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HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND. This broadcast of On the Brink radio is about life and death, not of a quasi-mythical religions figure/hero from two millennia ago but of countless REAL-LIFE heros, living beings of Mother Earth, our kin, our family, our mentors, our teachers our FRIENDS here on the only planet we know who has life as we know her: the whales and dolphins.




Whales and dolphins have always stranded, as far as we know, thousands of years before the advent of human military-industrial civilization. The reasons that they do so are myriad; some we may be able to ascertain and understand, many more may remain forever unknown to or unknowable by us: some of the many mysteries of being here now as passengers/crew of Mother Earth. The spectrum of contributing factors is almost as broad as the range of ‘why people die’, literally thousands of different reasons, which involve how or why it happened, as well as the physiological and bio-medical specifics.

This post is not an exhaustive or comprehensive attempt to look at or cover all of this material, but only a cursory look at some of the more obvious possibilities, as well as some of the more obvious NOT SO possibilities, as I see it, anyway.

In the past two weeks I have become aware of several stranding events in different parts of the world. The ‘official’ responses have consisted of the usual litanies of more or less incredulous reasons, all of which are PR-‘damage control’ responses designed to deflect attention from likely candidates for the contribution of stranding influences, and to prey on the public’s gullibility and lack of scientific knowledge and ability to think critically, as well as a propensity to deny that ‘our species’ (or country) is engaged in any wrong-doing at any level.

What follows is a look at a few of the reasons for strandings that I have heard over the years, beginning with what I consider to be the least believable and moving towards the most likely to be true or real.


“Sometimes whales become stranded because of illness and disorientation. They misjudge the depth of the water, the tide goes out and they are stranded. It may be a deliberate strategy in the case of illness to hasten death. This has happened, and scientists have examined the bodies and tell whether there were parasites or perhaps a virus. Some whales may become stranded in youth because of disorientation, an inability to discern direction and use their echolocation equipment. So that can be a problem. Now, as to large groups, this does not happen frequently. When it does it is a very significant event. It may be that a large pod of whales chooses to accompany a ‘saint’ who is dying in a public way to raise awareness of how humans are affecting the natural balance.”

Raphaela asked if this was similar to the Buddhist monks and nuns in Viet Nam and Cambodia who set themselves on fire to protest and draw attention to the Viet Nam war.

“Yes, that is correct. But there were group strandings before the need to draw attention to the environmental crisis. Some whales chose to give their bodies to the native peoples. They were called by the people to help them with a donation of their meat, blubber and bones. This was a religious time, and other whales sometimes accompanied the whale who was donating her body.”

from Mary Getten, Communicating with Orcas

NOTE FROM JEFF: Who knows, maybe some of them are ‘sacrificing themselves’ but it’s not clear ‘to whom’ they would be doing this or exactly why. If anything, the ‘food’ aspect makes the most sense, if any is to be found here. This is in fact reminiscent of the Arthur C. Clarke novel The Songs of Distant Earth which, according to him, was his best book. I didn’t finish reading it because I learned that in it, the whales of Earth indeed ‘sacrifice themselves’ to us so we can eat them a la ‘Soylent Cetacean’? A species or world of vegetarians wouldn’t require or benefit from this kind of thing, but those who believe in the ‘god’ who allowed Jesus to be ‘sacrificed’ to save us from our own sins might buy it, along with this book.


“Patricia Cori (author of Before We Leave You) was suddenly witness to a devastating scene of suffering, a communal grieving of scores of whales and dolphins ‘frenzied, lost, and dying.’ This was the first of several terrifying calls for help, all of which were immediately followed by mass suicide events as these majestic creatures collectively chose to leave us and our planet.”


NOTE FROM JEFF: This one I had a very hard time with when I first learned about it. At first it reminded me of Douglas Adams and his Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and how the dolphins were leaving the planet of their own accord, saying ‘So long and thanks for all the fish’, from which she may have gotten the idea for this? Especially the part about aliens? Like a lot of this stuff, the sensible is mixed in along with the incredulous. Grieving whales who are frenzied ARE real and require out utmost awareness, compassion and action…but ‘mass suicide’ to me sounds like they got that way because their leader made them drink the Kool-Aid. ‘Dying’ from your own volition is NOT THE SAME THING as BEING KILLED BY SOMEONE ELSE. Cori goes on to finger the U.S. Navy as being a prime causative factor in these ‘mass suicides’, and even mentions the work of Rosalind Peterson, a true vanguard researcher who has made immense contributions to mapping the military war on ocean life,
BUT Cori destroys anything this may have accomplished by claiming that the Navy is doing the dirty-work of evil aliens, not Douglas Adams’ interstellar-highway-building poetry-reciting Vogons, but the Grays from Draco and the Reptilians from Recton, the dark moon of YOURanus. Once again, and par for the course, if you buy THIS you can buy her book, too.


