Government shuts down after Senate bill collapses, negotiations fail

Looks like the Democrats have created a timely Government shutdown to “celebrate” Trump’s presidential anniversary!

The government shut down early Saturday morning on the first anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration after Congress failed to meet a midnight deadline to renew funding.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) called a shutdown “100-percent avoidable” and blamed Democrats for filibustering a bill he called “non-controversial.”
“Perhaps across the aisle some of our Democratic colleagues are feeling proud of themselves, but what has their filibuster accomplished? What has it accomplished? The answer is simple: Their very own government shutdown,” McConnell said in a speech on the Senate floor.
He spoke moments after the Senate failed to close debate on a short-term spending bill that would have kept the government open through Feb. 16. Amid opposition from Democrats and some Republicans, the measure stalled for two hours as party leaders tried to reach a separate agreement on a short-term extension. They were unable to do so before midnight. The vote was 50-49, short of the 60 needed to advance.
Republicans had insisted on a four-week funding extension that included a six-year authorization for the Children’s Health Insurance Program and delayed several health-care taxes. Senate Democrats called for a funding extension of several days that would allow more time for negotiations over the leygal status of immigrants brought to the United States illegally as children, known as “dreamers.” The White House in a statement lashed out at Democrats for holding “our lawful citizens hostage” over their “reckless” demands to give legal status to hundreds of thousands of young undocumented immigrants.

More at source (Washington Post via MSN)

“In shutdowns, nonessential government employees are furloughed, or placed on temporary unpaid leave. Workers deemed essential, including those dealing with public safety and national security, keep working.

After previous government shutdowns, Congress passed measures to ensure that all unpaid workers received retroactive pay. The Trump administration would support a similar measure, a senior administration official said on Friday.
Workers began finding out on Friday whether they would be furloughed, but official notices would come as early as Saturday. They would receive their last paycheck for work up until the shutdown on Friday Jan. 26.”


…and before we all lose our heads, it’s happened before, and we’re still here:

shut down

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