Theatrics and the Impeachment Illusion

In 2014 the majority of The Scottish People voted in a referendum to remain in The UK. It was not a test vote for the minority represented by The SNP, to obstruct that mandatory decision by The People, and press for another Referendum in 2020, to see if the majority had changed their mind.

by G Squared 25/11/19

In 2016 the majority of The People in The UK voted for Brexit. It was not a vote for the minority fronted by the Labour, Lib-Dem, and SNP Parties, together with rogue Conservatives, Cross Bench  confections, and Deep State Slime, to obstruct that mandatory decision by The People.

On 8/11/2016 the majority of The People in The US voted for a President. It was not a vote for the minority Democratic Party, Inter-agency Committees, Deep State Slime, and their assorted media and judiciary cohorts to spend four years, incessantly attempting to unset that duly elected President. Thereby disenfranchising the majority GOP Voters.

State Dem Legislatures passing bills to determine who would be on their ballot paper was just now struck down by SCOTUS Roberts alone, determining that this act, initially in California, is against both State and Federal Constitutions.

No one to even stand for election, unless approved by State Dem Legislatures, disenfranchises all those who would be perceived as not voting Dem (which is the majority of The US.) 

But these legislatures have no objection to illegal alliens; purporting a right to vote and fraudulently voting for their Dem protectors. So those to be elected can only be determined by Dem legislatures, and the determination of the constituency, also to be determined by the same Dem legislatures. Have I missed an historic parallel of Totalitarian Dictatorship? Is The Dem Party not to be struck down and expunged to its very shunned name only on 3/11/2020 ?

With all the insanity that has occurred since 8/11/2016, compounded by the monstrous electoral frauds that were perpetrated by The Donkey Dems on 6/11/2018, a lesser President would have been justified advising he was “going on holidays; shoot it out to save this nation from devastation. The very purpose of The 2nd. Amendment. And by the way; we are under Martial Law, and the military will assist in all search and destroy. Line the pavements with The Totalitarian enemies of The People, cleanse the nation, and I will sign off on this Constitutional adjustment to sanity, when I return. And God Bless America.”

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Impeachments are in the first instance investigated by The Juduciary Committee, with bipartisan rights of subpoena and cross-examination, after
an initial House vote to commence. None of this has occurred. The purported House vote was a meaningless partisan belch.

The reality would have empowerd The GOP to subpoena and cross-examine. But that never occured. Therefore The entire Schiff Affair was a meaningless farce, only absorbed by the disturbed.  There were never any impeachment hearings; only the theatre of it.

From valid hearings, Articles are drafted and passed to The Senate to conduct a trial, presided by The Chief Justice, with a Supermajority Decision passed to The Secretary of State.

CNN fake news story
“a subsequent five day live TV barrage of the lies and insanity”

There is nothing about bunkered secret Intel Committee meetings chaired by an opposition political mental deficient, concocting ‘evidence’ with cherry picked partisan witnesses, reading scripts rehearsed in the bunker meetings, then drip leaked to partisan media. With a subsequent five day live TV barrage of the lies and insanity, posturing as a transparent farce, culminating in a swift concoction of nonsense Articles of Impeachment dropped into The Senate. Under the delusion that The Senate will be frustrated for a year over the idiocy.

All on the eve of a general election, whereby, if that same Democratic Party believed that it actually represented the majority of The People, and had a valid manifesto, mandate, and candidate to unseat that prior duly elected President, they would do so.

But The Dem-invented Cleft Stick has suddenly sparkled on the horizon. If The Impeachment farce reaches The Senate, it would indeed be held there until the 3/11/2020 General Elections, with even more rebound to the mental concrete of The Dem Party and its expert advisors.

The Dems will be subpoenaed to death. Reverting back to The Comey and Mueller Affairs; every deception and corruption will be laid bare. All the way to every Dem candidate currrently presenting as viable options, in their lunchtime, for The White House.

Schiff, immune for his lies and deceptions as House Intel Chairman, will be called as a fact witness. As will all the current Dem aspirants and their cohorts in crime. Dem fundraising and campaigning will be put on hold,as witness after witness will be called to testify about their sordid lives.

More likely is Pelosi et al deciding to cut and run at this time, with the closing fake narrative of we (The Dems) have done everything we can to present what we found to The American People. There is nothing more that we can do to help you make that critical decision on 3/11/2020.

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And indeed that’s true. Either way The Dems lose. It’s only a matter of degree.

Knowing that none of their behaviour is democratically supported, they chose the fraudulent paths they did. But even more importantly, the theatre was to hide the collusions, corruptions, obstructions, frauds, extortions, Mens Rea Quid Pro Quo, Pay For Plays, pillaging, blackmails, and briberies, of their very own, and to the top of their tree.

Operation CrossfIre Hurricane, conducted by Comey, fronting: Lynch, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Hayden, Strzok, Rosenstein, McCabe, McCain, Weissmann, Lisa Page, Yates, Rhee, The Ohrs, The Clintons, Mueller, The Brookings Institute, The CFR, Soros, et al was an attempted Coup to unseat a duly elected President. That is treason and for which they must pay. No pardons, no immunities to hold treason in Military Tribunals. Anti-Trump from its onset was an attempted Coup to unset a duly elected President.

As I have written before: either John Brennan is hung in public as a Constitutional Statement; or this Deep State Totalitarian Control of The US continues indefinitely. The hordes with their heads appropriately inserted, were unable to digest the prior arrests of their darlings (ankle bracelets) and questioning by Military Tribunal.