NOTE FROM JEFF: This may have elements of truth, not because they are following a saint who is sacrificing himself, but, at the group level, they could have been following a leader who experienced a ‘panic reaction’ that could have been triggered by a wide range of factors. This wouldn’t be ‘suicide’ but accidental mass-stranding.

At the level of the individual, or couples, stranding on a beach may well be their preferred way of undergoing a totally natural ‘death’ or ‘coming forth by day’ as the ancient Egyptians referred to this transition of consciousness. Cetaceans breathe air just like we do, so if they are injured, very sick and/or just tired of living…or TRYING to live as the case may be in the ocean of today…they might find a nice secluded beach and go and try to leave this world in peace and tranquility. I can’t imagine a better place to do this myself, as long as you would be likely to be left alone…and not have your eyes pecked out by seagulls. But what options do the cetaceans have? They do not have any ‘nursing homes’ or ‘transition retreats’ to go to in their old age. If they can’t function in the sea, after being kept afloat by friends and family, they either have to drown or go on the beach…or be eaten by predators. And it could well be that some of our attempts to rescue or refloat stranded cetaceans may not have been the right thing to do: but how could we possibly know? THIS is one of the highlights of our inability actually to communicate.


This is something that I’ve never shared before publicly. In 2005 I was visiting an old friend in Yamba, a small coastal town in NSW a couple hours south of Byron Bay. One arvo Gazza said ‘Hey Jeff, we have to go down to the beach. Two dolphins have stranded…’ This was exciting…and sad…apparently this had never happened there in recent memory. Two Risso’s dolphins had washed up on the beach alive, and people had put them into a swimming pool close to the ocean filled with sea-water. We went down to see them. What I am about to share is by no means really the case, just what crossed my mind and seemed as if it could be possible…in the truly amazing and spiritually-guided universe we live in.

The two dolphins were in the pool, being assisted and comforted by people who were taking turns being in with them. The larger female dolphin was close to me, and came closer; the smaller male dolphin was on the other side of the pool, and moved away from me. I don’t know why, but somehow it seemed or felt as if…and I know this will sound crazy but it seemed very real…these two dolphins were my mom and dad who had been killed in a car wreck in North Carolina less than a year earlier. I really thought that I felt the spirit of my mom in the larger female dolphin; and the fact that the male moved away would be explained by the fact that I felt a good deal of animosity from my dad, even as he lay dying in the NC hospital, with me in western Australia. He knew he had written me out of their will and all that.

I didn’t go into the pool with them, as there were heaps of other people, but over the next hours and days and months I thought about this a lot. In my mind, I contemplated that God (as I perceive him/her, not necessarily the ‘god’ of any particular religion but the vast creative artistic intelligence behind the miracles of life, the universe and everything) and my/our guardian angels had allowed my mom and dad both to know what it was like to be dolphins AND to see me one more time before they left on their really big journey. Why not? Miracles are not only possible but REAL…look at me and my life!…and ‘miracles’ aren’t limited by space, time, or physical constraints.

I had to leave the next day, but Gary told me that the two dolphins were successfully refloated but that they came ashore again. I never did hear what finally happened to them…but I do know that when I see my mom and dad again in Heaven, the first thing I will ask them is ‘Hey, Mom and Dad, was that YOU in those two Risso’s dolphins?’

I think that we should always ‘err on the side of caution’ and act on the assumption that the stranded cetaceans wish to continue to live and give their survival our best…shot? YIKES…this is in fact what a LOT of ‘rescue organizations’ end up doing: EUTHANASIA BY GUNSHOT TO THE HEAD (or even using sticks of dynamite if you can believe it).

If a human being were found lying on a beach still alive, what would happen? It’s not likely that they would be shot in the head but would be immediately transported to the closest emergency health-care facility and given the best possible care and treatment to keep them alive and to restore them to optimum health.

