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Hard to believe the landmark movie 2001: A Space Odyssey is now half a century old. And the combination of Kubrick and Clarke, both Illuminati, means that it’s visuals and plot are still being debated, dissected and decoded five decades on.

It was during such research that I came across extraordinary remastering of the classic film, given a new lease of life with a Pink Floyd soundtrack, including Dark Side Of The Moon and Echoes, and it’s my opinion that this fits the movie better than the original classical score and brings a new dimension to it. Hats off to those responsible for this work!




Published on Feb 12, 2018

NOTE: This video has been CENSORED by Youtube!

You can now access it Here:


(We aren’t called Uncensored for nothing!)

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Interesting fact.
Both 2001 and Wizard of Oz synch beautifully to Pink Floyd. Doug Trumbull did the special effects for 2001 and his father did the FX for Wizard of Oz.
In the original story by Arthur C Clarke, the Monolith was actually a pyramid shaped prism that emitted rainbow colours. Just like on the Pink Floyd Dark Side Of the Moon album cover. The rainbow effect didn’t work for the movie so they changed it to a solid black monolith. One of the main characters in 2001 is named Floyd.
OZ is the nickname of Australia, The Great Southern Continent. When explorers first discovered Australia they were actually looking for a rumoured continent that existed at the South Pole. We call this continent Antarctica, and it is of course associate with an Atlantis theory. The “Gateway” to Antarctica is Harewood, Christchurch. At the entrance to the airport is a bridge support structure designed to look like a transparent pyramid framed in white. It is lit up in a shifting rainbow of colours at night. Where is the Land of Oz? Over The Rainbow!
It is a strange world we live in!


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