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House Door 2020

Is The House door coming down? G Squared points to a light on the horizon: 2020 is coming!

Nancy Pants has indirectly asked Trump not to deliver his State of The Union on 29/1/2019, suggesting he can send The House a written version. She is concerned for his security. She also suggested that The House would take an eleven day holiday about that time. She knows that if The President has The Clerk knock on The House Door and it is not immediately opened, that door comes down. LONG, LONG WESTMINSTER AND CONSTITUTIONAL HISTORY. The Monarch or President (US) is entitled to see what they are doing and plotting in the space he or she has allocated to them.

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As she has announced a security issue, expect The Marine Corps to hit the building and turn it upside down. All rooms, all handbags, all drawers, all pockets, all locked cabinets smashed open, and all scanned as they enter The Chamber that has received the full treatment. A thousand troops in the building should protect his RIGHT. Further if he is concerned for anything, he can extend his current hidden State of Emergency and shut Congress until further notice.

On his first address; she had all the loons refuse to stand. On the second she had them wear white.

Instead of lifting her to gavel toy time, he should have had The GOP cross and lift Sandy Clueless or one of the other twits. NP also advised that The Dems did not care if The Fed Govnt. reopened. Because The House and all its parasites  (excluding sitting GOP members and staff; paid as I detail below) are being paid through remunerations funded by Dem state controlled governments.

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NP’s humble abode had Laura Loomer jump her fence and establish a caravan sanctuary.

The digilalaland photos of Obama’s humble abode in Washington, are from prior to his buying it.

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There are now SEVEN walls around the estate, two guard houses and the street is blocked for one thousand yards on either side. His neighbours are not amused. Property values are not existent since he moved there. And all paid for by The US Taxpayer; to whom he was their worst enemy.

Trump has replaced Pruitt with Wheeler at The EPA, to DEREGULATE. Specifically he is an entrepreneur and not a public servant. And specifically the flaw determined by the ideologically brain numbed, left of the aisle.

Many US government departments and agencies have regulated the nation to a standstill. Based on nothing more than ‘Expertised’ rigorous and impeccably cited stupidities.

Indeed I was once a professional student and even believed in all things government. A most tragic phase of my life. I was captured by the theatre. I have since realized my wrongs, repented, sought forgiveness to re-enter the civilized rendition of the human race, have been reborn, and NO LONGER BELIEVE. The Dems have now publicly confirmed their culturally entrenched Racial, Sexual, Religious, and Ideological intolerance; NOT THE THEORIZED REVERSE. They are intolerant to anything that offends their insane mental construct. If the herds are not repeatedly shown, they cannot comprehend.

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The lost Totalitsrian (better suited as an EU Commissioner, but his handlers need him in The US) Sanders postured that HRC lost in 2016, because she was not sufficiently a Socialist and holding those admirable ideological morals. She was actually once a Republican until she had a conversion on the road to Washington.

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Returning to our Sanders character; he is mooting a run for the grand prize on 3/11/2020. He is of course wasting his flatulence. But the parasitic involuntary gastro spasm to come, is his potential running mate. [Health Warning: Insert butt plugs] it’s AOC (Sandy Clueless). Who is actually squealing that she will be the one to unseat Trump in 2020; if she doesn’t impeach him beforehand.

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So The Dems positioned a CIA mental institute liar into The Kavanaugh Hearing. Stupidity on a grand orchestrated style. A vote controlling section of the deep thinking and moral Feminese lost in space, sucked it in. The result was variously; fraud assisted (admitted in California); positioning of insane FemDems temporarily (some need to repeatedly be shown and suffer the same self-caused socio-economic harms, over and over again) occupying The House.

From what has been predictably witnessed, the current FemDem toxic infestation cannot pass 2020, even as an ongoing joke. Are the screechings and incoherencies of; Sandy Clueless, Head Bandage Omar, Cave Dweller Tlaib, et al; going to suddenly develop sane mental abilities over the next two years. Is even Nancy Pants going to be able to civilize them. They haven’t quite yet left the trees.