Can humanity claim to be doing this for stranded cetaceans? I can’t think of a greater paradox or contradiction than this, the contrast between our professed ‘love’ of them as fellow beings, possibly with ‘intelligence’ on a par with our own, and how we actually end up treating them. Only a truly schizophrenic mentality is capable of this order of brutal dichotomy.


NOTE FROM JEFF: This is one that I hear quite often, especially when strandings occur on Farewell Spit, in the Golden Bay region on the northern end of the south island of New Zealand, Te Wai Pounamu Aotearoa. Sure it’s possible…this area is a huge flat region that is very shallow, especially at low tide, and it is somewhat enclosed due to the geographic structure of the bay and spit. My problem with this, however, is that the cetaceans in general and in particular the pilot whales have been on Mother Earth for on the order of 30 million years and have been more or less successfully navigating her waters this whole time…successfully enough that they have survived and thrived. If they were prone to merely ‘getting lost’ what are the chances that they would be here now? Sure the ocean is a big place…and non-descript, the open sea being totally devoid of ‘land’-marks. I know if I were there I would more than likely feel lost and probably be lost if on my own. I would know which way was up, and could tell the directions from the sun and stars. This starts to bring into focus the astounding ability of other life-forms to navigate their way on migrational routes sometimes spanning tens of thousands of kilometers. And sure, obstacles to navigation do occur…with us, it would be when the GPS fails. But imagine if the…


NOTE FROM JEFF: This is one of the more inventive ones that I’ve heard. Thanks to Edward Johnson of Cannon Beach, Oregon for bringing this to light. In this radio interiview, bio-acoustic ‘expert’ Shayne Chambers illuminates on how the predominant wind patterns in the Hamelin Bay area of western Australia caused the bio-sonar of the unlucky pilot whales to be ‘canceled out’ thereby causing them to run aground.


I guess this wind pattern is new…and, wait, let me guess, is caused by ‘CLIMATE CHANGE’…so the pilot whales who’ve been swimming those waters for 30 million years weren’t prepared. I think that interference from alien cloaking devices is just as likely to be the cause as this.

NOTE FROM STRANDEDNOMORE: “We do not see any seismic surveys or military operations listed on our usual map, only cable operations. Still could be important, it is done near the continental shelf, exactly where pilots like to hang out. Given that research now tells us that deep diving cetaceans cognitively prepare for deep dives and plan them, any disruption mid-dive or at the bottom, could spook them, break concentration, send them bolting to surface resulting in heart issues, decompression sickness and what not.”


NOTE FROM JEFF: With this claim at least the powers that be are progressing slightly towards the domain of the believable, and at least the authors of this article stated that this MAY be a factor, not that it definitely was. But I still have to call bullshit…and so did NASA eventually…for the same reason as the wind thing above: the Earth has been under the influence of the sun for billions of years. It’s a testament to our unbridled anthropogenic narrow-mindedness that we pay as little attention as we do to the closest star AND without whose light, warmth, gravity and yes RADIATION we couldn’t possibly exist. Not only the whales and dolphins, but every other life-form has lived its whole life, not to mention all of their ancestors, under the constant and varying influences of the sun. It’s not impossible that relatively sudden changes in solar activity could influence the perception of magnetic fields…but my feeling is that any beings relying on magnetic fields for navigation would also have other means to fall back on, ‘back-up systems’ and complementary modes, for example, visual, astronomical, and/or olfactory.



NOTE FROM JEFF: By far the all-time favourite of ‘experts’…usually preceded by ‘Scientists are baffled…’ Some undefined sickness, ailment or malady has caused them to lose their way and die upon the shore. Sure the whales and dolphins, being living breathing mammals just like us in many ways, DO get sick and DO die from getting sick. But how often does this happen, and how likely is this to be a reason when other clearly credible factors are in full view, but not mentioned? This thing called morbillovirus is often cited as one of these maladies. Cetaceans can get parasites, just like we can. They can get them in their inner ear. I even speculated that something like a cetacean version of Alzheimer’s syndrome could exist, where some of them might have impaired neurophysiological and cognitive functions due to chemical toxicity, for example, from the high levels of mercury known to exist in the ocean, or the hexavalent chromium discovered by Ocean Alliance during their legendary 5-year survey of global ocean toxicity. And/or the ever-growing number of POP’s (Persistent Organic Pollutants) like PCB’s and other endocrine disrupting substances that ‘man, the wise’ so gleefully disposes of in the ocean? Not to mention the astronomical quantity of plastic, rubbish, and, our favourite thing to forget, the synthetic radio-nuclide fission-products from the world’s nuclear industry in all its manifestations. The whales and dolphins, whose diet consists of the zooplanktons, phytoplanktons, fish and krills who are themselves subject to this spectrum of toxins, are the top of the oceanic food chain, and therefore ingesting the highest concentrations of poison. Add all this together with an understanding of ‘synergic interactions’ in a chemical sense and we can see that if a true ‘mystery illness’ exists it’s source is the Homo Sapiens Macro-Virus.

