Hillary Clinton promotes new media platform no one seems to understand

Hillary Clinton


Hillary Clinton has drawn criticism for promoting a new political media platform that is being labelled confusing.
The former First Lady, who has maintained a low profile since she lost the US presidential election to Donald Trump in November 2016, today tweeted her support for a website called Verrit.
Described as a “media platform for the 65.8 million”, the site is an effort to organise Clinton supporters by arming them with verified facts.
Co-founded by former Clinton adviser Peter Daou, Verrit allows users to create cards using verified items of information called ‘verrits’ from a collection of political facts, quotes and statistics.
In a series of tweets, Daou called the site “our way of declaring independence, repudiating false narratives, and telling our OWN story”.
Through “daily, rigorously-verified info and analysis”, Verrit is an attempt to combat a post-Trump political landscape of “fake news” and “alternative facts”.
Clinton’s tweet was met with confusion from many social media users.
The platform is already being criticised as ‘divisive’ by US political experts.
Verrit’s verification process has also been criticised after Twitchy published a card where a quote from a conservative columnist was taken out of context.
Within an hour of Clinton’s endorsement, Verrit was hit by a cyber-attack that shut the website down


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