Trump and his supporters must now employ “Democratic Security” strategies such as staging large-scale but very peaceful rallies in his support in the remaining undeclared states in order to stop the steal that the Democrats are conniving to commit, but even if (or rather, when) he’s declared the victor, the […]

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Eye opening exposé about CA water & illegal spying!   WHY is SO MUCH water being dumped into the Pacific ocean??!! A BIG problem is the MSM!  Americans are being misled and lied to!   BOYCOTT the MSM EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Devin Nunes: The Man Behind the Explosive Memo | American […]

This years US election race is developing as predictably as the plot of the average Hollywood blockbuster. You’d almost suspect it was scripted. by Martin Harris 5/11/2020 I’m already hearing the same old worn out cliches from the mainstream media: Its down to the wire folks, they’re neck and neck, […]

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