Roger Payne’s brilliant book Among Whales has an entire chapter devoted to ocean toxicity, and Ocean Alliance (the organization he co-founded with Iain Kerr in 1970) conducted a five-year survey of global ocean toxicity from 2005-2010. Read and/or down-load the executive summary and full report here:



NOTE FROM JEFF: Here I defer to StrandedNoMore, brilliant friends and truly the leading-edge of understanding this kind of thing:

“Among many theories on mass strandings, one theory stands apart (Brownell et al., 2008), arguing that at least some mass strandings are a purely behavioral and even perhaps a panic response, perhaps as a result of the pod venturing into a place they should not be. Maybe they are fleeing Navy sonar, searching for fish in overfished waters, or maybe they simply took a wrong turn. These animals cannot find their way back, the panic sets in, and the mass stranding occurs, reinforced by distress calls from pod members calling for help.”

Scenarios of this kind make a lot more sense to me than sacrifice, suicide, alien interference and mystery illness, particularly given the extremely high level of correlation between stranding events and the proximity of military-industrial activities, which begs the question: given that cetaceans stranded because of a ‘panic response’, what triggered that response?


NOTE FROM JEFF: This makes an immense amount of sense given that to me the cetaceans are ‘the ultimate indigenous people’ and all that entails. This, however, pertains more to how cetaceans might diminished abilities to deal or cope with whatever triggered a ‘panic response’ or other perceivable threats or dangers (as opposed to imperceptible ones like chemicals and ionizing radiation) rather than understanding the initial stimulus, threat or ‘trigger.’

This is EXACTLY LIKE what we see happening with indigenous people of the land, for example, the First Nations Australians who are my very favourite human people on Mother Earth. When the eldest elder passes away, more often than not they take with them not only an entire cosmology and world-view that had been successfully transmitted orally for tens if not hundreds of thousands of years, but also the unique language spoken for just as long, the vehicle of this story. The same happens when the eldest elder grandmother or grandfather whale dies…maybe unexpectedly and/or without having found anyone capable of having the cosmology and wisdom stories passed on to them. This is alone is absolutely horrific to think about…the stripping away of the true mythical and spiritual diversity of life and the resultant sterility and narrowing of experiential bandwidth for the survivors.

Again, the brilliant insights of StrandedNoMore:

“It has recently been proposed that whaling might have wiped out so many whales that important cultural knowledge has been lost, along with knowledge about safe traveling routes and possible danger areas. A recent study (Wade et al., 2012) echoed this argument, stating that poor recovery of many odontocetes (toothed whales) since whaling times could be due to the loss of key individuals and, by extension, the loss of important cultural knowledge.

When an entire pod becomes stranded and there are no survivors, this creates a situation in which there is nobody left to tell the story and warn others. Sperm whales, for example, are known to have such cultural knowledge. Anecdotal evidence exists of large aggregations happening in some areas of the world once every three years. These aggregations could serve various functions, of which information exchange could be one such purpose.

The loss of an entire pod is not just a tragedy for the individuals in this pod; it could also have severe and profound consequences for the entire population. As the environment of such animals becomes more dangerous, mainly due to anthropogenic influences (both direct and indirect), such cultural knowledge could ultimately be a factor that contributes to the survival of the species.”




NOTE FROM JEFF: Now we’ve arrived at what this post is really about. This is a HUGE topic, no smaller than the sum total of all things military-industrial. Since I cover these issues on almost every broadcast of my radio show and in the majority of my networking activities in general, here is the section of this name from my comprehensive 2012 article. All of this still holds, but has only grown worse. Updates along the lines of the ‘revolution in military affairs’ that is revolutionizing undersea warfare are forth-coming, but have been covered extensively in many OTB broadcasts of the past two years.

