Trade Wars, Blackmail, and the Limit of the Lie.

After the absurd theatre of May, Rudd, Johnson, and Williamson, pretending that Putin sprayed the unwanted, low end, traded-pawn Skripal, and his daughter, with some ‘Military Grade’ nonsense, May announced to the world that England would not be going to The Russian World Cup.
The goose who LOST the last general election in 2017, forced into an unworkable coalition, was going to block The British from attending a sport that is their virtual mass religion! May remaining devotionally clueless to the very end.
What a pity she did not succeed in her grand scheme of disengaged lunacy.
It would have been a great success for her personally, her cohorts and all the great ideals for which she pretends to stand.
For those behind the curve: Zizzi’s is a chain owned by an American Military Industrial Complex player, as I previously detailed. I advised immediately after the event that The False Flag was conducted by American Intel. Subsequently I advised that the chemical was BZ (a DOJ product; avoiding the CWC as a crowd control chemical, sprayed on the two in Zizzi’s).
I also advised that the two alleged targets were unharmed and would disappear after the victim narrative was drained a little further.
How pathetic is the British Political and Media Establishment to even contemplate running with such an empty scenario? If the False Flag of MH-17 gained no REAL traction, what was possible for the Skripal False Flag?Image result for Skripal false flag
What a great success was derived from America and its sycophant loopies deciding to boycott The 1980 Moscow Olympics. That certainly had an impact and changed the world didn’t it?
Then we hear that the self-cornered May, decides to economically ‘Sanction’ Russia. Somone forgot to advise the Loopy One of the suicidal impact on The FTSE 100. Who do these people think are, and what world economic power do they think they possess?
Standing on the front door of a glass house, the bankrupt decides to start throwing stones.
May was quietly brought into line, by BP advising her of certain un-civil service realities, concening the UK’s needs of a relationship with certain Russian entities including Rosneft.
Similarly, when Obama decided to pout and sanction Russia when it failed to obey orders concerning Crimea, there were again hidden economic issues concerning Rosneft, Gazprom, Rosatom, and the Russian Space Agency.
Obama, of course, having lost a trillion dollars a year during the abject insanity of his tenure, with his movement from 12 trillion to 20 trillion debt, being the greatest devastation America has ever faced. But of course the real and hidden numbers are closer to 165 trillion, which I will explain at a later time.
The reason why Social Security and Welfare have become unfunded Privileges, rather that Guaranteed Rights, and Bank Debts have become Assets of the Banks, with the cute logic of Bail-Ins, opposing Bail-Outs.
The current round of Trump and his silly China Trade Wars, has nothing to do with China dumping products on the American Domestic Market. Related image

It has to do with China selling down American Sovereign Debt. China is America’s essential banker. As I will further explain later, China, Japan, Russia and other nations are the desperate source of funds to maintain the function of America, by buying its Treasury Bonds.
Trump is attempting to blackmail China to buy more of America’s debt, or America will be forced to deal with The Fed and print more debt. The lie that actually does have a limit.
China will not be blackmailed into buying more American Debt to save America. China can sell its manufactured goods elsewhere.
I had previously advised that Trump should resist reading his ‘Art of The Deal’. He might start to believe it, rather that the original speaking notes from Norman Vincent Pearle.
Certainly his recent round of postured leadership in The Korean Unification should secure him the 6/11/2016 Mid Terms. But at an ongong economic cost to America, still to be fully quantified.
As I had previously detailed, The Korean Unification had been some five years in the planning; before Trump was advised by Moon, in Feb. 2017.
Russia had rebuilt all North Korea’s infrastructure and logistics networks, and run pipelines down to The 38th. Parallel North, for South Korean movement onto the Russian Energy Grids, immediately saving some 30%.
There are already some 400,000 North Korean guest workers in Russia. North Korea exports one and a half million tonnes of coal per year through the Russian built port, and exports manufactured goods ‘Made in China’, as was previously done by Hong Kong.
Incidentally: as a dead person cannot be killed or captured (Osama bin Laden), so too de-nuclearization cannot occur from a state that has NO nuclear weapons! (And of course never fired any missiles at Japan.)
Good Old American MSM provides all the narratives as fed. If the herds do not suck in MSM, they are ‘Uninformed’. If they do, they are ‘Disinformed’.CNN fake news
It all keeps coming back to Rational and Critical Thought.
The current issue of contention in the Middle East is the return of The Golan Heights to Syria by Israel. Genie Oil can negotiate with Syria.
But of course, The Golan Heights has net reached The MSM News Cycle. And of course America, and Syria, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Yemen, Afghanistan etc. have been removed.

G SquaredG squared

Martin Harris

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