NZ COVID “Community Case”: Reading between the lines.

A single PROBABLE community case of COVD-19 has sent the MSM into full panic-mode. Let’s calmly assess the situation.

While the headlines scream “community case”, this is in fact (at the time of writing (5:50pm, 24/1/21) based on latest info within the last 10 minutes, it is actually a “probable” case and therefore unconfirmed.

Newsroom doesn’t mention “probable” at all but has amended a title to “likely case”. The fear-hype is palpable in their report:

Returnee Tests Positive for Covid-19 in Community | Newsroom

I will use RNZs report (usually one of less propagandist of our MSM news sources) and give my interpretation:

Covid-19: Latest community case travelled across Northland | RNZ News

“Dr Bloomfield said health authorities were investigating the positive test result…Dr Bloomfield said she felt very mild symptoms on 15 January, but did not associate them with Covid. As her symptoms worsened, she got tested at a community testing facility.

The woman is well enough to be at home and has not needed hospital care.

A thorough interview has suggested she has four close contacts. They are isolated and are talking to health officials and have been tested.”

The most telling part is the sub-headline:

“The latest community case in NZ travelled across Northland before her positive test result, but was scrupulous about using the Covid Tracer app, health authorities have revealed.”

In plain English, this is a first and foremost an “advertisement” for the Contact Tracer app.

Hypocrisy martial law

If the test is confirmed positive we’ll go back into lockdown, if it’s a “false alarm”, Jacinda will be on the telly gloating about how effective the Contact Tracing is and nagging us all to use it. It may become mandatory and enforced.

The date 15 January is interesting because there was a rumour going around that something significant (COVID related) was going to happen in NZ on the 15th. It went onto social media as a planned lockdown which was of course wrong. They can’t have a lockdown while our Prime Minister is on holiday.

However, the story has emerged as a potential community case, nicely timed to coincide with Ardern’s return from her holiday.

Of note is the ramping up of toilet paper stocks in the supermarkets over the past few weeks, and the re-emergence of “information advisories” on my YouTube video subscriptions whenever the subject of COVID appears in the topic. Potential signs of something brewing.

NZ Government COVID advisory banner on the author’s YT subscriptions: Went away for a while, now its back!

That’s my opinion on the matter as it stands!


Martin Harris

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