In honour of the recent passing of Rosalind Peterson, I share with you excerpts of a posting she made in 2009 about the U.S. Navy’s quite literal war on cetaceans.

I just learned of her passing three days ago, even though she died in February. But three days ago I had looked at her web-site to get some information on the U.S. Navy from the vast archive she had on there, only to see that the Navy sections had all been deleted. Then when I learned of her passing, I now see that her entire web-site has disappeared. I will be making available all of her material that I have saved, beginning with this. It is thanks to her that I first learned of this diabolical plan to exterminate all larger life forms in Mother Ocean…in the interest of ‘national security.’



By Rosalind Peterson
August 11, 2009

The United States Navy will be decimating millions of marine mammals and other aquatic life, each year, for the next five years, under their Warfare Testing Range Complex Expansions in the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico. The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS under NOAA), has already approved the “taking” of marine mammals in more than a dozen Navy Range Warfare Testing Complexes (6), and is preparing to issue another permit for 11.7 millions marine mammals (32 Separate Species), to be decimated along the Northern, California, Oregon and Washington areas of the Pacific Ocean (7).

(go to link to read the whole in-depth article)


from http://tutunui-wananga.blogspot.co.nz/2012/08/we-are-not-aloneyet-how-we-are-waging.html

We don’t know for sure, but ‘hunting’ of animals for food by indigenous peoples seems to have been the norm for as far back as we can see. I’m not sure what the whales thought about being killed for food even back then, but Inuit in search of meat didn’t have high-tech harpoon guns or whaling ships with sonar. Hunting was a sacred act to indigenous folk who took only what they thought they needed.

Although historically we believe we have ‘always’ eaten meat (what IF Neandertals were herbivorous?), ‘civilized’ man could easily abandon whaling and all other ‘meat-driven’ atrocities; yet these continue to run out of control as an integral part of our industrial ‘doomsday machine’. Despite the publicity, of all the threats to cetaceans, whaling is at the bottom of the list.

Side-effects from the global fishing industry(46), another meat enterprise, have been a long-standing affliction for cetaceans, for example, drift- and gill-nets, in which hundreds of thousands of dolphins die from drowning and end up as ‘by- catch’ annually. Trawling in all its forms is also a wide-spread hazard for marine life in general.

Our pollution of the global ocean(47) is incomprehensible. Logically, the ocean is ‘sea-level‘ located ‘downhill’ from everywhere on land: all water and everything in it running off from terrestrial sources ends up in the sea. Not only do all rivers empty into the ocean, ‘civilized’ man has been using the ocean as a sewer and waste disposal site for thousands of years. The ocean is huge, essentially ‘terra nullius’ (48) as far as most human cultures are concerned, and it’s deep: substances or materials disposed of tend seem to dilute or just ‘disappear’.

With the advent of shipping and motorized boats, for civilian, commercial and military purposes, noise(49), collisions(50), and contamination(51) from fuel, lubricants and wastes became wide-spread hazards as well. With the massive increase in all of these activities throughout the twentieth century and accelerating in the twenty-first, the global ocean is now saturated with full spectra of man-made noise that has raised the back-ground sound level by several dB,(52) as well as varying degrees of contamination, ranging from huge ‘dead zones’(53) where nothing can live, to areas that are relatively clean and undisrupted (primarily in the southern hemisphere), with astronomical quantities of every industrial substance, compound, and chemical ever created, in particular, endocrine-disrupting POP’s,(54) huge islands or ‘gyres’ of plastic,(55), and synthetic radio-nuclides from the real ‘nuclear war’ that has been going on since 1945.(56)

The global ‘energy’ industry is a major threat to all cetaceans. ‘Civilized’ humanity is addicted to the ‘flesh and blood’ of the ‘body’ of Mother Earth, and is stopping at nothing to consume every last ounce of minerals and petroleum that exists. Deep-sea mining and especially hydro-carbon exploration and extraction is growing exponentially in every part of the world.(57) Accidental leaks and ‘spills’ add insult to injury and enhance the toxic saturation levels.(58)

Seismic and electromagnetic geo-physical exploration technologies are extremely dangerous weapons in our war on cetacea. Hundreds of exploration vessels are in operation globally at any given time, each of which is equipped with an array of ‘air-guns’ that can emit under-water sonic explosions on the order of 30,000 joules per blast…enough to deafen or kill any cetaceans or other marine life within a radius of many kilometres.(59)

