains.
    This is it! It’s almost unbelievable! We met with Pike River Re-entry Minister Andrew Little yesterday and after that we went straight into helping the Government plan the agency that will get this done!
    Together we have won. We will get into the drift and we will get truth and justice for our boys and for all New Zealanders. And we couldn’t have done it without you,
    Thank You, Martin!

  2. OMG We have, many of us, felt there is something very fishy about this…….I have just read the above and for me it is the first I have heard of this corporate takeover, and the book. I knew already that John K was a ‘plant’ and at no point worked for NZ, but rather, for his handlers/owners elsewhere. I will say, on the positive side, that I know people ARE beginning to wake up, ARE educating themselves through, mostly, the internet and there is massive infighting between two main factions of the ‘deep state’ as I write which will lead to a great deal that has been secret becoming publicly known…., there will be huge turmoil, huge change for the better and it is a MOST fascinating time to be alive. I am very sorry for the families of those lost at Pike River. Our bodies can be destroyed but our souls can not.

    1. You’re right Steve, people are waking up in large numbers.
      Never undervalue your power to make a difference!
      These are interesting times and change is in the air. Let’s make sure it’s change for the better.
      The solidarity and strength of the Pike River families is an example to us all.

  3. I have always felt there was a cover up I hope the people of NZ will band together and demand justice for these families who lost their beloved ones and that they be able to retrieve their remains for a decent and dignified burial..

    1. Thanks Colleen. All these families are asking for is closure and some honesty and responsibility. Sadly these things are often hard to find, it’s sad when these families have to fight for it, as if the grief weren’t enough.

  4. Lawrie What Coursed The Second EXPLOSION ? Russell Smith the Loader Driver said that he Never Felt any Heat and if there was a Fire Burning Underground Then there would have been a lot of Smoke Coming out of the VENT on Top of the Hill ! There was a Large Dust Cloud Black like Smoke from a Fire But Really only Coal Dust, if there was ANY FORM OF HEAT then the Second EXPLOSION Should of Happened Virtually within HOUR’S of the FIRST EXPLOSION !
    So I want to know did this First Black Coal Dust Cloud Dissipate from the VENT Shaft ?
    And if so there was NEVER A FIRE UNDERGROUND ! The Fire which Started after the Second EXPLOSION was Spectacular and Burning Furuslly but only at The TOP of The VENTILATION SHAFT Just Like My Gas Torch at it’s Tip Where the 2 Gases Mix Oxygen and Acetylene or LPG at my Workshop . But at a Coal Mine it’s Oxygen and Methane and this will EXPLODE just like my Gas Torch when it has a Backfires “Called a Flashback” which can burn back along my hoses to the Arrestor can be fitted at torch or Cylinders .
    So I want to know what SET of the Second EXPLOSION ? And If The VENTILATION SHAFT went Clear after awhile before The Second EXPLOSION if So There WASN’T A Fire Burning Underground ! Email me on csi@hotmail.co.nz

  5. As the father of Zen Odin Drew{21yrs} who is still at work along with his 28 workmates,in the pike river mine.
    This book has help me deal with the corruption all us families have had to endure on the past six years!!!!
    When a person breaks the law of the land he appears pretty fast in front of a judge,
    yet still NO ONE has been held accountable for this work place MURDER!!!
    Without this enlightened book the truth would be buried like the commission papers,
    Regards Lawrie

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback Laurie. All the best to you and let’s hope for justice and some closure.