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It’s not just House Rules adjusted for in- your -face, theatric only, head dress. It’s new Muslim friendly toilets, only approved staff in the area and in attendance, it’s kitchen restructuring and petitioning with approved Islamic suppliers and kitchen staff, new approved cuttlery, crockery, and glassware, pretense prayer time leave, the hiring of all friends and relatives, an approved open door immigration policy for friends and relatives, the paymasters’ requirements from contractors (believed normal), non-transparency and unaccountability to new levels, protected by screeches of; racism, anti-discrimination, religious and cultural intolerance, the ubiquitous sex card, the endless religious leaves (Christian Holy Days becoming the stupidity of ‘Happy Holidays’. You know the morons when they send that), and on and on; as fast as they can invent them.

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‘Multicultural Toilets’ For ‘Global Defecation’ Seek To Stop Migrants Pooping On The Floor

The US OWES THEM. And of course they all have essential needs. Sandy Clueless needs to accomodate her yoga cheek flex arse classes in her hectic schedule of being a pivotal lawmaker. So Congress will need to bend to this. If one has holidays; the others must also. Now Nancy Pants has to hold The House together and block GOP voting while pushing FemDem insanity, as she balaces the floor voting.

She currently has draft bills to impeach Trump (no real articles). The Clueless One’s unfunded economy busting ‘Green New Deal’ (to be funded by a throw away, 70% tax on the ‘super wealthy’ (those with more than ten million dollars), and one (again The Clueless) to abolish ICE (ie NO BORDER IMMIGRATION OR CUSTOMS BARRIER beyond local police forces. And on and on. And it isn’t even the best.

The totally clueless with blocked, compromised, and incapable learning curves will be occupying and controlling all House Committees and starting a flood of new ones, and obstructing Senate Hearings (As witnessed on the first day of The Kavanaugh Hearing.)

The ability for intolerable stenches to arise over the next two years needing an urgent flush, derived from the most pressing need for an industrial sized evacuation; should co-ordinate on 3/11/2020.

I will endeavour control and a partially comatose state until that time. Trump is still unable to display what he is doing. The public image is a controlled but confusing foreign policy, an enhanced economy confronted by The Usual Suspects pushing down markets, and structured obsessions with Russian Collusion and A Border Wall.

He needs a continuum in The New Era after 2020 or the slide will re-emerge.

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Trump quietly backed out of NATO. Their horrendous genocidal War Crimes will eventually surface concerning Ukraine and The Balkans in particular. The history of The US is sufficiently bad in its own right. To be further partnered with NATO when that explodes is akin to The US being a partner in The NAZI Holocaust; WHICH IT WAS.

The next two years of FemDem driven Congressional Committees are going to be the stuff of unpackaged, enhanced lunacy. Pence rides shotgun in The Senate as; Grassley, McConnell, and Hatch try to prevent idiotic RINO formations.

Lindsey Graham; once a Dem protected RINO species under his jointly blackmailed handler Traitor Songbird McCain III; is now being vilified as gay by the great liberal thinkers, packaged left of the aisle. But not his Republican cohorts.

He has been treated far better by his Conservative colleagues, than his Dem Ideologues; happy for his dysfunctional and unrepesentative vote, but subjected to Dem realities rather than theories.

Graham led by script; pivotal issues in The Senate Judiciary Committee Dem Farce Hearings of Kavanaugh’s Confirmation, with regard to the legality of executive expanded Military Law. Not that there was any issue concerning Trump working under the radar to save The US from itself. Which he is doing. As the big thinkers are focussed on The Russian Delusion and cute theories of The Southern Invasion.

Graham; for the sake of gesture only; has spoken against Trump drawing down in Syria. He is expressing the wind of his former MIC paymasters. Noises from a  prior self-entrapped, hold no water beyond the lunatic fringes; as Trump reverses the decades of incessant US warring culture.

It is not The MIC alone ventilating the reduction in the economy busting military machine; but the further unseen real agenda of The Usual Suspects, looting all, pilfering natural resources under the protection of The US Government paid US Military, together with the regime change to bought puppets feigning democracy as they variously enslave their people. An exact scenario repeated some one hundred times by The US since it LOST WWII.

The Enemies are holed up.

They can’t directly communicate.

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Vide: Abedin slipping a memory chip into Graham’s left coat pocket at the GHWB send off. Observed by Mattis and Kelly. And directly signalled by Kelly to Graham, who later handed the chip to Kelly.

G Squared
G Squared

Interociter Exeter

I hope G Squared will forgive all the 2020 themed links I’ve embedded throughout his article, but it will be such a pivotal year on so many levels that It seemed opportune to draw attention to this fact. As to the year underway, it appears increasingly apparent that, G puts it “the enemy is holed up”. Watch this space…!

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