“The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society…dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values…this elite would not hesitate to achieve its political ends by using the latest modern techniques for influencing public behavior…Persisting social crisis, the emergence of a charismatic personality, and the exploitation of mass media to obtain public confidence would be the stepping-stones in the piecemeal transformation of the United States into a highly controlled society…In addition, it may be possible—and tempting—to exploit for strategic political purposes the fruits of research on the brain and on human behavior”


The cycles of parasites are often diabolically ingenious. It is to the unwilling host that their ends appear mad. Has earth hosted a new disease – that of the world eaters? Then inevitably the spores must fly. Short-lived as they are, they must fly. Somewhere far outward in the dark, instinct may intuitively inform them, lies the garden of the worlds. We must consider the possibility that we do not know the real nature of our kind. Perhaps Homo sapiens, the wise, is himself only a mechanism in a parasitic cycle, an instrument for the transference, ultimately, of a more invulnerable and heartless version of himself…a biological mutation as potentially virulent in its effects as a new bacterial strain. The fact that its nature appears to be cultural merely enables the disease to be spread with fantastic rapidity. There is no comparable episode in history… To climb the fiery ladder that the spore bearers have used one must consume the resources of a world… Basically man’s planetary virulence can be ascribed to just one thing: a rapid ascent, particularly in the last three centuries, of an energy ladder so great that the line on the chart representing it would be almost vertical… Western man’s ethic is not directed toward the preservation of the earth that fathered him. A devouring frenzy is mounting as his numbers mount. It is like the final movement in the spore palaces of the slime molds. Man is now only a creature of anticipation feeding upon events.”

“The World Eaters” from Loren Eiseley, The Invisible Pyramid, 1970


“The inner traditions at the core of culture point to our higher qualities. They offer a door to the path of initiation, where all the potentialities of body and mind are to be realized. These traditions claim an ancestry in the earliest memories of humankind. The world’s great religions and philosophies speak of a time before the fall of humanity, a time and a place in which the Earth and its life were one. How far back can we travel?

No, this is not the story of an ideal, perfect paradise:  a place with only pleasure, no suffering or hardship. That story is reserved for a people unfomfortable with the human experience, a disembodied humanity no longer able to be wild, free and naked, except for a moment – secret, hidden and separate from each other. Can the full range of human experience find release? A frightening thought in our era of speed and destruction – so frightening that the dream of the rebirth of human society and all the living creation is lost, only a memory.

We did not invent, discover, improve or evolve the human experience. Born, each and every one of us into the natural world, we know no other place. Yet we dream…the transformations of the dream-time are as original and unusual as the creation that appears when we open our eyes. Perception and dream-time are the two worlds of the aboriginal people. Can we dream of a future, of a new direction or age, without an experience of our origin and  destination?

I am thrilled by my contact with other species. They enliven my imagination. I look up into the forest, the wilderness of wild animals and plants. Listen! Can we hear their voices?  Can you reach back in your blood and feel our common ancestors stamping their feet on the Earth, see them lit by the glow of a fire? It is very late. Exhausted, you fall asleep. Embraced by your kin, you feel the spirit of the oldest living culture on Earth move. You wake and start to dream again.

(in progress)





It’s rare, quite rare indeed, for me to be at a loss for words…so, having just written 17 of them whilst thinking of more, allow me to just say HOW THE HECK ARE YOU ALL??????????? 🙂

I apologize for missing an email/post again last week. I have no legitimate excuse, as I haven’t been on the road and have been in a stable location with excellent working/being conditions. I reckon if I need an excuse the heat would suffice. I spent five fantastic months in Tasmania, which is the most southerly region of Australia, and renowned for its cold weather to people up here and Queensland…but having been based in Colorado all through the 90’s, I know that Tasmania’s colds rarely approach those of Colorado. During much of July and the first half of August, I saw ice almost every morning, and never failed to be enchanted by its delicate beauty, rarely seen in Australia.

