Up To Six Killed In NY Attack + UPDATE 2/11/17

This just popped up on my MSN propaganda feed: no doubt a clearer (or murkier?) picture will emerge shortly.

Up to six people have been killed in New York after a truck was driven into people using a busy bike path in New York, reports say.
Police have confirmed there have been “several fatalities” after the truck was driven down a cycle/pedestrian path, striking multiple people.
The truck then collided with another vehicle, and the driver got out. Police said the man had imitation firearms and was shot by officers at the scene.
The suspect is now in custody.
Police urged people to avoid the area as a major emergency services operation was under way.
CNN reported sources said up to six people were killed, while local news channel PIX 11 said at least five people had been hurt.


UPDATE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5037279/Truck-driver-terror-attack-Uzbek-national-aged-29.html

A Contact “Jack” Emailed the following comments:

“Another fake terrorist attack, part of a nefarious plan to turn the United States into a full-blown fascist police state.

You will see these propaganda statements in this link above; “A federal law enforcement source told CBS NEWS the a note was found in the suspect’s truck that made reference to ISIS.” Well, well well, doesn’t that does sound familiar! – as it seems every second terrorist suspect in these sorts of government inspired events just happens to leave a note. Then they have the cheek to show this ISIS inspired terrorist, apparently called Saipov, plainly pictured moments after crashing and killing 8 people holding a PAINTBALL GUN and a PELLET GUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now if you will believe this orchestrated claptrap you will believe anything! Firstly, if he really was a member of ISIS, and the fact real firearms are so easy to get hold of in the US, I can assure you he would not be that insane to be carrying just a paintball gun and BB gun. Which ever way you look at these media reports they are lying through their teeth. A CIA Manchurian candidate and plant, yes. A genuine ISIS terrorist no.

And to top it off, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo “praying for those killed.” Are you kidding me? These two are among the greatest pagans to set foot on Manhattan!”

(Source: Jack)

Martin Harris

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