060606 The number of the B.E.A.S.T. Part Three: Caesar Souls and Aliens

Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and unto God what belongs to God.

The quote, attributed to Jesus, was more explosive than those New Testament readers unfamiliar with the 1st century AD political situation in Palestine may understand. You see, what the Jews had under Roman rule was actually a pretty good deal, but there was considerable resentment. Herod was a puppet ruler, and the Jews wanted a “real” king. Jesus had been groomed to be that king: his bloodlines were right, the time was right, and he had passed the test (the temptation ritual in The Widerness).

What the Jews expected from this king was “a sign”, a “miracle”. This was code-speak for the signal to begin civil disobedience by refusing to pay taxes. Jesus was not the Messiah they expected. Jesus had no problem paying taxes, but refused to sell his soul! His famous response to “what should I do with this coin” was likely the action that sealed his prophesied fate more than anything else. If there was one thing those Jewish Roman subjects despised, it was paying taxes to their Roman overlords.

“Monetary system, taxation, and publicans in the time of Christ” by Alan D. Campbell (olemiss.edu)

What Jesus was saying (a message seemingly lost on his audience) was that Caesar was welcome to his temporary material wealth, but your eternal soul belongs to the universe (identified with your deity of choice).

But what exactly is a soul? The Egyptians called it Akh (as in Akh-en-Aten, “Life-spirit of The Lord”). But philosophers, theologians and scientists alike have long puzzled over whether such a thing exists and how it should be defined.

There is a school of thought that the “soul” is contained within one’s DNA: “The Tree Of Life”. Biblically, that has a certain logic. It was this life-tree that the Elohim (tribe of El) feared Adam and Eve would gain knowledge of, and thus achieve immortality and “become like us”.

The nonmaterial in modern biology can be easily related to the soul of ancient thought. The blueprint and instructions encoded in DNA are the “governing source of living things,” which is Aristotle’s working definition of soul.[23] His precise definition of soul is the “form of a natural body having life as a potency.”[24] Here form does not mean mere shape, the outward look of an organism, but rather its invisible “look,” its very nature. Potency refers to the material. A soul plus particular material produces a living organism. Said in modern terms, the nonmaterial blueprint and instructions encoded in the DNA contained within a fertilized seed or ovum will produce a living organism, given the right conditions. Said in ancient terms, but still valid today, a living organism is an ensouled body.


Money belongs to mortals, the soul to the universal creator, whether you call that eternal consciousness God, Al’lah, YHWH or whatever.

But what if the money ceased to have any material existence? Electronic currency, virtual currency, has arrived. As the previous instalments of this blog have indicated, the technology is being rapidly developed to tie payment and transaction of this virtual money to your unique DNA.

If DNA acts as a “container” for your spirit, your Akh, your soul, then there are chilling implications. Selling your soul to Satan? Are we truly rendering both currency and eternal soul to The Beast?

Remember, the most common interpretation of “666” is the name Neron Caesar: Emperor Nero, who was also referred to by his detractors as The Beast. This doesn’t necessarily mean Nero exclusively; he just happened to be the ruler of the global empire at the time Revelation was composed. I suggest it can be applied to whoever runs the world at the time of reading. In our times, it certainly appears that tech-lords like Gates, Musk, Bezos and Zuckerberg are calling the shots. These guys certainly behave like modern day equivalents of a Roman Emperor!

There's Rich, And There's Jeff Bezos Rich: Meet The World's  Centibillionaires : NPR
Caesars of the New world Order?

Remember this from Part Two?

Researcher Discovers Hidden Biblical Message In Bitcoin's 666,666th Mined  Block

Bitcoin’s 666,666th block was mined on Jan. 18 at 11:28 p.m. UTC by mining pool BTC.com.

Whoever was responsible for producing it encoded a chilling message from the Bible that reads:

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good — Romans 12:21.       

The line comes from the Epistle to the Romans, the sixth book in the New Testament. It was embedded in the OP_RETURN script that allows storing up to 80 bytes of data.    

Notably, the output addresses also contain the words “God” and “Bible.”    

