The Fantasy of a Trump Collusion: A year Of Idiocy

There is by now little doubt that The Mueller Commission (formed by Comey, Rosenstein, and McCabe on 17/5/2017) is in desperation mode to justify its existence after a year of idiocy. Attempting to hide The Obama -Clinton Collusions with Russia by trying to fit a fantasy of a Trump Collusion.
I have been detailing the various stages of this idiocy and how it chips away at the remainder of what purports to be the genuine democratic fabric of America, in attempts to cover the real crimes of DOJ-FBI Deep State and its Obstruction of Justice.
Further in that narrative, are events claimed as being within the ambit of Mueller, yet in reality being unrelated and absurd. And this is THE BEST Mueller has after some $100 million of waste, false accusations, attempts at false imprisonment, and the further divide of a distinct two sets of ‘justice’ being blatantly practiced in America. Apart from his intial Rosenstein and McCabe orchestrated witch hunt leading nowhere.
He has though, exposed unwittingly, five double agents. DOJ-FBI is not an Intel Organization. Even though they posture as being in The American Intel Community.
Mueller has an inner core of 16 hard core HRC acolytes and Deep State apologists, on The Trump Witch Hunt. He not only had to run for cover with the exposures of Strzok, Yates, Rhee, Weissmann and The Ohrs, but he has added even more of exactly the same Greg Andres, Kyle Freeny and Adam Jed. He does because he can.
To date I am naming 7 double agents who Mueller unwittingly exposed. They are out; and interestingly the author of The Steele Dossier, to date, has NOT been interviewed by Mueller’s Circus. And no visible action has been taken against those exposed. Is it believed that America is running Russian Double Agents, or is the reality the reverse?
The operatives are:

Rick Gates, Paul Manafort, Aras and Amin Agalov, Konstantin Kilimnik, Felix Sater, and Natalia Veselnitskaya.

The latter not only writing the false Steele Dossier for Fusion GPS, but also being the central character in The Don Jr. Trump Tower Meeting in June 2016, which she orchestrated as an attempted sting operation through Aras and Amin Agalov.
As I previously detailed, she was present as well as Don. Jr., Jared Kushner, and Double Agent Paul Manafort.
Mueller has been chasing anyone with a Russian sounding name who may have donated to The Trump Campaign in 2016, but has ignored the monumental realities of The Obama-Clinton side of the equation.
The illusion being that some Russian may have donated to Trump, therefore Putin would personally pull the strings of Trump through that person. (Putin personally of course having nothing else to do!)
It goes in hand with university graduates in America not being able to name states in their own country, and not being able to point to countries on a map.
This is the level of monumental stupidity at the top level of DOJ-FBI investigative logic in America today.

And they wonder why.
I previously detailed The Fraudulent Flynn Affair, and the lunacy of attempting to chase the 19 Russian businessmen. Also the idiocy of the ongoing Sanctions Serenade to nowhere, but economic Self-Harm for America. And also now to Britain and any sycophant state that followed. And of course the theatric stupidity of sacking consular staff and seizing properties in contravention of The Vienna Convention.
But then America has breached every weapons agreement it has ever signed since the end of WWII. To the point that GWB announced that America no longer plays in that arena, including The CWC. So why would they care about The Vienna Convention; which is also to protect American Consular Staff in foreign states?
Mueller has chased Roger Stone who was employed by The Trump Foundation in 2017, and has attempted to fit relationships with anyone he (Mueller) could find with the character Konstan Kilimnik. Someone pointed Mueller to the latter as a double agent. Well after The Valerie Plame Affair, and Mueller naming and exposing anyone he trips over, who cares?
Adding to the problems of Suicidal Sanctions causing serious problems for BP and indeed the entire FTSE100 in Britain, and ExxonMobil and other crucial players in America (Rosneft, Gasprom, and Rusal), apart from RSA being essential for America to continue pretending it has a rocket engine ability, Mueller commenced the culture of attacking Russian businessmen, not the oligarchs pretended.
Apart from a new thought lunacy of punitive tariffs, against its essential supplier and banker of China, America’s current fixation concerning steel and aluminium can only further damage the moral pretender. America holds a gun to its economic head and threatens to pull the trigger, if the world does not obey.Related image
Private aircraft landing in America are being detail searched and the occupants harassed beyond the normal activities of the rabid DHS-TSA, by the added involvements of DOJ-FBI.
When such characters as Sheldon Adelson and George Soros (as previously Rex Tillerson of ExxonMobil, and Armand Hammer of Occidental Petroleum) land in Moscow, they are not harassed. But then from the days of Kievan Rus of 882AD, Russia has demonstrated a distinct approach to trade, never exhibited by America. Despite all that had been done to Russia by external influences from that time.Image result for russia trade
America; the greatest bankrupt and debtor nation in the world, is living a dream of suicidal sanctions, moral lunacy, and chasing out enterprise and investment it cannot afford to lose.
What happened to the great industrial cities of Detroit, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Youngstown, St.Louis etc? Did the greatest advantage ever delivered to any nation in world history, concerning the only untouched industrial foundation after WWII, and unparalleled plunder, and western markets open to the highest advantages, get squandered by one economic and militaristic supremacist stupidity following, one after the another, in a seamless race to the bottom of the world?
But morality prevails. Mueller convicted a young attorney Skadden Arps, to 30 days in prison and a $20,000 fine for lying to The FBI. An appeal is definitely in the offing. As an American (from 8 years of age), he had not reported previously working for his family in The Ukraine. Therefore according to the mental disengagement and desperation of The Mueller Circus, he lied to The FBI.
The second big target being Felix Sater (yet another Mueller exposed Double Agent). Sater was ‘discovered’ in the recent Michael Cohen raids. Sater had approached Trump with regard to highrise developments in Moscow. None of which eventuated.
Apart from the overwhelming evidence running through the Obama and Clinton camps, Deep State, allied corruptions and blatant crimes and The House Intelligence Committee (Feb. 2018), exposing The DNC and The Clinton Campaign even financing the Steele Dossier, apart from speaking fees, Uranium One, and countless other activities, this is everything Mueller and his circus have, after one year and $100 million.
All that remains is for America to go to the polls on 6/11/2018 and deliver both Houses of Congress to Trump. The DNC was destroyed by HRC on 8/11/2016. It has no message and no champion.
There is no fear of America losing its Two Party balanced System. As I have previously written, The GOP will split along ideological grounds.

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