Vladimir Putin has trumpeted the growth of national populist movements in Europe and America, crowing that liberalism is spent as an ideological force. Lionel Barber, Henry Foy and Alex BarkerFinancial TimesThu, 27 Jun 2019 19:41 UTC In an FT interview in the Kremlin on the eve of the G20 summit […]

So much for the 2030 Agenda sustainability fib. Is the UN trying to help people or finish them off? Or does the blame lie solely with the Saudi coalition?MH Published: June 28, 2019 Source: Geopolitics Alert (GPA) — Since 2015, Yemen’s Customs and Consumer Protection has had to either send back or […]

China’s military-industrial surveillance web spreads around the world. Communications giant Huawei, despite official denials, is a key component. Once again,Trump shows himself to be a smart player by blocking their ability to operate in the US. MH Published: June 27, 2019 From Blacklistednews Projects included work for the Central Military […]

Now a month old, the footage of an Algerian teenager catching a 2 year old plunging from a balcony has now gone viral in the space of a couple of days. But subtle details are changing in the retelling. The original story, quite detailed, appears in the Daily Sabbah: https://www.dailysabah.com/istanbul/2019/06/26/algerian-youngster-saves-syrian-toddler-falling-from-2nd-floor-window-in-istanbuls-fatih […]

Iran will never pursue a nuclear weapon, its foreign minister has claimed, saying Islam prevented the country from doing so. Patrick Wintour – The Guardian June 26, 2019 Iran has previously said it is ideologically opposed to acquiring nuclear weapons and seeks nuclear power only for civilian purposes. But in […]

David Icke dodges the YT censorship bullets to bring some honest opinion and discernment to the brewing US-Iran conflict. War With Iran – The Elephant In The Living Room David Icke Published on Jun 26, 2019 Our Youtube Sponsor – Oxnylia – https://www.oxnylia.com To have David’s Dot Connector Videocast sent […]

Gender confusion in education: Our kids need stability and certainty for their mental health. Socialist agendas are harming young minds! MH The following story has its source in an application filed before the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario by Jason and Pamela Buffone, on behalf of their daughter “N,” against […]

Guaranteed to make Ancient Technology buffs smile! Story says the ancient Egyptians used wooden rollers and sleds. Maybe with a “small” sphinx. But it wouldn’t explain how the Giza Pyramids were built! I’m guessing this story will have the spirit of Imhotep will chuckling from his abode in the Duat! […]

Yet more confirmation of Mainstream Media collusion with government intelligence agencies: June 23, 2019 Thomas Scripps – WSWS June 22, 2019 Minutes of Ministry of Defence (MoD) meetings have confirmed the role of Britain’s Guardian newspaper as a mouthpiece for the intelligence agencies. Last week, independent journalist Matt Kennard revealed […]

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