Game Over: Mueller Packing His Crap As The AOC Donkey Brays!

Mueller and his crew of rabid Dem dysfunctionals are packing their crap, clearing offices and moving out. Game over. After some two years, over $100 million WASTED (his financial reports are amateur accounting deceptions, as you would expect from such a circus; NOTHING has been found tying Trump to any election fraud with Russia in tow.

By G Squared, 7/3/19
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Barr is to announce the game change in a few days. The reason Naydler; who has now debased The House Judiciary  Committee, was pressing Whittaker, in his idiotic questioning, to undertake the protection of Mueller. It was neither Whittaker’s call, nor something he could guarantee for Barr. But of course The Donkey Party is consumed by, “The Theatre Of Fools For Fools.”

What is now required is for Barr to investigate Mueller. There has been blatant evidence destruction, fake evidence creation, false testimony, threats against targets and witnesses, evidence tampering, and obstruction of justice. And hidden proof of Dem Collusion with Russia.

Remember; WJC was impeached (House passed file left on Senate Table without a vote) for Obstruction of Justice. Not for cavorting with a braindead bimbo Lewinsky.

Between Mueller, Deep State, Fake News, Dem Congress and its ridiculous Committees, and lunatic Totalitarian Agendas, The US determined socio-economic suicide is gaining terminal traction and velocity.

Mueller and his cohorts need to see the other side of the courtroom. Play it out for the punters. We don’t need a swift court martial (although he qualifies. A couple of Uranium deals will do. Including Mueller stealing it from a Russian state. As I previously detailed).

There need to be some reverse ‘investigations’ targeting Dems. They now have AOC as the lead voice and face of The Donkey Party. Monumental material there. Her first two months in Congress are legend.

She took a camera crew searching for McConnell’s office for a childish social media stunt. Having nothing to do. She should start by attempting to read large print books. She was in the wrong building, and no longer has unfettered access to GOP office areas. She’s approaching the stage of needing a keeper. Totally nuts.

She is comparable to other jokes that were perpetrated onto legislatures; Ilona Stoller in Italy, Yulia Tymoshenko in Ukraine and many others. May in The UK is not far behind. Her Brexit fiasco is monumental stupidity. She negotiated with a bankrupt EU on what THEY wanted. Then asked Remain Parliament, after a Referendum, for approval.

Sanders drivelled about his Presidential agenda. Standard unworkable, unfundable theories. Harris, Warren, and Booker have continued to embarrass themselves with their baggage trails. Pelosi has been booed off yet again.

RBG is performing as ‘Weekend at Bernie’s’. Wait for it; She’s holding out to hand her seat to HRC. Tell me we are not dealing with nutcases here; top to bottom. This is The Great Gynocracy the Fem loons have been tutoring for years. GOOD LUCK. Switch the lights off when you’ve finished Greenham Common Mark II.

2020 seems a century away for The Donkey Party.

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The Dems are now having closed door sessions with The Mental One. It gets angry, storms out, and will not even listen. It believes it was genuinly elected and to put forward its insanities. It has no comprehension of an election requiring a person to represent their constituents. I have written about her disappearing and having no contact with her constituents.

Anything resembling difficult, she runs away. And Harris sees this as capable of debate with Pence. The  Donkeys have now banned FOX from moderating in debates. Good Luck with that. Reality is such a bitch.

Meanwhile back in the real world:

North Korea and Iran (currently off cycle) are diversions as the fool Mueller. He was going to reverse the 8/11/2016 decision. No Idea.

AOC recently went ape (I know) when she and her cohorts voted, yet again against Pelosi (the promised team player) concerning ICE being a determinant in firearm purchases. Aliens would roll up to the local gunshop produce phoney California issued identification and buy weapons.

So at the next mass shooting; there would be more screehes to ban firearms. Objections would be racist and Conspiracy Theories. Amazingly The Donkeys; excluding The FemDem Retard League were able to momentarily grasp some reality. They actually thought it a gun control measure, along their agenda. There is no connection between ICE checks and US Citizens.

Dem imperatives have become:

-Destroying The Electoral College (Colorado),

Legalizing Infanticide (New York),

-Attempting to open borders, and destroy US sovereignty.

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They blame The Electoral College for 8/11/2016. But The EC SAVED The US at that time, by The Writers of The Constitution predicting to prevent what was to have been frauded by The Dems.

Q/T is working through with the retake of The US Currency and the destruction of The Fed-IRS: the international Central Bank System including The IMF, BIS and WB frauds.

A massive international financial and fake tension war is underway: The International Bank Wars. Initiated from The International Intel Wars, ongoing for over a decade.

These are the focuses and realities. Not the MSM, AltMedia, and SM invented, obsessions, fixations, and imperatives.

G Squared

G Squared

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Martin Harris

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