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Obama Says He’s Worried About ‘Fake’ Videos of Him Surfacing


Oh, the irony! Now who’s the paranoid conspiracy loony, Barack? MH

Obama Says He’s Worried About ‘Fake’ Videos of Him Surfacing

Date: June 4, 2019

Author: Nwo Report

Barack Obama says he's scared of doctored videos of himself saying horrible things being released in the future

Barack Obama says he is worried about “deepfake” videos surfacing in which he says or does things he has never done.

Obama told an Ottawa audience Friday evening that he has seen fake videos bearing his likeness, powered by artificial intelligence.

“People can duplicate me speaking and saying anything. And it sounds like me and it looks like I’m saying it — and it’s a complete fabrication,” Obama warned.

Huffingtonpost.ca reports: He explained part of the problem is because the human brain hasn’t adapted quickly enough to process the onslaught of information readily available to them on multiple platforms, and A.I. is only going to make things worse. Especially for democracies, he said.

“The marketplace of ideas that is the basis of our democratic practice has difficulty working if we don’t have some common baseline of what’s true and what’s not.”

“Deepfake” technology uses machine-learning algorithms to analyze archives of video and audio recordings to create realistic impersonations.

Advancements in this area have caused concerns it could be used to mislead voters.

Thanks to the NWO Report

Martin comments: Actually, I don’t even know where to begin….!!

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