Wrestling With Saturn

El-ohim. El-ite. Isra-El… Who is “El”?

By Martin Harris


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While most translations regard El as “God”, there is considerable debate as to whether El and YHWH are one and the same. Much confusion arises from the fact that the text of Genesis is composed from two sources. One refers to God as “Yahweh” and the other refers to “Elohim”. To make matters more confusing, “Elohim/Yahweh” seems to hold conversations with himself! A basic understanding of Classical Hebrew helps clarify matters somewhat. The suffix “-im” is a plural. It means literally “The Offspring  (children) of El”. For some reason, scholars will jump hoops to re-interpret this plural to refer to a singular deity, even in spite of the Elohim of Genesis speaking among themselves in the plural! What are they attempting to hide?

In fact the singular “El” applies to a considerable number of ancient deities, including, rather chillingly, the vile Molech. A bull headed and horned deity to whom devotees sacrificed their firstborn children in a most gruesome manner.

Most tellingly, however, is the Greek equivalent of El. He is Cronus, the god of time. His symbol is a bull. He was said to have devoured his children, and he is also known to the Romans as Saturn! Viewed from Earth by ancient astronomer-priests, Saturn appeared to be a ball of light either horned or seated within a crescent. The Greeks were neither the only nor the first to clearly associate El with Saturn. Even as far back as Babylon and Sumer, depictions of winged and horned discs, usually interpreted as “solar discs”, make far more sense when interpreted as Saturn. Since deities are often depicted emerging from these winged discs (or more correctly, globes), it seems logical to suggest that these deities are “Elohim”: The offspring of Saturn. If these deities emerged from Saturn, then perhaps ancient observers witnessed their return to the sky and saw them “devoured” by Saturn, apparently never to return?

While Saturn was associated with horned bovines and winged discs, his “offspring” the Elohim or “Watchers” were associated with birds and serpents, as previously discussed.

And so we come back to the concept of Saturn being a “portal” or possibly, a time travel device. Observant readers may have noticed a problem with this developing theory: The Saturn time machine, if obeying the Tipler Cylinder rules, could only allow for backward time travel and return to the starting point. This issue isn’t insurmountable. Dinosauroids could have created the device in the distant past, put themselves in suspended animation for millions of years, then made numerous time trips from a start point in our future. Getting a bit messy and convoluted? Time to re-examine the Genesis accounts and see what we are informed about these “Sons Of El” and their interactions with humanity and we can clarify the scenario.Related image

NOTE: The reader should be aware that Genesis is by no means original. It seems most likely that much of the first few chapters of Genesis are at least partially the result of cultural appropriation from Babylon during the Exile period, and can be traced all the way back to Sumer and Cuneiform tablets. However, it is Genesis and the associated Apocrypha that best suit our purposes here and the text with which most readers will be familiar.

In my youth I was always fascinated with a cryptic passage from Genesis:

“There were giants in the Earth in those days, and also after that, when the Sons Of God came in unto the daughters of men…”.

Related imageMany years later I read the research of Andrew Collins (From The Ashes Of Angels) and thus discovered that the back-story to this passage could be found within three apocryphal texts: The Book Of Noah, the Book Of Giants, and the Book Of Enoch. In these works, angels, referred to as “Watchers” and clearly the “Sons Of God” (Elohim), are depicted as corporeal beings coming down from Heaven (which also seems to have a physical form and location) and interacting in a very physical way with human beings. No wonder this material was excluded from the Bible canon!

