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An Eye For An Eye: The Holocaust Revenge Plot That Almost Succeeded

An extraordinary documentary by an Israeli film-maker reveals the full story of how a band of 50 Holocaust survivors almost succeeded in wreaking terrible revenge on the defeated German people.

Amy Coles

Screened on Holocaust Memorial Day – as the world remembers the six million Jewish victims of the Nazis and the millions who have died in genocides since – it tells of the single-minded determination of a group who called themselves The Avengers.
Their plan was simple: To take the lives of six million Germans by poisoning water supplies.
The film reveals that in 1946 they had gone so far as infiltrating the waterworks of Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt and Munich.
The architect of the scheme was Abba Kovner, a survivor of the Vilnius ghetto.
During the war, while many Jews tried not to provoke the Nazis, he had released a manifesto urging them: “Let us not go like lambs to the slaughter!”


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