Rolleston people, are you aware of the risks of toxic dust dispersal from your local 1080 poison factory?

Thanks to Pam Vernon and Rose for alerting us to this. Yes, 1080 is being manufactured locally, Kiwis! Take note of the potential risks, regardless of whether you agree with it’s usage or not (I say “not”, but make your own informed decisions!) MH

Alan Gurden has filmed this factory in Rolleston in the South Island that manufactures 1080 baits. These are a Class 1A Ecotoxin with no known antidote. Air vents in the roof it’s been noted by neighbouring workers, emit dust into the atmosphere. These staff when interviewed were shocked and had no idea what was being manufactured in such close proximity to them. The question asked is how were the consents granted without neighbouring businesses knowing about it?

As Alan suggests, get in touch with your local Council and ask some pertinent questions. You should familiarize yourself with safety precautions in the event of a fire & in the event of dust blowing out of the air vents.

For more info on the manufacturers of 1080 around NZ go here. 
For articles relating to the regulations around 1080 storage hazards go here.
Know also that 1080 manufacture is big business.
(Note the Pest Control Research sign has been removed from the building).



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