Image result for shemyaza historyThe text known as 1Enoch tells of time when humanity was still living a primitive Hunter-gatherer lifestyle. 200 Watchers left their heavenly abode to mingle among these people, and ostensibly assist them, teaching them various skills of settlement and civilization. Then things began to get a little suspicious when they taught human females “the art of beautification” and cosmetics, and how to abort an unwanted pregnancy. These watchers then engage in sexual relations with “the daughters of men”. In other words, the ulterior motive of these beings was sexual grooming and predation. It Image result for shemyaza historyalso becomes clear, as the story progresses, that these 200 Watchers (note the majority of watcher’s names end with the -El suffix) have broken the ethics and laws of their own culture, and that the consequences are horrific: The resultant offspring of this mingling of races are the “giants” of the Genesis tale: The Nephilim. Amoral monsters who terrorise the Earth. As for the offending group of rebel watchers, they are incarcerated in heaven’s prisons (Hell or Hades having not emerged as a concept yet). The leader of the watcher rebels, named Shemyaza, is said to have been bound and suspended upside down over The Abyss for all eternity. He is thus connected with the constellation we know as Orion. His punishment is famously depicted in a Rosslyn Chapel sculpture.

What is the truth behind this strange and disturbing tale? Could “Heaven” and “Hell” be Saturn? Perhaps the “Abyss” is the eye of the hexagonal polar storm that everyone is so obsessed with? The image below isn’t a painting: This an actual photographic image! Looks like a hellish abyss to me!

The method by which “Heaven” is reached sounds like a cosmic voyage, either a literal space journey, or more likely, a Shamanic “astral journey”. In that respect, it is interesting to note that the famous CIA “Remote Viewing” project was at one point codenamed Stargate. (be sure to check out the link; this is the actual CIA documentation)

Related image[ . . . he mounted up in the air] 41ike strong winds, and flew with his hands like ea[gles . . . he left behind] 5the inhabited world and passed over Desolation, the great desert [ . . . ] 6and Enoch saw him and hailed him, and Mahway said to him [ . . . ] 7hither and thither a second time to Mahway [ . . . The Giants away 8your words, and all the monsters of the earth. If [ . . . ] has been carried [ . . . ] 9from the days of [ . . . ] their [ . . . ] and they will be added [ . . . ] 10[ . . . ] we would know from you their meaning [ . . . ] 11[ . . . two hundred tr]ees that from heaven [came down . . . ] (Source)

The “200 trees that from Heaven came down” are clearly the Watchers (here interpreted from a Nephilim’s prophetic dream-vision).

So where are these Watcher/Elohim now?

The closer we get to present time, the less corporeal and the more ethereal they become, as if they were no longer physically present, yet they still exist in some sense. Let’s go back to a comparison I previously made about the Human vs. Dinosaurian timescales.

Within a 5 million year timeframe, we have developed from yabbering monkeys throwing dung at each other, to yabbering monkeys launching ICBMs at each other. We are now poised on the brink of merging with our own machinery. Enough data is being gathered on every individual in the Western World to create a holographic replica of ourselves and download our minds into it, as depicted on movies such as Avatar and The Matrix. If we continue down the current technological path, some may choose to leave their physical  bodies altogether. Imagine what a Dinosaurid race could achieve with 145 million years of development? (please note that I am one of those who believe physical death brings immortality via an eternal afterlife!).

“As Cassini attempted to peer into Saturn’s interior, it uncovered a strange gravitational anomaly that made it tricky for the team to definitively pin a mass on the rings.”
“There’s something very strange about Saturn’s interior that nobody seems to understand very well,”

-Nadia Drake, National Geographic

Related imageSuddenly the idea of a cosmic “prison” where one is incarcerated for an eternity seems a little less like religious embroidery and more like a distinct possibility. Look again at that intriguing hexagonal vortex on Saturn and all the El-ite and Illuminist symbolism that surrounds this fascinating planet. Is this where the Watchers were imprisoned and are there still?

Think about Earthly prisons. Even though prisoners may be carrying out life sentences on the inside, they still have connections on the outside, especially if they are gang members. They can find ways to get both information and commodities in and out. Drugs, pornography, “dirt” on one’s opponents and so on. Maybe they get something as handy as a cellphone (Cell-phone?!) smuggled in. A gang leader on the inside can still run the show from his cell.

