Drones Close Down Gatwick Airport: Military Called In!

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This is a real concern. These are pretty big drones we’re talking about, and they’ve now been buzzing Gatwick airport for several days, as the following report indicates:

Mysterious drones near UK’s Gatwick Airport have shut down runways for almost 24 hours

The army has been called in to help with the situation as tens of thousands of holiday travelers remain stranded.

The UK’s Gatwick Airport is in total chaos due to mysterious, unexplained drones that keep flying near the airport, leaving planes grounded for nearly 24 hours and tens of thousands of travelers stranded.

The drone sightings began Wednesday around 9 pm local time in Sussex, where the airport is located. Two drones were spotted flying near the runway, and flights were immediately suspended. The airport tried to reopen briefly around 3 am, Britain’s Guardian newspaper reports, but was promptly shut down again just 45 minutes later after another drone sighting. A drone was spotted yet again around midday on Thursday, and the airport has remained closed.

The drones seem to reappear each time the airport tries to reopen, according to a reporter with Britain’s Sky News who is at the scene.

So far, 657 out of 760 scheduled flights have been canceled, the Guardian reports. Gatwick expects the chaos to continue into tomorrow and has begun advising passengers not to come to the airport. Britain’s army has now been called in to help and is deploying “specialist equipment” to deal with the situation, according to the UK Ministry of Defence.

As of now, though, there appears to be no end in sight to the travel nightmare afflicting tens of thousands.

This is the exact kind of chaos and disruption drone security experts have been warning about for years …Read More

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Martin comments:

Clearly, there is more going on here than a few teenagers with a hobby drone. I’d guess someone is testing the waters for something bigger. “Chaos and disruption”? How about delivery of biological weapons? Small explosives? We all know that drones have been utilised as non-lethal weapons platforms incuding sonic and subsonic population control, voice-to-skull and EMF mind control. The apparent inability of security forces to deal with these “nuisance” drones is deeply concerning, but hardly surprising. And since these drones are “unidentified” they are technically UFOs! Project Blue Beam? Nothing would surprise me these days… 


Published on Dec 20, 2018

Martin Harris

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