The frequency of accidents and disasters, as well as their damage-levels, have increased drastically in direct proportion to the scale and pervasiveness of industrial civilization as a whole. Solid evidence exists that in recent years a new paradigm of ‘geo-terrorism’ has been instituted which is a new form of covert warfare disguised as ‘industrial accidents’, ‘natural disasters’, and ‘environmental engineering.’(60)

Recent examples of deliberate ‘geo-terrorism’ are the BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico which began April 2010, and the Fukushima disaster which began in March 2011. Both these scenarios have clear ‘signatures’ of having been manufactured, and both are on-going processes, as opposed to events, which appear to have been strategically-premeditated acts of environmental warfare whose purpose is to poison the planetary biosphere via the ocean as efficiently as possible.(61)

As if traditional and/or ‘conventional’ warfare and weapons haven’t been bad enough, for humans, cetaceans, and everyone else on Mothership Earth, today a ‘new generation’ of high-tech weapons systems has been deployed based on radio- frequency microwaves which allow ‘secret wars’ to be waged unknown to the affected populations. (62)

With the planetary metastasis of all-things-military since World War 2, going to the next level with the advent of the ‘war on terror’ since 9/11, and the presence of close to 4,000 U.S. bases and peripheral institutions around the world, the seas of Earth have become permanent ‘theatres of operation’, battle-fields, testing grounds, and waste-dumps particularly for the navies of the world. The U.S. Navy is the mac-daddy of all military entities on the planet, and is also THE single greatest threat to the well-being of all cetaceans globally.(63)
Not only is the U.S. Navy the largest single military institution on Earth, it is also the single greatest ‘nuclear entity’, operating several hundred individual nuclear reactors for research, weapons, and propulsion of ships and submarines. They have over-seen a large per-centage of all atmospheric atomic tests (including Project Argus, which permanently damaged the Van Allen radiation belts)(64), and have innumerable and classified ‘super-fund’ sites around the world, of which the global ocean is the biggest. They are more than likely ‘legally allowed’ to dispose of nuclear wastes from their reactors directly into the sea. Even if this weren’t ‘legal’, who could stop them…or even find out?

The U.S. Navy has been the largest backer of research and development of the ‘new generation’ of microwave weapons since Reagan’s ‘Strategic Defense Initiative’, or ‘Star Wars’ in the 1980’s. These technologies, of which HAARP is one example, are huge antenna arrays with transmitters that target the ionosphere with giga-watt levels of heat. By means of super-computers and extensive research in geo-physical and atmospheric science, HAARP and other installations can function as an integrated weapons system which can conduct ‘environmental modification’, or ‘weather warfare’, ‘tectonic’ warfare involving man-made earth-quakes and vulcanism, and global ‘mind control’ operations which can neurologically debilitate entire human populations. Our biosphere in general is saturated with microwaves from other sources as well.(65)

Ironically, by means of unlimited funding, the U.S. Navy has also come to control almost ALL marine biology research on the planet, enabling them not only to ‘weaponize’ every dimension of the ocean and its inhabitants, but also to manage and control not only ‘scientific information’ but also to manipulate ‘public perception’ of what is really going on. Not only have they been engaged in enslaving, torturing and brain-washing cetaceans and other marine mammals for decades, to force them to function as ‘robots’, but their ‘scientific research’ has been shown to be deliberately and criminally fraudulent, in order to create the impression that nothing they do is harmful to anyone in any way. (66)
While the Navy has come to control marine biology as a whole, as well as the public’s perception of their activities, genuine environmental research revealing the true nature and scale of military-industrial damage and public health threats is being systematically dismantled.(66a)

Of the full-spectrum of war on cetacea being conducted by the U.S. Navy, no form of attack or technology is more devastatingly and pervasively lethal as their mid- and low-frequency sonar systems. Sonar, which was inspired by cetaceans, and originally used only low levels of under-water sound to perform ‘echo-location’ for detection of ‘foreign objects’, has now been turned against them.