I love the cool, fresh exhilarating air and mists of Tassie mornings, but getting here two weeks ago was nice, to be able to wear nothing except for my cut-offs and a singlet if in public. North central Tasmania has been having highs of around 16 C lately, as opposed to around 32 C here in Darwin. I know plenty of folks who live in Tassie because they don’t like heat, and plenty who live up top because they don’t like the cold. Me, I like it all. I am accustomed to being in places where you can have four seasons in one day, southern Victoria or Great Barrier island New Zealand, for example. In Pucon, Chile in 2006 I didn’t see the sun for a month; in Halls Gap Victoria in 2012-13 I didn’t go to the ocean for four months. In February of 1990 I stood outside in Colorado with a still-air temperature of minus 35 C = minus 35 F. In January of 2003 I went in my tent in Alice Springs NT to get something and the thermometer on my down vest registered 49 C. The occasional change of pace, geographically and meteorologically is welcome, and goes hand in hoof with being a traveller. Real ‘climate change’ is always happening no matter where you are, although on an imperceptible time-scale; any time you travel a few thousand kms in any direction you are likely to find yourself in a different climate!

Having said all that, it’s been quite warm here in general…I love it and would hesitate to call it ‘hot’ because by Darwin standards it decidedly is not hot. In a couple months the temps will easily be ten degrees higher on average as the build-up progresses. But warm for sure…enough to kind of slow me down a bit it seems.

I seem to have maintained my ‘rest and relaxation’ mode for a while here…I am no less motivated or inspired than ever and in fact moreso but I seem to spend more time not doing anything other than sitting listening to the birds and the wind in the palm fronds…watering the shrubberies and thinking.

It’s nice to be here. I am cycling to the ocean almost every day, working on heaps of rocks and paintings, catching up with some great old friends, like Tanya ‘doc hippy-billie’ Martinic who came and got me yesterday so we could take the creatures for a long over-due swim at East Point reserve.


Teddy, Wally, Ruby-anne, Big Teddy, Heidi, Felicity, Huckle-burra, Ellie, Chickadee, Kylie Koala and Peter Platypus were SO SO SO happy to go swimming, as the last time we were all able to take a dip together was at Rototai beach near Takaka on the south island of New Zealand back in February. I might be interviewing them again soon beneath Sister Ficus Racemosa in the Darwin Botanical garden. I was sad to see that one of my closest tree friends, Grandmother Baobab, was gone, apparently uprooted and destroyed by cyclonic winds here a couple years ago, in the same way that my twin Sequioadendron Sempavirens in the Hobart Botanical Garden was gone when I visited there back in March.


David Gulpilil has always been one of my heroes of First Nations Australians. He is the premiere aboriginal actor and co-starred along with Richard Chamberlain in what I consider to be the very best movie ever to come out of Australia, Peter Weir’s The Last Wave.



I painted a really nice rock for him two years ago and have been carrying it around with me hoping to find a way to get it to him. Last week I was coming out of the shopping mall near here and saw a group of black fullas standing there. One of them had on a Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon t-shirt. I went over and complimented him on it, and he similarly liked my aboriginal flag t-shirt. It occurred to me that Gulpilil has been known to come and hang out in Darwin, so I asked these blokes if they knew him or ever saw him around. The bloke with the Floyd shirt said ‘he my brother.’ What a coincidence! His name was Ted, and he said David was unwell, as I already knew, and that he thought he was at a remote Arnhemland community called Ramingining. Later on I rang the medical clinic there and the lovely nurse told me that Gulpilil was in Adelaide where he can get better treatment for his lung cancer, but that she knew his sisters and other brother Jamie who live there and that if I sent her the rocks she would make sure they got them. So hopefully David Gulpilil will soon be legally stoned, and who knows, maybe I can even go and say hello to him in person when I am in Adelaide in a few weeks. In the meantime, please send love and healing energies for him, and everyone else from all our families of life who are in pain and suffering and on the path of ‘coming forth by day’…as are we all!


Well I don’t know where to begin in talking about my shows. I covered a lot of ground in these shows and if you are able to, take some time and listen to the audio.


