Did Doctor Who Predict The London Lockdown?

“Invasion”: Why did they order the tapes erased?

By Martin Harris 24/3/20

Malcolm Hulke was a successful, and much admired, writer for television, radio, cinema and the theatre from the 1950s through to the late 1970s. He wrote for Armchair Theatre, The Avengers, Crossroads and Dr Who… It is less well-known that he was also a socialist, belonging for a time to the Communist Party of Great Britain.


It is Hulke’s last Doctor Who story that is the focus of my interest. Here’s a summary from the same source as the quote above:

Invasion of the Dinosaurs, broadcast January-February 1974

Invasion of the dinosaurs

Invasion of the dinosaurs

The Doctor and his companion, Sarah Jane Smith, land in a deserted London under martial law and learn that dinosaurs have appeared, forcing the evacuation of the population. They discover a conspiracy of politicians, scientists and army officers who, concerned for the environment, are planning to return the earth to what they believe will be a “golden”, pre-industrial age using a device called Timescoop. The planet will then be repopulated by an elite group who have been fooled into thinking that they are in a space ship going to a new world, but is in fact an underground bunker. The Doctor defeats the conspirators, sending the leading scientist, Professor Whitaker, into the past.

This was perhaps Malcolm’s most openly political storyline, which can be seen as a critique of some elements of the environmental movement of the 1970s, who believed that industrial society was killing the planet and that only a revolutionary change in society and forms of production would suffice. Malcolm also includes a socialist slant on the environment crisis, giving the Doctor a speech at the end in which he says “Its not the oil and the filth and the poisonous chemicals that are the real causes of the pollution…Its simply greed” . SOURCE

What has captured my attention and speculations for several years now, is the fact that shortly after this particular story was aired, a directive came to the BBC (from whom?) to wipe the tapes!

There is a twist to this. The directive referred to the story as named “Invasion”. Only the first episode was named as such, in order to maintain an elementof surprise for the hordes of younger viewers (this author among them!) who tuned in every Saturday night. This abbreviated name saved the remaining five episodes from destruction, while devoted fans have managed to reconstruct the all-important first episode from black and white backup tapes unearthed from the archives.

Image result for Doctor Who London Martia lLaw

Fascinating and undoubtedly true, Terence, but if this was about “known” events of the time, conspiratorial or not, why have the tapes wiped? There had to be something to hide.


“The master tape of the first episode of this story was mistakenly wiped when it was confused with episode one of Season 6‘s The Invasion.


There is no evidence to suggest that this is why the tape was wiped; all the tapes for The Invasion were wiped in 1972, more than two years before Invasion of the Dinosaurs was transmitted. In addition, the procedure for disposing of older episodes would have made such a mix-up highly unlikely. That said, it is not known why only Invasion part one was wiped, and not the others.” SOURCE

Let’s go to Wikipedia for a moment:

“There is a longstanding fan myth that the tape of Part One was erased by mistake, having been confused with an episode of the Patrick Troughton serial The Invasion. In fact, BBC Enterprises issued specific instructions to wipe all six episodes of Invasion of the Dinosaurs, named as such, in August 1974, just six months after the story’s transmission; for reasons unknown, however, only Part One was actually junked. As far as the BBC was concerned, the story had been wiped in its entirety; researchers for the 1976 documentary Whose Doctor Who found that none of the episodes were listed as existing in the BBC library.[2″

What caused so much concern about this story? I think its safe to assume it wasn’t the rubbery-looking dinosaurs, (superfluous window-dressing for the kids), so that leaves the primary plot elements:

Environmental terrorism. The “Climate Emergency” and Extinction Rebellion comes to mind along with their underlying political motives.

Elites fleeing to a spaceship-cum bunker to escape a false-flag Armageddon. Look at all the Elite bolt-holes, the little trips to Antarctica, Elon Musk’s frenzied Mars-ship building efforts (Who’s buying tickets for the trip?). In Hulke’s script, the joke’s on them. They are being duped. I’ve always been intrigued by the constant Mars-Antarctica connections. Makes you wonder.

A conspiracy of power groups colluding to shut down civilization and industry, depopulate the Earth and start afresh. Again it’s got the UN 2030 Agenda, and all it’s cooked up Climate Catastrophe alarmism. written all over it.

The “lost” first episode is particularly noteworthy, featuring a deserted London under martial law (managed by a United Nations task force, no less!).

Who lockdown
London COVID-19 Lockdown underway March 2020

One wonders, in hindsight, if Malcolm Hulke had, wittingly or not, come uncomfortably close to exposing a real-life, long-in-the-planning conspiracy to lockdown the global infrastructure and initiate a “re-set” using a real, yet staged and manipulated global emergency. Not dinosaurs, but something like a viral pandemic perhaps?

London under Martial Law? Science fiction has become reality!

20,000 troops put on standby as London braces for coronavirus lockdown

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Martin Harris

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