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Woodstock and Weather Mod: 50 Years of Music and Chemtrails.

woodstock weather mod

“Make Mud, Not War”! Yes, it’s half a century since the US government made it rain on the Hippies.

by Martin Harris 16/8/19

Arguably the world’s greatest music and youth-culture festival. Peace, love and mind altering substances! Apparently the US military didn’t approve, and decided to test their cloud-seeding capabilities on the peaceniks, turning the festival into a mud bath and declaring it a “disaster zone”. But, thanks God the military were there to rescue those poor hippies, huh?

Yes, five years ago a segment of long lost Woodstock footage gave the game away. And as we celebrate the anniversary of the event that has come to symbolise the Summer Of Love, I thought it an opportune moment to re-introduce the video segment in question:

Chemtrails in movies III aka cloud seeding at Woodstock 1969

Interesting that all those years ago, a few of the many concert attendees were wise to what was going on!

Perhaps they were in on the secret Vietnam weather mod op called Project Popeye?

Image result for cloud seeding vietnam
Over Vietnam..and Woodstock!

The 54th Weather Reconnaissance Squadron carried out the operation using the slogan “make mud, not war.”

Image result for cloud seeding vietnam
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