The central idea or concept in OTB #333 is the pattern that has been emerging clearly for at least a last decade or more with respect to Zbigniew Brzezinski’s geo-strategic paradigm of ‘persisting social crisis.’ In the same way that Edward Bernays, founder of modern PR and the manufacture of consent, advocated the creation of ‘news’ as opposed to sitting back waiting for some to happen, Zbig boy was not observing on current events but as top National Security Advisor to the Obama administration recommended the engineering and orchestration of an un-ending succession of socio-economic and eco-environmental disasters…real and perceived…whose ‘solutions’ just happened to be increased totalitarianism and the implementation of ever-harsher police state techno-cratic policies. For the increased health, safety and security of all parties involved, of course.






At least four of these fear-bogey memes are salient in the corridors of public radar of recent decades:  alien invaders, Islamic terrorists, ‘climate change’ and most recently Covid-19; and ‘over-population’ lurks in the shadows behind them all. All of these are text-book examples of modern-day psychological warfare operations based on a two-fold substrate: foisting a degree of real ‘disaster’ but using mass-media as a force multiplier to ensure that perception management does its job and that as many people as possible hear about it and see it as often as possible. Names like the Tavistock InstituteBooz Allen & Hamilton, and Hill and Knowlton come to mind as mind managers, engineers, and orchestrators.

Each of these memes in their day has expressed hardly at all in the day to day realities of the people, but almost exclusively as media artifacts, appearing in ‘the news’ as well as accompanied by tidal waves of pseudo-documentaries and feature productions depicting les horreurs du jours.

Every time-honoured technique of mind control is clearly being stirred vigorously into the maelstrom of public mindshare, from Hitlerian ‘big lie’ to Huxleyan ‘sheer repetition’, from Bernaysian ‘experts’ to Milgramian ‘obedience to perceived authority’, from Fromm’s ‘escape from freedom’ syndrome to MK-Ultra’s conclusion that no limits exist to the levels of absurdity or incredulity that other-wise intelligent people can be induced to embrace as gospel truth.

I have created a new discipline of inquiry called information toxicology dealing with the weaponization of communication and the pollution of our information environment.

“Infotoxin…flooding all our senses…”

In the same way that one’s physical health has a lot to do with the quality of what you put into your body…or don’t put in…one’s mental health and psychological integrity has a lot to do with the quality of what you allow into your mind…or don’t let in.

Put simply:  how different would your life right now be if, over recent years and decades, you had never even heard about alien invaders, Islamic terrorists, ‘climate change’ or Covid-19? Would any of these have impinged into your life without the help of mass-media?

Is it possible that the persistent background-noise and info-toxicity of these noxious emissions has allowed ‘we, the people’ as a whole just to go along with whatever governments and authorities deem necessary to ‘win the war’ on whatever the bogey du jour might happen to be? This, plus the Springer show political arena, fluoridated water and cognitive debilitation EMR frequencies advocated by Brzezinski.

This is very much NOT a rhetorical question; only YOU can be the judge.

The uncritical assimilator could choose to accept all of the above as mere random goings-on, par for the course in a modern military-industrial capitalist society, and not even entertain the notion that all of this and more is an expression of man’s warfare on himself. That so many people walk around carrying these notions as truth is in itself a true horror story.

I cannot think of any other species of life of any kingdom who systematically enslaves or wages war on members of his own species. This is a huge and complex topic in and of itself; it’s not the topic of this post but who could possibly disagree?


WHY this has been going on for so long IS the issue at hand. I am not an authority on Hindu metaphysics but the concept of karma is central. As I understand it, karma is a universal principle of justice or balance, and is not random or blind but a highly ‘intelligent’ continuum of inter-related causes and effects akin to the laws of physics, adhering to high levels of order and complexity. For all I know, at the esoteric levels of ancient cosmology could be Sanskrit mathematical equations specifying how karma is believed to work.


The essence of the concept is “what comes around, goes around.”  Chief Seattle is attributed with the saying “What we do to the Earth, we do to ourselves.” Inherent to and implicit within the concept of karma is the undivided wholeness and inter-connection of everything at all levels.