SOURCE: Bitcoin’s 666,666th Block Has This Chilling Message (u.today)

The old coin had Caesars visage embossed upon it, the new digital currency has his name numerically encoded. Not only that, but the patent that links cryptocurrency to DNA has Caesar’s name encoded in the patent number!

Out with the old coinage, in with the new. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

Here’s where events today link to a famous alien encounter that took place five decades ago.

The Alien abduction of Betty Andreasson

On the 25th of January 1967, a woman named Betty Andreasson had a strange encounter. It wasn’t until 1979 that the details of this event became widespread public knowledge, but it set the template for a disturbing twist in UFO encounters: The Alien Abduction phenomenon.

A good critical analysis of the Andreasson abduction case can be found here: A Fire Enfolding Itself: The Betty Andreasson Abduction – Neither Fish nor Fowl (wordpress.com)

Many features of Andreasson’s abduction would become familiar not just to Ufologists, but to every household during the 1980’s and 90’s thanks to much media interest in the topic and a number of popular movies and TV shows. More on that in due course.

But it is one unique element of Andreasson’s experience which takes our immediate interest. A giant bird. See Andreasson’s sketch below:

Rev. Matt's Monster Science on Twitter: "In the Betty Andreasson abduction,  the Greys took her to see a phoenix, which burned itself up and emerged as  a worm right before her eyes.

This was the climax of the strange and surreal journey imposed on Andreasson by the diminutive grey humanoids with which the general public would become familiar as the “standard model” of an extraterrestrial. This gigantic bird radiated light and heat, and became gradually hotter until it was consumed by fire.

In it’s place, a pile of ashes from which emerged a big grey worm. As a multitude of commentators have been quick to point out, this “Great Bird” was clearly a Phoenix, the ancient symbol of death and rebirth.

Mythycal Bird Phoenix Davids Star On Stock Vector (Royalty Free) 1221513199

There is one thing about this particular Phoenix, however, that these astute researchers seem to have glossed over, yet is highly significant.

The Great Bird, clearly and undeniably a Phoenix, had a white head. Rarely mentioned, this detail is present in my copy of Raymond Fowler’s book on the subject. Surely then, it was an American Eagle also known as the Bald Eagle. Can it be both? Yes, it can. Here is an early Masonic representation of the American Eagle as a phoenix, conspicuously devoid of white cranial plumage:

Amazon.com: America Great Seal Nthe Great Seal Of The United States Detail  Of An Oil Painting 1786 That Hangs Above George WashingtonS Pew At Saint  PaulS Chapel In New York City Poster
“Et Pluribus Unum”: One From out of the many. A reference to a forthcoming global world government? Note that this early rendition of the bird does NOT have a white head and is clearly a phoenix.

And here is the more familiar form from The Great Seal, with the Phoenix in Bald Eagle guise:

The Great Seal of the United States of America

Now, with the knowledge that the Bald Eagle is really a Phoenix, ancient symbol of death and rebirth, this adds a whole new emphasis to the infamous pyramid and prism-with-eye illustration and “New World Order inception” banners.

So why would alien abductors from a far distant region of space, travel to Earth, just to show some unsuspecting lady an esoteric vision that relates to earthly politics? If the vision of the Great Bird was of some interplanetary significance (perhaps the moment when “world peace” opens the Earth to membership of the Galactic Federation) then why not show it to our world leaders? Why choose a “nobody” who doesn’t even recognise what she’s seeing?

UFOlogists have been perplexed by the choice of devout Christian woman as recipient of such seemingly un-Christian visions, but if the intent was to show the old currency making way for new, then the Great Seal phoenix/eagle imagery makes perfect sense, with the New Testament statements about ownership of money and your soul (culminating in the “mark of The Beast” passages in Revelation) completing the connection.

Coin Value: US Great Seal 1782 to 1882

Was, then, the Andreasson experience a failed warning attempt? A prediction that everyone failed to interpret?

I suspect something else was going on here. Not a prediction of things to come, but someone setting the wheels in motion. Planting the seed from which a great tree will grow, its roots burrowing into every aspect of human life, slowly and insidiously. Betty Andreasson’s encounter has all the hallmarks of a drug-induced hallucinogenic experience, albeit a carefully crafted and guided one. Mind control:

Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Forumula by Fritz Springmier.pdf (yumpu.com)

But for what purpose?

