Ardern’s Aussie Trip: Breakdowns, “Squirming” and “Posturing”

NZ PM Jacinda Ardern’s Australian visit has made an impression, but perhaps not the one she was hoping for, at least if the MSM reports are anything to go by.

Martin Harris 22/7/19

First her Defense Force jet breaks down, necessitating a trip to Melbourne by commercial flight, then a second aircraft carrying journos fails to launch. To make matter worse, this is the latest in a long history of similar aircraft failures. Not a good look for NZ’s overseas image.

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Once on Australian soil, to meet with and lobby Australian PM Scott Morrison and his lawmakers on the issue of deportations of criminals, often with “with very little connection” to NZ, Ardern seems to have had little impact. Home Affairs Minister, Peter Dutton informed the Australian media there would be “no change” to the deportation situation.

Ardern's squirm

And what of Ardern’s famed poise and charisma? This too seems to have fallen flat in the media’s eyes. A short while ago, in the aftermath of the Christchurch Mosque attacks, Ardern seemed to have achieved the reverence more associated with religious figures than politicians, even in the eyes of Australian media. But now the shine seems to be fading. And with elections looming ever closer, news items like the following examples are something she could well do without:

Aussie news outlet slams rumours Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is in contention for Nobel Peace Prize

The thought of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern possibly being up for a Nobel Peace Prize does not sit well with at least some in the Australian media.

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And even her moral views have come into question regarding her views around deporting New Zealand-born criminals from Australia back to their country of birth, no matter how long they have lived across the Tasman.

Speaking to fellow broadcaster Sky News Australia host Peta Credlin, commentator Gemma Tognini said of the Kiwi PM: “It’s very, very cute for her to come to another country and morally posturise the way she has been.

“I don’t know if it were in reciprocal circumstances, whether it would be tolerated nor appreciated.”

Suggestions of any contention for the top award were discussed in the segment while the PM was in the country meeting her Australian counterpart, Scott Morrison…READ MORE

Lisa Wilkinson makes Jacinda Ardern squirm over Scott Morrison comments

The New Zealand PM is known for her composure at difficult times, but Lisa Wilkinson’s tough questions on the Sunday Project had her squirming.

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Jacinda Ardern appears to squirm under the heat on The Sunday Project. Picture: Channel 10Source:Channel 10

Jacinda Ardern might be one of the most popular prime ministers of all time, but that hasn’t stopped Lisa Wilkinson from asking the New Zealand PM the difficult questions.

Wilkinson wasted no time grilling the New Zealand PM on Sunday Project, declaring she would “probably get criticised” for doing so.

She tackled Ms Ardern’s criticism of Australia’s policy to deport New Zealand criminals.

The usually poised Ms Ardern appeared to squirm awkwardly and looked visibly uncomfortable as Wilkinson quizzed her in front of the camera.

“You’ve described Scott Morrison’s stance on deportations as ‘corrosive’,” Wilkinson started.

Ms Ardern interjected: “Oh look I think we should be fair the, the deportation policy has existed for a while and …”

Perhaps sensing her hesitation, Wilkinson chipped in, branding Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison “the architect” of the policy Ms Ardern described as “wrong” and “unjust” on Friday, following a meeting with the Australian PM.

“That is, that is correct,” Ms Ardern said. “When you are friends as we are, you can speak frankly with each other you know.”...READ MORE

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