So, the short answer…which is all I have time for now…is that in honour of the fact that humans have been systematically waging war on Mothers Earth and nature for thousands of years, which is what ‘civilization’ is based on…we are waging war on ourselves at ever-accelerating levels of severity.

Factions of humanity exist whose conscious purpose is to wage war. They are highly paid, command the lion’s share of wealth and resources, and claim to be increasing ‘security’ and bringing ‘freedom.’ This parasitic planetary juggernaut comprises the world’s militaries, cloaked as departments of ‘defence’, and destroys life everywhere it goes by simply being there.

‘We, the people’ simultaneously support and finance these institutions, do not question their raison d’etre or modi operandi, and conveniently blame them for just being themselves and doing what militaries do: murder, desecrate, pollute and destroy.

Yet how many of us consider that ‘we, the people’ are in fact ‘soldiers in World War 3’. We may not drive tanks or aim machine-guns but we drive automobiles and yachts, eat meat, watch television and aim microwaves at our brains. Like the Tibetan monks who love to eat steak but have someone else to kill it…because they aren’t allowed to…we fail to acknowledge our complicity in myriad crimes against humanity and against nature merely through the summation of our unquestioned daily routines…and our tax dollars that fund it all.

What comes around, goes around…at every level of reality. Regardless of cosmic driving forces or influences that may be behind long-term cyclical variations in the ‘energy climate’ of the helio-cosm…the ‘galactic seasons’ or yugas of the Hindus, for example…each of us as autonomous and conscious beings imbued with self-awareness and free-will is responsible not only for our own personal decisions, actions, lives and effects, but each of us is also responsible for what our species as a whole is doing on Mother Earth.

This in a nutshell is my basic philosophy of being here now:  that every act of kindness and generosity, every uncritical assimilation, every expression of community honouring kinship, every denial of actuality, every thought, decision, and action or inaction…weaves the multidimensional tapestry of our unfolding reality continuum. We have always existed within a web of energies and influences that not only pre-dates ‘man, the wise’ by billions of years, but is largely indifferent to our existence.

Non-interference in the sacred may have been the cornerstone of our long-term survival. As I see it, ‘intelligence’ is more accurately expressed as what we DON’T do. Indigenous peoples and cultures have been able to live, survive, thrive on Mother Earth for hundreds of thousands of years in harmonious and dynamic equilibrium, honouring the true path of the Great Spirit. The indigenous people of Australia…the oldest surviving human culture…never ‘dug precious things from the land’ or embarked on the long detour of ‘civilization’…Ironically, to use a metallic metaphor, their Eden of aeons was only disfigured by the arrival of ‘civilized’ people bearing weapons made of metals they had dug from the Earth.

This is another absolutely HUGE story that I am poised to tell at this very moment in time…for now, however, let me emphasize the importance of what we DON’T do.

As a whole, humanity has been doing all the wrong things for thousands of years. We can in no way UNDO all of this; au contraire, we have only just begun to witness the effects, for example, of the synthetic radio-nuclides being released into the biosphere since the advent of the atomic era in 1945. Through our ignorance and arrogance, we have unleashed mutagenic influences that can harm life as we know her…forever?

Despite the rantings of the scientific priesthood, there’s a LOT we don’t know. My perception is that we have been breaching ultra-sensitive thresholds regularly for quite a while…violating sacred peoples of land and sea; desecrating sacred sites; tampering with geo-telluric and ionospheric ‘neural networks’ of the body of Mother Earth; extracting, toxifying and irradiating every possible species, niche and habitat. 

The trigger points are synchronizing. Here is what is coming through with me right now. A lot of helio-cosmic changes and upheavals are happening right now. We as humans are involved in this process, as are all the kingdoms of life. Unlike everyone else, however, we are the only species who has not been living according to plan. To say that impending planetary-level ‘purification’ is due to our spiritual and behavioural deviance could be taken as paranoid and megalomaniacal…but it could also be interpreted as teleologically valid and karmically holographic. Who are we to understand ’cause and effect’? Remember the title of Jung’s treatise:  Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle.