  6. Received today from Jack in response to certain questions raised:

    Q1. Who is Dr Jacob Cohen? A. Dr Jacob Cohen is the author of a book Murder at Pike River Mine.
    Q2. Why is his name a nom-de-plume? A. His name may or may not be a nom-de-plume, but it doesn’t matter. All authors are just ‘messengers.’ It is the facts and the content in any non-fiction book that matter,NOT THE AUTHOR OR QUALIFICATIONS OF THE AUTHOR. Some of the greatest and most widely readbooks ever written have been written by academically unqualified people. The Gospels are a good example.
    Q3. Why has he not appeared in person? A. 29 miners were cold-bloodedly murdered through a conspiracy to take over all of New Zealand’s national coal assets worth many billions, involving a cabal of powerful, corrupt, local and international banks and multinational companies in collusion with the New Zealand Government, Prime Minister, Minister of Police, NZ Intelligence Agencies and judiciary. Had Dr Cohen appeared, he would have got a bullet in the back of the head immediately the book was published. Indeed, John Key and the Head of the NZ Security Intelligence Organisation at the time, after receiving copies of the book themselves, actually asked the some victims’ family members at a special meeting in Greymouth if they knew who Dr Cohen was or where he lived because they wanted to contact him. If you are really interested in the truth, why not ask Lawrie Drew. He is one of the parents these mongrels spoke to.
    Q4. How did the information regarding the Pike appear so quickly following the disaster, writing a book is a long process??? Was the writing of the book in process before the disaster? A. Dr Cohen is obviously a gifted researcher and prophet of some sort, and a lot of people, it seems, were simply “blown away” by his remarkable predictions before the events for example how the Royal Commission would be set up and who would be appointed to it to cover up the evidence. Also, it is obvious he must have had a good knowledge about the individuals and international companies and banks involved before the event to be able to assemble the jigsaw puzzle together so quickly. Most people do not have the intellectual ability it seems to understand how wicked people at the highest levels can be so incredibly deceptive and cunning.

    Right from the beginning, in his book, Dr Cohen claimed the real goal of the Pike River Mine explosion was to shock the public, turn the public’s attitude away from underground mining on conservation land, and open the way for foreign mining companies (and the international banks that control them) to come in and open-cut our coal and ironsand resources, a lot of it on Conservation Park land. Bathurst Resources Limited was chosen to take over all of NZ’s national coal assets (WHICH HAS SINCE BEEN ALMOST COMPLETED WHILE THE BRAIN-DEAD NZ PUBLIC HAVE BEEN SITTING BACK ON THEIR BUMS WATCHING THE ALL BLACKS OR WATCHING CORONATION STREET). Trans-Tasman Resources Limited, owned by the same bankers was the vehicle chosen to take over all of NZ’s incredibly rich multi-billion dollar titanium enriched iron-sands on our West Coast (WHICH NOW IS WELL UNDER WAY!). But clearly, if you read the book it was not written before the disaster. Now with the aid of computers and the Internet a non-fiction book like this can be written extremely quickly, as was this one which is clearly exemplified by the huge number of original web references in it and you can view these and check the dates.


    If people actually would use their brains and read the Murder at Pike River Mine? POSTSCRIPT – TIMELINE OF CORRUPTION (published about 3 weeks after the original book on December 24 2010) (on the Internet Second Edition), you will see from this extensive information (WITH ORIGINAL REFERENCES FROM COMPANY’S OWN WEBSITES ETC.) that these corporate criminals were planning to take over NZ’s entire coal resources just before the explosion at Pike River Mine. For example, in TIMELINE FACT #53, John Key had meetings with Bathurst Resources Limited between October 1 thru October 11th 2010, granting approval for Bathurst Resources to purchase Buller Coal.

    TIMELINE FACT #54, Then only three days later, on October 14 2010, all PM John Key’s former employers, Merrill Lynch and Bank of America began aggressively buying up shares in Bathurst Resources Limited. In TIMELINE FACT #63, even just 3 days before the first explosion at Pike River Mine, Bank of America further increased its shareholding in Bathurst Resources to 14.06%. In TIMELINE FACT #65, on November 19, 2010, the same day as the first explosion, believe it not, four directors of Bathhurst Resources issued a Change of Director’s Interest Notice dramatically increasing their shareholdings or unlisted share purchase options. Then (see TIMELINE FACT #71) on December 9, 2010, not even 3 weeks after the first explosion, Bathurst Managing Director Hamish Bohannan announced the company’s BULLER COAL OFFTAKE MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING WITH STEMCOR AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, a subsidiary of Stemcor Holdings Limited for the sale of coal from the Buller Project. Stemcor was formed in London in 1951 and is a giant, privately owned company with the majority of the shares held by the Jewish Oppenheimer family, represented on the Board by Ralph Oppenheimer.

    So you think its important to know whether Murder at Pike River Mine author’s name Dr Jacob Cohen, is a nom-de-plume or not? Well why not read his book properly and inform yourself of the facts that really matter rather than concentrating on trivialities or being pedantic. Here are a few hard facts from Dr Cohen’s stunning book (which anyone with a brain can read for themselves!) in TIMELINE FACT # 71; So why did Mr Hamish Bohannan choose Stemcor for his exclusive agency agreement? Well, Mr Bohannan started off as a miner working for Goldfields in South Africa (headquartered in London) one of the family firms owned by Harry Oppenheimer and the Oppenheimer family. In 1987 Goldfields held a 49% stake in Peabody Coal, (now the U.S.’s largest coal producer and one of the two biggest coal companies currently accused of providing donations and bribes to the majority of U.S. politicians). At the same time Goldfields also held a 26.2% stake in Newmont Mining Corp. in which John Dow was previously Chairman and Managing Director in Australia – before he became Chairman of Pike River Coal Limited in New Zealand.

