Stopping 5G: IMPORTANT! You have the Power!

Can 5G implementation be stopped? You have the power to fight!

This Email was sent out by Arthur Firstenberg and received via theConTrail and Source Point Experience:

With your help, stopping 5G is possible.

Information about signing the Appeal is provided at the end of this email.
The rollout of 5G is a planetary emergency. Technical standards for terrestrial and satellite 5G networks were released in June 2018. Commercial 5G networks are already in place in parts of Estonia, Finland and Qatar, and trials of 5G are underway in China and South Africa.
5G is radically different from previous generations of wireless technology:
· Instead of being on private property relatively far from where people live and work, 5G antennas will be on the sidewalk in front of every third or fifth house
· Instead of emitting hundreds of watts of microwave radiation, each 5G antenna on the sidewalk will emit beams with an effective power as high as tens of thousands of watts of millimeter wave radiation
· Instead of nature being protected, 20,000 5G satellites in low orbit will irradiate every square inch of the Earth
Stopping 5G will put large investments at risk. Governments are therefore unlikely to act without a strong, detailed, unequivocal, united statement led by scientists, doctors and environmental organizations. We are speaking for humanity and the Earth in demanding that the world’s governments take immediate, affirmative action to prevent imminent, serious and widespread harm.

The International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space is:
· An appeal to stop 5G addressed to world governments by scientists, doctors and organizations
· A legal document alleging injury to our planet and requesting an extraordinary remedy
· A fully referenced review of the problem, explaining exactly what 5G is, what it will do to humanity and ecosystems, and why

Please forward this email widely so that it reaches as many scientists,
doctors and environmental organizations as possible

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