I think that right now we need to step back and stop almost everything we are doing…and I’m not talking about hugging and international travel and breathing freely.  We need to stay out of the way of healing energies and emanations coming our way…let them do their job without our interference or obstruction.

I have mentioned what I call Operation Frankenseed a couple of times. I think that my next broadcast of OTB is going to be about this diabolical project to disseminate genetically modified organisms on Mars. In terms of things we should not be doing, this is on top of the list up there with splitting the atom and beaming gigawatts of microwaves into the ionosphere.

Not that Mars, the moon, and other planets, moons and celestial bodies, not to mention ‘space’ itself haven’t already been contaminated with a never-ending stream of hominid detritus, and been probed, prodded and had samples extracted and returned to Earth…but the intent to deliberately ‘infect’ Mars with genetically modified organisms could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back with respect to the tolerance that Mothers Earth and nature have continued to show us.

If there’s anything left for us to do that would really anger ‘the gods’, this would surely be it. In observing on the global nuclear scenario, Dr. Rosalie Bertell said “We don’t need to commit suicide.”  ‘Man, the wise’ is proving himself to be a glutton for punishment. Unfortunately, the darkest dimension of our karma is that whatever the universe has to do to cleanse the Earth of us is going to adversely affect all the other species of life who are already suffering on the brink of extinction thanks to our wisdom.

Hopi elder Thomas Banyacya told us in 1986 that although we cannot avert the ‘Day of Purification’, we can hope to lessen its severity through anything we can do that honours the true path of the Great Spirit…and NOT DOING things that are in clear violation.


Operation Frankenseed is an example of what I call helio-terrorism.  In 2011 after witnessing the Christchurch quake followed by Fukushima three weeks later, I coined the term geo-terrorism to describe the not-so new paradigm of environmental warfare based on the weaponization of natural processes and events. Dr. Rosalie Bertell’s landmark book from 2000, Planet Earth: Latest Weapon of War, has just been updated and a brand new edition is now available in many languages. This book along with Angels Don’t Play this H.A.A.R.P. by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeanne Manning describe the ‘revolution in military affairs’, the strategies, ideologies and technologies of the geo-physical warfare paradigm we’ve been living under since around 1990.

Helio-terrorism describes not only the off-planet expansion of geo-terrorism into orbital space, and onto other bodies in the solar system like planets, moons, comets and asteroids, but also manipulation of the sun itself and sending probes outside the solar system.

Actually, our electromagnetic pollution had already escaped the solar system by around 1937. In astronomer Carl Sagan’s brilliant novel Contact, the televised broadcast of the 1936 Berlin Olympic games, at that time the most powerful EMR transmission performed by homo sapiens, was received by an ‘advanced civilization’ on a planet in the Vegan star system. Their near-instantaneous response was received by radio-astronomers on Earth in the mid-80’s about 50 years after the Nazi transmission…25 years for the signal to reach Vega and another 25 for theirs to get back to us, Vega being 25 light years away. 

According to this model, the 1936 Olympics would have escaped the furthest limits of the solar system in less than a year and would now be expanding over a spherical radius of 84 light years. How many stars and planets are within this ‘radius of contact’? 

An entire simulation of the not-so-distant local universe could be made up based on this kind of logic. Concentric spheres showing where the first episode of the Outer Limits would be, circa 1963, at a radius of 57 light years; or I Love Lucy, circa 1951, at a radius of 69 light years; or Gilligan’s Island, circa 1964, at a radius of 56 light years; or the Beverly Hillbillies, circa 1962, at a radius of 58 light years.


I think you can see where I’m going with this. In the same way that simulations of ‘space junk’ show what looks almost like an entire ‘detritosphere’ surrounding the Earth, my ‘radius of contact’ simulation would show the Earth at the centre of a kind of Kuiper belt or Oort cloud of electromagnetic emanations of varying densities, with the outermost being the thinnest. The inner-most shells closest to the Earth would be of unimaginable electron density and would be comprised of everything that is currently being broadcast across the entire electromagnetic spectrum.