The answer to that question is plainly written in the Great Seal and embodied in the Phoenix itself: The inception of a New World Order. The phoenix and other NWO symbolism featured prominently in the 2012 London Olympics:

What is this “New World Order”?

Essentially a plan to bring about a totalitarian global governance. Politically it was first imagined by Count Kalergi, a man closely associated with the birth of the United Nations. Another name that figures strongly in the concept of a New World Order is Adam Weishaupt, founder of the Illuminati, in turn associated with the birth of the Socialist movement and Communism.

Soviet Communism does not begin with Karl Marx but instead with Adam Weishaupt, the lawyer, ex-Jesuit and professor of philosophy who founded the historic Order Of The Illuminati in Bavaria on the 1st of May, 1776. Weishaupt’s goal in founding his society was to establish a one-world government opposed to private property, monarchical government, religion, nationalism and the nuclear family, ideas Karl Marx would appropriate 70 years later. This book is aware that Communism is a species of Illuminism.

From Adam Weishaupt To The European Union (amazon.com)

On the religious side, Helena P. Blavatsky’s Eastern Mysticism-inspired Theosophy transplanted to the USA via Alice Bailey, who with her Husband Foster Bailey, a 33 Degree Freemason, founded the Lucis Trust, which is a charter organisation of the United Nations and highly influential in the New Age movement. One of the prime goals of the Lucis trust is the installation of a new global religion with a “messiah” usually called The Meitreya, at its head.

‘These teachings omitted little or nothing. They ranged from the attitude of the Hierarchy towards the Jews (negative) through dietary advice. Step by step they plotted the coming “New Age”, with instructions for the institution of the necessary New World Order through the use of identifying rainbows. Plans for religious war, forced initiations, theology for the New World Religion, disarmament campaign, and elimination or sealing away of obstinate religious orthodoxies—all were covered extensively in the Alice Bailey writings.’

.’Constance Cumbey, The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow, p51.

The New World Order agenda has been long in the making and was always going to involve the transformation of Russia via the downfall of the USSR under Prestroika and Glasnost. Not so much bringing down the Iron Curtain to destroy Communism, but opening up the Iron Curtain to facilitate the under-the-radar influence of Communism on The West. To create a fusion of Capitalism and Totalitarianism. More for those at the top, and equal poverty for the rest of us. All part of the process of Globalisation.

It is interesting to note that the subject of Extra-terrestrials featured in the process of integration at this stage, if only for hypothetical effect. This author has related many times, the famous “alien invasion” speech made by President Reagan at this moment in time.

The next phase, as Reagan stepped aside for GHW Bush, involved China. Under Ronald Reagan’s leadership, former CIA Director and VP George Bush became “Special Envoy to China”, which at that stage was still essentially hiding behind a wall as impermeable as the Iron Curtain. Just as the Iron Curtain opened up, so the doors of the Great Wall parted. Bush was to visit China many times both before and after his rise to Presidency of the US, and the shared terminology between Bush and his CCP counterparts is obvious. Bush’s Thousand Points Of Light Foundation mirrors China’s Thousand Talents initiative. Both programs have the same objective. China has recently, in the CCPs Annual Party Address, referred to itself as “leader of the New Global Order”.

Back in 1991, President Bush openly referenced his “Fifth Objective”: The instigation of a New World Order, which he stated with confidence, “will be succesful”.

When GHW Bush passed away, there was a famous moment at his funeral where his fellow Deep-Staters each received an envelope with a mysterious message that caused considerable shock and dismay. One suspects a great truth was revealed about the fate of the USA and what this “New World Order” really entails. A fate that was decided many years prior and hinted in a revelation to Betty Andreasson in 1967, by little grey aliens!

GHW Bush was, however, not the only US politician promoting this forthcoming New World Order.

Meet current US president and long-time New World Order promoter, Joe Biden.

