At Uncensored we receive correspondence from a wide variety of sources. This item from a research and marketing company, IDTechEx, makes for interesting reading. A glimpse into the immediate future and the global China-led NWO. The bold emphasis is mine (Martin H) For Immediate Release Monday 4 December 2017 Good […]

Received from Jeff Wefferson, who is currently touring around New Zealand: “Here are the two blog links, one on Rachel Carson and also on Geo-Terrorism Please share far and wide. MANY BLESSINGS AND KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK 🙂 much love and hugs from down under Jeff :)” […]

The GITMO Affair is to America’s enduring and permanent historic shame. As if Vietnam were not enough. As if the use of; Atomic, Biological, and Chemical Weapons were not enough. As if Genocides were not enough! America has Secret Prisons in Afghanistan, Egypt, Netherlands, Germany, Turkey, Italy, and Israel. Why? […]

A whole branch of science turns out to be fake by Jon Rappoport November 29, 2017 Devotees of science often assume that what is called science is real and true. It must be. Otherwise, their faith is broken. Their superficial understanding is shattered. Their “superior view” of the world is […]

Trump is providing sensational fodder for the MSM yet again: ReTweeting “Far Right” videos  to open up discussion about Muslim extremism. Paranoia-mongering or valid concerns? Terror can come from within as well as from outside, regardless of what walls one builds. Should we start “walling” the internet? Novus Ordo […]

Is this real life? Using some deep Google AI trickery and a virtual reality headset, scientists have built a device they’re calling the Hallucination Machine – an experience a lot like tripping out, but without any of the actual drugs. This mind-bending immersive experience, several years in the making, has been put […] Tens of thousands of travellers have been stranded on Bali after an erupting volcano forced the Indonesian island’s international airport to close. Mount Agung has been hurling clouds of white and dark gray ash about 3,000 meters (9,800 feet) into the atmosphere since the weekend and lava is welling up […]

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