    Mr Hamish Bohannan also previously held an executive position with WMC (formerly called Western Mining Corporation) one of Australia’s big multinational mining giants taken over by BHB Billiton in 2005. In 1930, through New Consolidated Goldfields Limited South Africa, Oppenheimer took a 60% shareholding in Gold Mines of Australia which later became Western Mining Corporation which later came to be called WMC. If you look at the top 20 shareholders in Western Mining Corporation (as at 31 January 2000) https://www.sea-us.org.au/roxby/fla.html you will see that they are the SAME biggest shareholders in NZ Oil & Gas Ltd, the controlling shareholder of Pike River Coal Limited at the time of the explosion at Pike River Mine. Jewish Peter Whittall, the CEO of Pike River Coal at the time of the Pike River Mine explosions, previously worked for BHP Billiton largely now controlled by the Oppenheimer family. in London. Until 2002, for a number of years, Mike Oppenheimer was BHP Billiton Energy Coal President.

    On 1 November 2016, the completion of Oppenheimer’s theft of New Zealand’s national coal assets following the Pike River Mine Explosion was effectively all completed. All this, just 6 years after Dr Jacob Cohen’s remarkable predictions in his book, when Solid Energy’s (in administration) directors announced that their three principal coal mine assets (the Stockton mine on the West Coast, and Rotowaro and Maramarua mines in the Waikato) would be sold off for an UNDISCLOSED SUM to a joint venture headed by Bathurst Resources Limited (65%) and Talleys (35%). NZ PM John Key at the time said, “The sale of most of the coal mines was welcome news.” https://www.radionz.co.nz/news/business/316919/solid-energy-mines-sold-to-bathurst-tally’s-venture These are undeniable FACTS!

    So, only over a period of about 6 years, from the time of the murder of the 29 miners during the Pike River Mine explosion on November 19 2010 through to November 1 2016, and the subsequent warnings in Dr Cohen’s book that have largely gone unheeded by all New Zealanders, for all intents and purposes, with the explicit approval the the NZ Prime Minister John Key, the NZ Government, and the foreign corporate controlled mass media deliberately censoring the facts from the public, ALL OF NEW ZEALAND’S VAST NATIONAL COAL RESERVES AND ASSETS HAVE BEEN TREACHEROUSLY HOCKED OFF FOR PENNIES IN THE DOLLAR TO JUST ONE JEWISH OPPENHEIMER FAMILY IN LONDON – while the general public in New Zealand have, apart from just a mere handful of people, all stood by in their local lunatic asylum, totally ignorant about how and why the miners were murdered, totally mind-controlled by the corporate mainstream media propaganda and entirely oblivious of what has happened while their heritage is blatantly, right in front of them, being hocked of to these corporate banking criminals – while not even one executive member of any of these criminal companies involved, has even been given a slap on the hand or been held responsible in any way for this heinous crime.

    What I liked about Dr Cohen’s book, he doesn’t make outrageous statements without providing ORIGINAL sources as references. For example, nearly all his remarkable allegations about the change in Bathurst’s shareholding by Bank of America is taken from THEIR OWN WEBSITE!!!!! This is IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE! Anyway, I hope I have shed some more light on the subject and answered your reader’s valid questions adequately.

    Like Cohen and many others, what I am so upset about is that they are contemptuously doing this right in front of everybody – right in front of our very faces – and at present Solid Energy directors, having treacherously sold off the Crown’s (New Zealanders’) remaining coal assets to Bathurst, and hence the Jewish Oppenheimer banking family in London, are now blatantly spending enormous sums of money with their full-page, “Open Letter From The Directors of Solid Energy Regarding Pike River” propaganda, soon to appear in all NZ major newspapers, to persuade the naive NZ public to support the final sealing up of the mine’s crime scene FOREVER, thereby stopping the families having experts to enter the drift to see what actually happened. All in all, New Zealand’s most wicked crime by far. And not even one person has been held responsible or charged. A disgrace in itself, even if you don’t believe the miners were actually murdered, but were killed through simple negligence!

    Bye for now.


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