“We see what we believe, and not just the contrary; and to change what we see, it is sometimes necessary to change what we believe.” Jeremy Narby SATURDAYS@ 9AM EST-USA / FRIDAY 3 AM HAWAI’I TIME / SATURDAY 11 PM MELBOURNE/SYDNEY/TASMANIA TIME AUSTRALIA / 2 AM NEW ZEALAND TIME and […]

DANI MCDONALD Last updated 10:49, December 16 2017 Two Hollywood actresses have thanked Sir Peter Jackson for speaking out about Harvey Weinstein and his brother, saying they orchestrated a smear campaign that led to him blacklisting them both. Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino were responding on Twitter to a Stuff […]

Activist Zane O’ Neill needs your participation!  Petitioning New Zealand House of Representatives Ban Geo-Engineering & Weather Modification in New Zealand Zane O’Neill Rotorua, New Zealand https://www.change.org/p/zane-o-neill-ban-geo-engineering-weather-modification-in-new-zealand Update: Nearly at 2000 signatures! https://www.change.org/p/zane-o-neill-ban-geo-engineering-weather-modification-in-new-zealand/u/22130912

Yessenia Funes Wednesday 3:51pm A new study has found that babies born closer to hydraulic fracturing had lower birth weights than those born farther away. The researchers think this has to do with pollution. Published in the journal Sciences Advances Wednesday, researchers analyzed all Pennsylvania birth records from 2004 to […]

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