Artificial intelligence conquers world’s most complex poker game

Poker players beware: Check that opponent isn’t an android sitting at the table!

I guess maintaining a “poker face” wouldn’t be an issue either. And don’t even think about banning robot players if the SJW snowflakes get their way: Inclusivity and equal rights for artificial intelligences is no doubt “on the cards” (pun intended). MH

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Artificial intelligence conquers world’s most complex poker game

By Katie CameroJul. 12, 2019 , 12:40 PM

Imagine if it only took 8 days to master the most complex and challenging poker game in the world. That’s all it took Pluribus, a poker-playing artificial intelligence (AI), to defeat a four-time World Series of Poker champion and other elite professionals in a multiplayer Texas hold ‘em game, The New York Times reports. The AI learned the game by playing trillions of hands against itself and then examining each decision to see whether other moves may have been more successful. Pluribus could inspire more effective algorithms for Wall Street trading, political negotiations, and cybersecurity, researchers reported Thursday in Science, all of which involve cracking the code behind hidden information. That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for AI.


..and I might add, one giant leap for hacking and privacy concerns. MH

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“you can’t read my poker face, but my facial recognition technology can read yours, human!”

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