Joe Biden as a Restorer of the ‘New World Order’ – Modern Diplomacy

Joe Biden Warns of Collapse of World Order in Davos Speech | Time
How I Learned To Love The New World Order - Joe Biden, 1992
How I Learned To Love The New World Order, by Joseph R. Biden » Uncensored Publications Limited

“In the summer of 1992 (June 29 – July 1), Delaware’s Senator Joseph “Joe” Biden (D) delivered speeches to the United States’ Senate. He titled them:

The Threshold of the New World Order: The Wilsonian Vision and American Foreign Policy in the 1990’s and Beyond   June 29, 1992   

American Agenda for the New World Order: A. Cementing the Democratic Foundation; B. Forging a New Strategy of Containment  June 30, 1992   

American Agenda for the New World Order: C. Organizing for Collective Security; D. Launching an Economic-Environmental Revolution   July 1, 1992   

On the first day, Biden addressed the Senate President:

“Mr. President, I will this week, on three separate occasions, seek the indulgence of the Senate to speak for the better part of an hour on each occasion. The reason is that I believe we are on the threshold of a new world order, and the present administration is not sure what the order is. But I would like to suggest how we might begin to reorganize our foreign policy in order to realize the full potential embodied in the phrase `new world order.”

Critical of then-President George H.W. Bush’s use of the phrase “New World Order” as well as Bush’s failure to establish “even preliminary meaning to the grand concept,” Biden proceeds through his lengthy speeches to revive what he claims is a Wilsonian vision of a new world order. READ MORE: Joe Biden and the New World Order » Uncensored Publications Limited

Despite a spanner-in-the-works in the form of outsider Donald Trump, Joseph Biden stepped into the Presidential role in 2021 in the face of considerable evidence of heavily rigged election results. Like Bush stated, the New World Order “will come” by hook or by crook. And there are plenty of crooks involved.

Back in the early 1990s, at exactly the same time Bush and Biden were promoting the concept of a New World Order, the world of Ufology was yet again about to take a new turn that catapulted the subject into the headlines. A maverick physicist named Robert “Bob” Lazar came forward with some extraordinary claims.

To put things, again, in the context of their time, Lazar’s experiences occurred at the moment when Bush was preparing to initiate Operation Desert Storm. A whole generation of new aircraft, designed around Radar invisibility, was being developed and tested. These aircraft looked like nothing on Earth. As a result of these aircraft being seen (along with other even more esoteric and clandestine projects), it was inevitable that a location in the Nevada Desert, long kept secret, was starting attract unwanted attention.

Robert Lazar was the perfect diversion: Credible enough to be convincing, but vulnerable enough to be discredited. Lazar’s case has been covered and analyzed in detail by this author at this link:

Theatre Of Deception: Robert Lazar And The Area 51 Revelations » Uncensored Publications Limited

And the new twist that Lazar’s story and the Area 51 conspiracy narrative added to Ufology: “Your government cannot be trusted, and they are secretly working with the little grey aliens that have been abducting people”.

So if you can’t trust your government, who will you trust? A new form of government? How do you know you can trust this “new government”? Clearly, a secret cabal within US intelligence was working to create distrust and paranoia.

One aspect of Lazar’s experience that always intrigued this author related to a rather extraordinary document (clearly fabricated from a number of clues Lazar himself provides) that detailed the relationship throughout history with these alleged extraterrestrials. Lazar was puzzled by references to human beings as containers. This rang a bell, because similar bogus documents were shown to UFO researcher Linda Moulton Howe around the same time period by Richard Doty, a known disinformation specialist. These documents also referred to humans as containers.

Containers of what? DNA? Souls?

If these documents and all Lazar’s experiences, as well as Andreassons, were part of a psy-op using drugs, props, or a combination thereof, then someone has gone to a lot of trouble over a long time, and clearly intend to reinforce a specific image of what an alien being ought to look like. The reinforcement program has been spectacularly successful.

The first mass-exposure of this specific image of a “grey alien” occurred in the Spielberg blockbuster Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It is interesting to note that this image of what an alien ought to look like was so influential, that Betty Andreasson’s depiction of her abductors changed to include the black eyes, thus rewriting aspects of the familiar abduction narrative! The 1967 UFO Abduction of Betty Andreasson – HubPages

One suspects this standardisation was intentional.

Some UFO researchers even began rejecting close encounter cases in which the aliens didn’t fit the “short grey” template.