Every episode of every tv show would be a discrete spherical shell whose thickness would correspond to its temporal duration. A one hour show would have a shell thickness of one ‘light-hour’, or approximately 1,080,000,000 kms.

Planets in other star-systems that are within the ‘radius of contact’ might experience a transient wave of anomalous EMR interference as ‘I Love Lucy’ passed through; others might have atmospheric disturbances from the antics of Jethro and Granny;  others might experience climatological disruption or mutations when the Outer Limits irradiated them.

Some worlds might experience us as a dis-aster, an unnatural EMR nova with no off-switch; more ‘advanced’ ones might apply their most sophisticated disencryption algorithms to ‘crack code’ of the strange signals coming from mystery world. Might they be inspired to build smart-phones or nuclear submarines? Might they glimpse their own past…back when they existed as merely biological organisms that had not yet attained immortality through fusion with superconducting alloys and nano-technologies? Most interestingly, what might scientist-engineers working for D.A.R.P.A. and Lockheed-Martin have constructed based on blue-prints received via radio-telescope from Andromeda or the moons of Jupiter?  The top-secret SUPOSITOR satellite perhaps?  


“Originally believed to be an asteroid, this recently-detected object is a Starlink satellite put up by a consortium run by Elon Musk and Bill Gates. The satellite, known as SUPOSITOR, or the Superconducting Unambiguous Projectile Orifice Supercharged Insertion Technology Operating Rectally, aims state-of-the-art RFID vaccine-biometric ID nano-capsules dipped in chocolate at the up-facing exposed sphincter of anyone who spreads their cheeks to the skies during specified windows of time. Once insertion is complete and the capsule activated, people will know who to vote for. Developed by Team Leader Dr. Benjamin Dover of JPL.” (NASA-AP)

While Victoria is under ‘One Belt, One Road’-inspired lock-down with the Morrison administration striving to battle ‘influence of foreign governments’ in Australia without acknowledging itself as one; with millions of acres of California burning anomalously and conditions in parts of Australia paving the way for similar re-conflagration; with half of New Zealand’s human population lauding the administration for bureaucratic extremities containing the evil Rona-cootie and the other half freaked out under the knife of totalitarian measures previously unseen in the western world; with Elon Musk readying himself for Mars, Bill Gates readying the orifices of the world for his high-tech vax-jab, Ray Kurzweil pushing the limits of how long ‘living forever’ can last for, and Donald Trump’s Jerry Springer 2.0 AIPAC-R-US re-election campaign…amidst all this ‘business as usual’ for ‘man, the wise’, whales are stranding at epidemic levels, waves of earthquakes are rippling around the world, millions are marching in the streets of Europe…and I am here in Darwin, the name most closely associated with what we think of as ‘evolution’…a process for which very little evidence actually exists!


Immanuel Velikovsky wrote that ‘cataclysmic evolution’ has been and continues to be far more influential in the development and progression of life on Earth than the ‘long slow uniformitarian’ processes that Darwin hypothesized; comet and asteroid impacts and encounters have reconfigured the terrestrial landscapes and energetic bombardments from the sun, supernovas and the galactic core have reconfigured life at the genetic level.

THE ‘PEACEFUL ATOM’“Great catastrophes of the past accompanied by electrical discharges and followed by radioactivity could have produced sudden and multiple mutations of the kind achieved today by experimenters, but on an immense scale.  The past of mankind, and of the plant and animal kingdoms, too, must now be viewed in the light of the experience of Hiroshima and no longer from the portholes of the Beagle.”Immanuel Velikovsky, Earth in Upheaval, chapter 15, “Cataclysmic Evolution”
What comes around, goes around. Has homo sapiens become ‘the asteroid hitting the Earth’? Are we inflicting waves of mutagenic influences throughout the helio-cosm? Will Operation Frankenseed prove to be the last straw?




Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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