May’s Out, Who’s Up Next? Will Boris Botch Brexit?

As May retreats in tears after repeated Brexit “launch failures”, it seems the odds, (and “odd”is the operative word here) favour Boris Johnson as the next PM. I truly fear for the future of Britain. Truly, deeply. MH

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Boris Johnson is frontrunner for PM but he’ll face the same Brexit nightmare

London (CNN)After months of speculation, attempts to oust her and parliamentary defeats, the fate of Theresa May is finally sealed. But although there is clarity about her political career — now she has announced she will resign on June 7 and set the timetable to elect a new Prime Minister — the future of the Conservative Party, the government and the UK is far from clear. All of this hinges now on who will be elected as May’s successor and that person’s position on Brexit…READ MORE

..well, you could “read more” or I could simply show you:

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Dignified Elder Statesman Boris Johnson. A truly inspirational figure, or something…

And you thought NZ PM Ardern was the first with culturally appropriate headgear?

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The master of Cultural sensitivity
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Be afraid. Be very afraid…

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