Saturn, Satan and Stargates

What’s the Elite fascination with Saturn all about? Why is Saturn connected to Satan? Is it all just some esoteric mumbo-jumbo, or should we be concerned about something? How does all this tie in with current events? What are we being prepared for?

by Martin Harris

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Before reading further, I suggest the reader familiarize themselves with this article first:

This and several other part-finished blogs of mine (some of them dormant for months!) will eventually all tie together, I promise you.

In the fantasy world of Star Wars, space travel is a matter of hopping aboard a spaceship and tripping around the galaxy at random in a matter of hours. The reality is much more difficult.

With our current (publicly acknowledged) technology, if NASA wants to send a probe on a journey through the Solar System, a vast number of complex calculations are involved. The launch has to be timed to coincide with the positions of each  of the planets to be visited, so that each is at it’s closest approach as the probe reaches it’s orbital path. If the trip is to Mars, then one wants Mars to be at it’s closest approach to Earth. If  one wants to further and visit more worlds, things become ever more complex. That’s for a one way trip, like the Voyager probes.Image result for voyager 2

Now let’s say our technology has advanced a little and we want to send people on a journey through the solar system. Presumably we’d be wanting them to get back to Earth, so this is a return journey. We’re going to need to get all the planets in the right place to get those astronauts home in the shortest possible time/distance. This could be a lengthy waiting game. Related imageWe might want to put these astronauts into suspended animation for months or even years before waking them for the return to Earth.

Let’s step things up to interstellar travel: Getting from one solar system to another. For this to be at all practical, we’re going to need a “short cut”. Let’s say we have the technology to create stable “wormholes”. Of course we can’t just stick this any old place. Put it within the orbital path of a planet and you’d cause havoc!

So we place our “stargate” in a location known as a Langrange point: a neutral point between the orbital paths of planets. An ideal location within our own system might be between Jupiter and Saturn. Once one has emerged through this stargate, we’re back to “normal” modes of space travel, so we still need to do everything according to timing and careful calculations. Take a look at the illustration of Langrange points below. If the reader is at all familiar with sacred geometry or esoteric/Illuminist symbolism, there’s plenty to arouse your interest here: Plenty of sixes and triangles, and who feels a desire to “complete” this picture  as a full hexagon?Image result for lagrange points between saturn and jupiter

Let’s look at a realistic example from science fiction: Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey. A movie short on words and explicit narrative. Kubrick shows us with pure imagery all the interplanetary and interstellar comings and goings taking place in accordance with planetary alignments. None of it is random. In this movie, the stargate (and it is named as such in Clarke’s novelization) is a huge monolith drifting in the region of Jupiter. Related image

In the screenplay as written by Arthur C Clarke, the location was Saturn. The reason stated for the change is that the special effects crew had difficulty portraying Saturn’s rings convincingly. It hardly matters. the point is made: the stargate and the planets must be in alignment for the interstellar voyage to take place. Timing is everything. Is this just science fiction, or where Kubrick and Clarke relaying some inside knowledge? Image result for tipler cylinder

Perhaps what we need is Tipler Cylinder. The thing with a Tipler Cylinder stargate is that it is not just a portal through space, but also through time. The possibilities are endless.

Here’s a hypothetical scenario. Scientists with access to a stargate visit a planet at a stage where life is well developed. They pick a certain “promising” target species and give them a little “boost” just to see what will happen. They then return to their own time and space. They return periodically to check on progress. Thousands or even millions of years pass for the target species, but it’s only a matter of a few years for these experimenters. From the target’s perspective, their visitors might appear to be immortal. Between visits, myths, legends and religions might flourish about these awesome visitations from above.

Let’s develop this further. There would presumably be strict rules employed by these scientists about meddling in time and space. The potential for chaos is obviously huge. Mind bogglingly huge. Remember these are not omnipotent beings, despite how they may appear to their ‘test subjects’. They might have protocols to follow if things get out of hand with their experiments. They may even have to terminate an experiment.

There might be criminals among them, or factions with different ideas about what is “right” or “wrong”. There might be a preset destination within the stargate where transgressors of law could be sent. Just as in our culture, sentences would be dished out according to the crime. One would imagine illegal interference in a developing culture, let’s say giving them certain attributes or knowledge or altering their DNA in certain ways, would carry strong penalties. Imagine if someone found a way to activate this stargate and unlock a prison? What might they unleash?

So far, there is every chance that there is much familiar about this scenario. The subject of fictional books, movies, and allegedly factual accounts, and of course religious texts dating back as far as the oldest writings. The “test species” are of course, us: Homo Sapiens. Depending on your beliefs, the “scientists” are extraterrestrials, angels and demons, or non-existent works of fiction and imagination.Related image

There is another possibility occasionally discussed: We are not talking about visitors from a distant point in space at all, but just a different time. The scientists are in fact from right here on Earth in our future. “They” could be “us” from one of many possible futures. Which starts to get messy in terms of screwing around with one’s own past and the possible repercussions! Let’s clarify matters:

A Tipler Cylinder can theoretically take you from a start point in 2018, to a time in the past of your choosing, say 1918. The good part is that unlike other theoretical time travel journeys you can return to your own time. If however you interacted with anyone or anything in 1918, you might find 2018 has changed. Mandela Effect? What you cannot do, however, is go from 2018 forwards to 2030. So for example, Donald Trump could not travel to the future and foresee Hillary running for president. However, his grown son could travel back in time and warn his father about such things, then return to his own time and see the changes. He could make multiple return trips in fact, changing outcomes in his own time with each time trip.

In order for any of this to take place, someone has to have created a time travel device to begin with.

This is the scenario I believe to the most plausible:

A long time ago, some advanced race, way more advanced than where we are now, created a time machine, not by building a Tipler machine from scratch, but by modifying a planet within our Solar System to perform a similar function. The knowledge of the existence of this “time portal within a planet” device may have been handed down through a select group of “initiates” through millennia; Elite bloodlines. They would relay the secret through signs and symbols.

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The creators of this time machine were from right here on Earth but were not human.

They do however wish us to think they are extraterrestrials. WHY?

Image result for saturn chronos godSaturn is also Chronos; God of time. No doubt the reader has already made the mental connection.

Is Saturn a time machine? If so, who built it, and will they return? If they do return, will they want to help us, enslave us, wipe us out as a failed experiment?

Perhaps through their Earthly Elite puppets they are already at work without even being physically present?


More to follow soon!

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Martin Harris

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