In July of 2000 I first learned of SURTASS, or LFAS, ‘Surveillance Under-water Towed Array Sonar Systems’ or ‘Low Frequency Active Sonar.’ These systems were being deployed on naval vessels around the world and were instantly recognized as major threats to cetaceans. Having been a lover of cetaceans for decades, this put me on full ‘red-alert’, as I knew that something horrific was up in the world. This was during that window of time when Bush 2 had been installed as president, which equalled ‘war’, but before 9/11, which came as no surprise to me after learning about LFAS.

These ‘surveillance’ systems use technology almost identical to that of seismic testing: huge under-water transducers that emit powerful explosions of sonic energy, which travel much faster and more intensely in water than in air. LFA- sonar is known to create ‘a kill-zone the size of Texas’. These shock-waves of sound pressure energy literally explode the inner ears of cetaceans, cause hemorrhaging, rupturing of internal organs, and mass-death.(67)

Because of the extreme power-levels of seismic and LFA-sonar technologies, which are ostensibly about ‘detection’ or ‘listening’, it’s become clear to me that these may be being used as active weapons systems. Against whom? Anyone who lives in the ocean.

In recent years innumerable and anomalous strandings of cetaceans, and ‘die- offs’ of many species of land and marine life-forms have occurred. These invariably correlate with the presence of military exercises and/or seismic testing activities. Tremendous effort goes into distancing the Navy and ‘big oil’ from any causality or accountability, as their legion of well-trained ‘scientists’ and compliant media distracts us with reports of ‘mystery illnesses’ and other fabrications.(68)

Almost no ‘environmental organizations’ dare to criticize or even mention ‘big oil’, for fear of financial retaliation; one wonders who in fact are the biggest donors to Paul Watson and Louis Psihoyos? Fewer still dare to criticize or mention the ‘N’ word, the U.S. Navy, as being anything more than ‘stewards’ of the global ocean. (68a)

Their greatest role as ‘steward’ of the ocean is their ‘request’ for a permit from the NMFS (National Marine Fisheries Service), a branch of NOAA, which they are known to ‘own’, to ‘take’ approximately 11.5 MILLION marine mammals over the next five years as part of their expanding war-games/testing/global presence strategy. ‘Take’ is Naval euphemism for ‘kill’. Hats off to Rosalind Peterson for having the balls to tell the world about this true cetacean holocaust in progress. (69)

In summation, the cetaceans are under direct attack from human activity in a number of ways. These are physical (nets, collisions, whaling); psychological (being ‘studied’, held captive, experimented on); acoustic (noise, blasts, sonar); toxicity (chemical and radio-nuclear); and electromagnetic (HAARP and ATOC- related experiments/technologies)(70).

It’s almost impossible fully to comprehend the damage that is being done to the global ocean and to the cetaceans who are the real ‘stewards’ of the sea. On top of all the on-going waste and chemical pollution pouring in for decades, massive quantities of atmospherically-disseminated chem-trail residues(71) are making their way into the sea. Scientists pretending to battle ‘climate change’ want to dump massive amounts of iron filings into the sea.(72) Crude petroleum continues to gush from the Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico, and the Corexit continues to create illness in human and marine life.(73)
The ‘icing on the cake’ is the incomprehensible quantity of synthetic radio- nuclides pouring directly into the Pacific ocean from Fukushima, on top of what has already been deposited as fall-out from over 2000 atmospheric detonations, perhaps hundreds of thousands of drums of nuclear waste, and DU (‘depleted uranium’) deployed in all recent ‘wars’ and ‘conflicts’. That a huge part of the global ocean could become one huge ‘dead zone’ is not impossible in our life- times; what is happening…what WE are doing…is beyond catastrophic for life as we know her, including the cetaceans.(74)

Individual cetaceans may be hunted or ‘whaled’ but whole populations are systemically endangered by the systemic poisoning of entire regions and the proliferation of new and dangerous technologies which can maim or kill tens of thousands of marine mammals with a single explosion.

Who is to blame for all this? WE are.






NOTE FROM JEFF: This is a National Geographic article, and while the existence of the die-off they cover is probably accurate, the reasons they give…and more importantly those they omit…are what to question and think about. I haven’t read this article but I guarantee you two things: 1) that no mention is made of anything military and 2) most or all of this is going to attributed, directly or indirectly, to ‘climate change.’

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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The Failure Of Rational And Critical Thought

Sun Apr 1 , 2018
“You cannot respect systems or institutions that do not respect themselves. Nor more importantly, those THEY are expected to respect. From there it all flows.”