Related imageCompare the image at left (Eternity symbol) to the Saturn Vortex image earlier in the blog: Imagine Shemyaza and co. in a kind of “Phantom Zone”, either in a capsule in the physical sense, where days inside might amount to centuries outside, or perhaps more in keeping with religious texts they have become disembodied entities? Shemyaza’s bonds and “upside down” imprisonment referring to his spiritual or interdimensional imprisonment, trapped within lower frequencies or spiritual planes. Now in keeping with our earthly prison analogy, the watchers might have associates on the outside, back on planet Earth. A loyal El-ite group of humans transmitting “bloodlines” and secret knowledge across the centuries. What would these El-ites gain from contact with such entities?

What would any El-itist want? Power over their fellow humans gained through foreknowledge. The ability to know the future and take advantage of this knowledge; even change the course of destiny! such information might only be disseminated in dribs and drabs: Scraps from the table to keep the dogs obedient and hungry. Don’t give them full omniscience, just a taste!

But, we established that our time machine only works backwards in time, and our hypothetical prisoners are “imprisoned for eternity” unable to go anywhere. So, how could they see the future to pass on such knowledge? This is where threads begin to weave together!

There is scientific theory, recently revived, that there are “mirror universes“. They travel in opposite directions, timewise.

Related imageI won’t bore the reader with the details, check it out for yourself if you want to explore in-depth. What matters here is the concept of parallel-but-reverse time streams. Now imagine being imprisoned in a place between the two: a no-mans-land where time and space are static (“eternity”; The Abyss). A Phantom Zone. From this eternal present, a prisoner can witness all of time, both past and future, but not interact with it. An image that springs to mind is the god Janus, who can see backwards and forwards simultaneously.

Now imagine if time is not linear, but cyclic. From Big Bang to Singularity then reversing back in on itself and starting again. from the viewpoint of an Eternal Present, it might look like this:Related imageImage result for serpent swallowing tail time symbol

(I suspect many an awakened reader will be muttering about CERN and matter/antimatter at this point. I’m sure many of you have seen videos or read articles in the Altmedia about the LHC unleashing Hell and opening interdimensional portals.)

Image result for serpent swallowing tail time symbolNow, lets “throw a cellphone over the prison wall”. Now we have a connection to the time continuum and we can “chuck cellphones” (metaphorically speaking) to El-ite cronies as they pass by on their journey through time. From a prisoner’s POV in the Eternal Present, he can contact a First Century Warlord, a Babylonian Astronomer Priest, or an Armani-suited 21st century politician. To these characters it would be like communicating with an immortal deity. However, because the planets are in constant motion, this might only happen when there is good reception. El-ites would have knowledge passed through the generations about certain planetary conjunctions and alignments which are fortuitous for contact with their masters in Saturn. (more on this in the next blog).

What form might such a communication device take? Here’s the serpent trapped in eternity. There’s the famous Illuminati prism, and the Great Eye of El peering back at you:

Make no mistake, that “eye of God” is El: Saturn, the Eye In The Sky!

Related imageRelated image





Those rings that make Saturn look like an eye. One would imagine they’ve been a feature of this planet since the formation of the Solar system? Perhaps not!

“Saturn’s rings are among the most eye-catching sights in the solar system—and yet they haven’t always been there. A new analysis suggests the planet’s majestic bangles might be so young that if dinosaurs looked up, they could have witnessed an otherwise plain, straw-colored Saturn putting a ring on itself—one that would have been briefly enormous.
“Even with the unaided eye, Saturn would be as bright as Venus and would be noticeably elongated,” says Matija Cuk of the SETI Institute. “If the dinosaurs had birdlike vision, they would definitely be able to see it. Not clear they would care, though.” SOURCE

If our hypothetical Dinosaurian civilization existed, they might have been responsible for engineering the ring formation. This might have been the moment they transformed Saturn, when the Great Eye first blazed brightly.

Related image

                                                                        “If you like it, put a ring on it”

Related image

So if the Elite bloodlines gain power through foreknowledge from communication with the Saturnian Saurians, what do the incarcerated incorporeal entities gain in return? This is where things get very disturbing. More soon…

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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