As with the trials and executions of John McCain III (executed 25/8/2018 for  offences under The Espionage Act and Treachery under Military Codes, Songbird’) and GHWB (executed on 30/11/2018 for conducting The Coup d’Etat murder of The sitting President JFK on 22/11/1963. 55 years after the event. Evidence withheld by The Warren Commission, delivered to, and now further hidden by Trump, and to which Ford’s concocted Pardon’s could not reach.

There was no Russian Collusion needing FISA Warrants concerning the front of Carter Page. It now being determined that, however the events unfolded; Roberts, Collyer, Contreras et al were purposely decieved by The FBI Deep State Actors of the time, to conduct a Coup d’Etat against a duly elected, sitting President, Donald J.Trump.

To yet again protect US Institutions against their realities of Third World Farces; Trump moved through Roberts et al, and settled blame on The FBI for deceiving The FISA Court. The latter to definately pay a hidden price.

The attempted Coup by The FBI; no less than that by The CIA against JFK, has brought DOJ and IG Investigations (Durham, Barr, Horowitz) to the conclusions just reached with the first arrests of FBI Deep State Slime.

Heavily invested Weissmann and McCabe have hit the airwaves taking lying to new dimensions. Brennan, Clapper, and Hayden, having passed their use by dates. As the terminal HRC is blurting through Social Media her demands that a White House staffer be sacked over alleged white supremacist comments he may or may not have made through Breitbat in 2015-16. Ignoring the fundamental of deadlines, her demands being regarded as the flatulence of a brain with a bad diet; she spiralled to a level Beyond Nausea Dome, and retreated into her own poophole. How sad.

Trump, after stalling ‘The AID’ to Ukraine, eventually released a package. Nothing of which was discussed in the subject Grand Dem Impeachment Delusion. The initial package was ‘Lethal’ Military Aid. But Ukraine is not fighting Russia. If it were, Ukraine would no longer exist, and it certainly is no threat to Russia.

The aid is Ukraine defending itself in The US 2014 caused Civil War. Trump has removed The US based causes, perpetrated through The CIA, The State Dept., NATO, and private proxies. The US is unable to strike NATO. A very hard sell for the confused hordes.

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The aid is Ukraine defending itself in The US 2014 caused Civil War. Trump has removed The US based causes, perpetrated through The CIA, The State Dept., NATO, and private proxies. The US is unable to strike NATO. A very hard sell for the confused hordes.

If Russia strikes NATO it will be one act and terminally decisive. Again: the hordes wil be panicked, as no foundation has been read to them as the storybooks they need.

There is no war between Ukraine and Russia and never was since The US  proxy invasion and regime change of the democratically elected Yanukovych, removed for the corrupt US puppet Poroshenko. Who in turn was removed by the first subsequent democratic election for Zelensky.

The Crimean reabsorbtion into Russia ; not any US annexation narrative was a clear display of Russian strength. There were no people in the streets of Crimea screaming, “The Russians have annexed us and are now conducting a genocide; America please save us”. Crimea was invaded by US proxies in a ridiculous attempt to close Russia’s warm sea port, sail in The USN and arrest the entire Russian Black Sea Fleet. There must be something pumped through the air conditioning system of The Pentagon. Certainly; Obama has smelling problems after all that coke infusion. The DC staple.

Because The US has been fomenting unrest in Ukraine even prior to The Tymoshenko and Yushchenko eras, a clear partisan divide had been created between Russian and non-Russian citizens. The initial slaughters were aimed at Russians. To further the unrest and float The Civil War, Dombass was devastated, and proxies began slaughtering non-Russians.

The outcome being that Russia divided Ukraine into Western US non-Russiansand Eastern Russian Zones, with the protection of the latter by Russian forces across the border able to strike, as may be required. As Russia had previously done to resolve US proxy incursions and foment of unrest in; Georgia, Chechnya, Ingushetia, and South Ossetia. Apart from The US instabilities of Eurasia; mostly ignored by Russia.

Wiser and more experienced heads: how would The US respond if Russia had proxies causing unrest in Mexico and Central Americ?. The outcome of The Cuban Missile Crisis was The US moving its offensive implacements from Turkey and Russia occupying Cuba; Santa Clara and Lourdes. The  Russians never left and The US sat at NSGB. The US hordes unable to handle the truth, or even being entitled to it, were never appraised.

Screaching hysteria better spent on; Climate Change, Gender Identity, confiscating weapons, murdering infants to date of birth as a right and women’s health issue, and sucking in any lunatic fringe and partisan manipulated narratives presented.

Had the insane puppet HRC won in 2016; it would be a very different world today. And all that has been revealed by the incessant Anti-Trump Syndrome; would barely be publicly known.

Houston Control we have a problem: The DOJ is releasing its Dem corruption truth bomb on 9/12/2019, to be followed by Senate Committee Hearings to commence on 11/12/2019.

The Sondland ‘Explosive Evidence’  leaked by the court clown Schiff, was as much of a bang as any suppository can achieve. But then knowing that Dem hardcore can neither read nor comprehend English (again verified by the recent impeachment theatre) it means nothing to them. However: that hardcore is diminishing on a daily basis, and is not recoverable. What Comey, then Mueller did not devastate. Schiff did.

2020 will be an interesting year. Just time to run out for a popcorn refill.

G Squared

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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