(Natural News) In 2015, New York Times writer Nick Bilton wrote an article entitled “The Health Concerns in Wearable Tech,” warning the public that devices like smartphones and Apple Watches emit a low-level radiation which has been linked to cancer, brain tumors and other problems when worn close to the body for […]

https://www.msn.com/en-nz/news/world/warfare-game-changer-as-us-army-chiefs-prepare-to-take-delivery-of-drone-busting-laser-weapon/ar-BByiiIz?li=BBqdg4K&ocid=SK2MDHP US army chiefs are to be handed a laser weapon that developers say will blast drones from the sky. Weapon manufacturing giant Lockheed Martin says it has finished a 60-kilowatt laser system that will be handed to the Army for further testing. First tests on the tank saw it […]