Close Encounters of the third kind | Close encounter of the third kind, Close  encounters, Steven spielberg movies

And it is that same movie that first introduced audiences to the idea of a large scale False Flag disaster being utilised as a cover for world-changing secret government operation. It also introduced audiences to the concept that UFO witnesses; a chosen few, were implanted with specific visions that even they were unable to comprehend, except at the right moment. Shades of Andreasson’s experience and smacking of mind control by earthly agencies posing as ET. There is even a point in the movie where implanted protagonist Roy Neary confronts government interviewers: “what gives you the right to put this stuff in people’s heads?”.

Is a large-scale encounter with extraterrestrials imminent? Or perhaps the scene is being set for a simulated alien contact, whether friendly as in CE3K, or hostile as in Independence day?

A pandemic like COVID-19 may facilitate a social and political transformation, but religion is a tough nut to crack. As Reagan suggested back in the 80s, it would take an extraterrestrial intervention to get us to put aside all our differences.

How to fake an alien invasion (bitchute.com)

I’ve been convinced for years that Blue Beam is a real contingency. They didn’t kill Serge Monast for nothing. COVID has proven that a global threat situation works for rapid social engineering. Look what freedoms folk were happy to give up to “save the planet”. If a virus works so effectively, then imagine what effect an extraterrestrial threat could achieve? A new global religion I think is the ultimate goal, a religion founded on materialism rather than spirituality. If our “gods” are aliens, then who should we worship? If our “gods” are fake, then the NWO puppeteers are who people will bow down to without knowing it. A very ancient trick to bring the population into line. And if we are told there is no immortal soul, then what’s to lose by allowing these overlords control of our DNA data?

The COVID “plandemic” facilitates the political and economic changes, and the current UFO disclosure hype may be setting the scene for the changes in our religious belief systems. The end objective? Total control over you: Physically, mentally and spiritually.

The stage for such a false flag (“Project Blue Beam”) is being set even as I write this: Obama Setting The Scene For a UFO Invasion Blue Beam Psy-Op? » Uncensored Publications Limited

If you are familiar with the basics of Project Blue Beam, the reader will be aware of the connections back to the Lucis Trust and and their plan to usher in a new Messiah, The Maitreya.

NASA’s Project Blue Beam – The Greatest Crime Against Humanity Ever Devised | New England Patriots Forums – PatsFans.com Patriots Fan Messageboard

BUT WAIT: What if there really are aliens?

Not “out there’, that’s almost a given. But aliens “in here”. Alien “souls” embedded in our DNA. Are we, or perhaps just some of us, containers of precious remnants of an alien presence whose physical reality has long departed?

What if a part of this frantic DNA harvesting involved an attempt to distill and separate, possibly even resurrect, alien beings, possibly the Elohim or “Watchers” of the Bible? These beings may not necessarily have come from a distant world, but be a long-vanished terrestrial race, and thus not really so alien. Again this is a theory this author has covered in detail from a different perspective, see: The Feathered Serpent » Uncensored Publications Limited

If the Elite bloodlines believe they are the descendants of this ancient race, perhaps even worship them, or even want to be like them, wouldn’t they want to bring them back, one way or another?

Is the resurrection of our former masters an aspect of the phoenix symbolism?

I intend to pursue that topic in a follow-up blog shortly.

Meanwhile, I will close with a collection of links and embeds relevant to aliens, currency, and DNA harvesting by alien and human agencies alike:

Grey Aliens and the Harvesting of Souls: The Conspiracy to Genetically Tamper with Humanity: Kerner, Nigel: 9781591431039: Amazon.com: Books

Space aliens are breeding with humans, university instructor says. Scientists say otherwise. (nbcnews.com)

If You Were a Secret Message, Where in the Human Genome Would You Hide? (nautil.us)

China’s Race to Find Aliens First – The Atlantic

Our DNA Might Be the Most Valuable Thing in a Trade Deal With Aliens (vice.com)

Genome-editing-and-human-reproduction-FINAL-website.pdf (nuffieldbioethics.org)

Pandemics and Aliens: Sci-Fi Writer Liu Cixin Says the Dystopian Future Is Now (vice.com)

Illumina, Microsoft, Twist Lead New DNA Data Storage Alliance (genengnews.com)

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Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of theCONTrail.com community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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