Language as Weapon: The woke mob tries to redefine racism to hide their own bigotry

In their quest to change Western culture, Black Lives Matter and ‘Woke Twitter’ are redefining racism to weaponize the charge against anyone they choose. It’s a dishonest tactic that lets them get away with their own bigotry.

Micah Curtis
Tue, 14 Jul 2020

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Racism is an evil thing. People who are branded with that title are given a massive scarlet letter, and are generally cast out of civil society. Rightfully so, as no one wants to interact with someone who is so malicious towards someone else’s skin color. Individuals like Jared Taylor or Richard Spencer are not tolerated (unless they’re commentating for CNN I suppose).

One of the above words needs to be stressed: it’s ‘malicious’. As it has been understood for as far as I can remember, racism requires malice. This is why the term ‘hate group’ was first coined. Groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, the Aryan Brotherhood, or other white nationalists or white supremacists are considered ‘hateful’ because that is their modus operandi. They outright despise anyone who isn’t like they are.

However, racism isn’t something that is understood to be exclusive to a skin color either. Well, unless you’re ‘woke’. If you’re America’s Got Talent host Nick Cannon, you can call white people and Jews “closer to animals” and somehow you’re not a racist. You can throw a “mute white people” button on your platform and you’re somehow totally cool. Bill De Blasio can tell Jewish people and other religious groups that they can’t assemble, but a BLM mural is serious business. And, of course, you can be a sitting senator and brand all Trump supporters “white supremacists” with no pushback.

The woke mob doesn’t like the current definition of racism because they fit it to a T. Most people that they are trying to say are racists are more offended by pineapple on their pizza than anyone’s melanin. Meanwhile, BLM supporters like Nick Cannon can spout something that sounds like it would appear in Der Sturmer and he’s fine. You’re also going to have to explain to me how the Goya Foods CEO, a Trump supporter, is a white supremacist when he’s a Latino.

Why follow the rules or adhere to definitions, when you can weaponize the debate to change the rules and definitions to suit your needs?

This is exactly how dopey the conversation has become. The CDC had over a thousand employees asking the organization to “declare racism a public healthcrisis.” So in the midst of an epidemic, your priority is declaring an irrational emotional response to melanin content in one’s skin a health crisis?That’s not even the CDC’s job! Not to mention, acting as if America has anything close to the problems we had in the 1960s and before is just revisionist. But then again, that’s the problem with redefining a term that needs a strong definition. Everything is becoming racist to the point that the term is becoming worthless.

We’re at a point where no one knows who the racists are any more, because we can’t even agree on the term. Certain groups are excluded because they’re ‘the oppressed groups’, as if that has anything to do with evil behavior. Racism is evil. Truly evil. Evil is not relegated to a specific group or social class. Evil is simply evil.If we redefine something evil as the opposite at any point, we open the door for tragedy. Many groups of people have been the victim of this behavior at one point in history or another. If the woke mob gets its way, history will repeat itself.

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Martin Harris

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